Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Drugstore Christmas Eve

DSC07470_edited-1 {vintage Phoenix postcard with corner Walgreens found online—perfect!}

Do you remember the feeling you’d get on Christmas Eve when you were a child?  When the sun went down, dinner was over and you knew the time was getting closer and closer to when Santa would arrive?

I sure do!

Another little girl felt that same feeling on a Christmas Eve back in 1946…


Dinner over, her father had just one more errand to run that night…a very important Christmas errand…and he said little Karen could come along with him, if she wanted to.

She wanted to.

DSC07463_edited-1 {Don’t you just love the internet?  A few clicks and I found an image just like the car my grandparents had at the time of my Mom’s story…}

Off through the night in the shiny, copper penny-colored Plymouth they went…a drugstore in downtown Phoenix was their destination…

Parking in front of the Walgreens on the corner, her Daddy told her to wait in the car—it would only take him a minute. 


As Karen sat in the center of that wide front seat, she looked around her at the beautiful holiday lights all along McDowell Street…stores were closing, people rushing home for the big night…Oh, how quickly her little heart was beating!

All of a sudden, she jumped—she’d heard her name spoken—quietly, but clearly… “Karen”. 

She just knew it was Santa Claus calling her name…she just knew it! 

DSC07476_edited-1 {fabulous tag from Crafty Secrets’ “Retro Christmas” Vintage Cuts}

In a moment, her Daddy came smiling at her through the drugstore door, got into the car, and started it up…

“Daddy!  Someone said my name—It was Santa!”, she squealed. 

Her Daddy--a very smart daddy—said, “I’ll just bet it was one of his helpers, trying to tell you that we’d better get home quickly and get you into bed so that Santa can come!”

DSC07460_edited-1 {my love affair with plastic vintage buttons continues!}

Oh, my!  How she ever sat still in her seat all the way home, I’ll never know.  Getting home, she buttoned up her pajamas, brushed her teeth, and jumped into bed as quickly as she could!

Santa did come that night, just as she knew he would...don’t you just imagine she fell asleep to the wonder of Santa Claus knowing her very own name?!

My dear mother, Karen, still remembers that night—as clear as a Christmas bell.  She says she really did her someone say her name, and it wasn’t her Daddy…

DSC07485_edited-1 {my newest page for my heritage scrapbook…}

This mother of mine has always kept the magic and excitement of Christmas alive in her heart.  She has passed it along to me, just as I have passed it along to my own three daughters…

On Christmas Eve, all three generations of women in our family become little girls again…

And that, my friends, is the Magic of Christmas.


Off to be a little girl,



  1. What a fun story of your mom! We just got home from Phoenix and were on McDowell daily!

  2. Oh Julie, I just love hearing your stories!... many are so similar to my own precious memories... I am so happy that three generations of your family are keeping the magic and enchantment of Christmas alive... please post more!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. What a lovely story, Christmas is always so Magical. Hugs, Diane

  4. The buttons. The curls. The glitter and Santa too. Perfect story in a page. Wonderful...smiles...Renee

  5. This made me want to cry...the wonderful Christmas memories that I have and only sometimes remember as vividly as your story! How wonderful that your mother felt the same magic in the season!


  6. Oh what a sweet story. 1946 was a magical time and I remember my Christmas in those days too getting a doll trunk and an Alice in Wonderland Madame Alexander doll to go with it. Also an small iron and ironing board. Love the page you made. Nan

  7. Super Cute Julie! You have the best vintage photos EVER! Love looking at them and reading your stories!

  8. Your girls are so blessed to have your mom and you pass down the magic of Christmas to them. I just love your family stories. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Of course it was Santa!!! CUTE story as always my friend! LOVE the page you did for Karen's memory. How lucky she is to have you to tell all these amazing stories for her! HUGS!

  10. The magic of Christmas never goes away, we all should enjoy our ''inner child''.
    Your lovely story reminded me of my own.
    Hugs, Angela.

  11. That Karen could be me too......I felt like that when I was little and was sure I heard Santa's sleigh bells one night before I went to bed! LOVELY LOVELY post thanks so much Julie!

  12. Perfect! There's nothin'like the magic of Christmas Eve!

  13. Oh Julie,
    That is purely magical!!! What a wonderful Christmas story, indeed! We all become like kids again, don't we? That is truly the joy of the season! I LOVE your creation--Your work is always beyond stunning!!! I am always in awe of it.

  14. I'm sitting here at 8 A.M., tears running down my silly face. Happy tears. I am NOT the only one who thinks Christmas is magical. I'm NOT a 'silly old lady'. Okay. I AM a silly old lady WITH a sentimental heart. LOL! But how I DO love your mother's memory, and how I love that you carried on the magic. I just bookmarked your blog! YOU ARE A TREASURE.

  15. I love the magic of chirstmas that is the best part. Lying in bed so excited trying to get to sleep.

  16. I remember that feeling!
    Like it was yesterday.
    Thanks for helping me remember.

  17. Such wonderful memories. In Mississippi at my Mammaw's house, we heard Santa's sleigh bells on Christmas Eve night. Such an exciting time it was. Happy holidays to you and yours, Tammy

  18. Such wonderful memories. In Mississippi at my Mammaw's house, we heard Santa's sleigh bells on Christmas Eve night. Such an exciting time it was. Happy holidays to you and yours, Tammy

  19. i love your stories!

    sweet dreams, little julie