Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Windows

Christmas window 1_edited-1

A budding artist, Karen was given free-reign to create as a child…and create she did!  Clay, fabric, crayons & paint…she experimented with it all and made so many wonderful things!

Christmas window 9_edited-1 

Recognizing her talents, her parents encouraged her in every way they could…especially at Christmas time…

Christmas window 10_edited-1

Large picture windows in the front of their Phoenix home were her canvas at Christmas…decorated for the neighborhood to see!

Christmas window 8_edited-2

Karen was very proud of her work—and so were her parents!  I love the photos I have of her posing in front of her festive masterpieces!

Christmas window 6_edited-1

I know that she would practice her pictures on paper before committing them to glass, because I found one of those paper pictures this summer at my mother’s house…the only one surviving, I would imagine…

Looking through a cupboard with Mom, I found a large, folded piece of thick paper…browned and tattered at the edges…a bit of yellowed tape still remaining on a couple of corners…


…as soon as I carefully opened it up, I recognized it immediately from the many photos I’d seen… “Oh, Mom!  One of your Christmas window paintings!”, I said…she just smiled…

Christmas window 3_edited-1 {sweet little sister, Judy poses in front of Mom’s painting…Judy was blind, and probably would have had this painting very lovingly described to her…}

“Can I take it home with me?”, I asked… “I’d love to hang it up at Christmas time!”

Christmas window 4_edited-1

“Oh, you wouldn’t hang up that old thing”, she smilingly protested…

…but I did!

DSC07558_edited-1 {in my kitchen today with my youngest daughter, Annie, who was about the same age my Mom was when she painted this one…} 

Hanging in my kitchen, a warm reminder of Christmas past, when my mother was given the gift of expressing her talents for all to see by her loving parents…

…a wonderful gift, indeed. 

Christmas window 5_edited-1

Merry Christmas, Mom!

And the happiest of Happy Birthday wishes to my beautiful daughter Chelsea!


How is it possible that I’ve been a mother for 22 years already?!  You are the most amazing young woman and I love you so…



  1. Oh you are so lucky to have all those pictures that capture those most important days in a Creative Girl life! Oh pleas tell your Mom you shared it with us and we Love it! Merry Christmas to you and your Mom ox

  2. Wow it's wonderful you have all these neat photos and memories I love it.
    Merry Christmas if I don't get back here before.

  3. WOW! what a great window artist! I'm so glad you have one of your Mom's original AND have it hanging in a place of honour!

    Fabulous to now have a picture of both your Mother AND your (same age as she was)daughter by the same drawing. (sigh) Wonderful!

  4. Aloha Julie,
    You always share such wonderrful treasures and memories wth us. Thank you so much.
    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Julie,
    How very talented your mom was as a child. Beautiful windows, and I just love all the photos showing us her artwork. So wonderful that you now have an actual part of that.
    I hope you and your family enjoy a very Merry Christmas! Blessings also for the New Year!

  6. Julie this is such a precious post of your darling Mother and her artwork! She was good! I hope she kept it up through the years. So sweet to see your daughter standing by the painting. I am sure your Mother is saying, how time flies. Very sweet!

    Merry Christmas dear,

  7. How wonderful that you have all these photos of your mom with her Christmas Creations through the years! What a talent and it's clearly a talent you have inherited! Love all that you create and write. I cherish the card that you sent me for Christmas a few years back. It is a much beloved Christmas decoration in our home always. Love and hugs and Merry Christmas wishes to all the Campbells! xxoo

  8. What a lovely post - great to have a physical reminder of family memories.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. What a wonderful treasure that you found! I definitely see where you get your creativity and talent. What a great gift your grandparents gave your mom, a chance to nourish her creativity.

  10. Hi Julie... what a precious early Christmas gift you received, it is beautiful!... stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Wow Julie! It is so very apparent where you get you creative talent from. How wonderful that your mom was encouraged to create these beautiful paintings each year. And how great that you found one of those drawings and are able to display it and have all those fabulous pictures of your mom and the family with her Christmas creations. Absolutely fantastic! Happy holidays to you and yours, Tammy

  12. Hello Julie

    I'm not able to get into blogland much nowadays, but wanted to pop in to wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and to thank you for your friendship in 2011 which I really do appreciate.

    B x

  13. Julie it appears you are a gift to each other. To delight and share in such talent and treasures. From someone who was talent was shhed as a teen and a child I treasure each moment and encourage my children to express their. Merry Christmas dear Friend...Renee

  14. Oh, Julie,
    You touch my heart to the core. That is a beautful story of your mom and you told it so well. I just could not wait to hear who this was about!!!

  15. Julie, this is a beautiful post, I think the loveliest of all this Holiday season! I just lost my Mom to breast cancer this last July and she was the creative force in my life and just like your Grandparents supported your Mom's creative passion, my Mom did for me. Although Mom is gone now that passion will be with me forever and it was truly a gift you gave me with this post, that I not forget this gift I was given! Thank you for sharing your Mom's story this season... it meant ever so much to me!
    Crafty Hugs,

  16. Reading this gladdened my heart and made my eyes water! - a truly lovely post and a real privilege to read