Friday, October 7, 2011


DSC06286_edited-1 {sweet image found on Crafty Secrets’ “Birds & Blossoms” Creative Scraps}

A beautiful Kentucky Indian summer morning in the early 1800’s…not a care in the world for young Celia, running barefoot through the soft fields of her family’s farm…


Older brothers and sisters, busy with their chores, barely aware of their little sister that morning.  Of them all, Celia loved most her older brother Hugh.  She was his little shadow, always at his heels…he didn’t mind at all…


Seeing him near the house chopping wood—“kindlin”,as she called it—she ran over to be closer to him…but she got too close.


Before he realized Celia was near, the hatchet swung down—and off came four little toes on one little foot.

Horrified, Hugh swooped her up in his arms and ran as gently as he could toward the house.  Hearing screams from her children outside, their mother knew trouble was coming…

What a terrible sight!  Mother Martha’s heart must have stopped at seeing her baby girl in such a state…but, being the true heroine all mothers were—had to be in those early homesteading days—she went right to work…


Calling her daughters to fetch a quilt and place it on the sturdy, old kitchen table, she quickly gathered little Celia from Hugh’s trembling arms, laid her on the table, and carefully held the little foot with those four tiny toes hanging by just a bit of skin…

While the rest of the family held, soothed & comforted Celia, the competent mother undertook the work of a doctor—there was none nearby to call.

DSC06297_edited-1 {four shabby rosettes representing four little toes}

She carefully cleaned the toes—then put each one in it’s own place and fastened it there with a narrow strip of clean, white cloth…then a wider bandage over all.  While Martha did her work, the men of the family had been fashioning a thin piece of wood that they then bound to her little foot to keep her toes secure…

No home in the South at that time was considered properly supplied unless there was a bottle of “spiritous liquor” for emergencies just like this. 


The bottle was brought down from it’s high shelf, and the liquid was poured over those small, now-bandaged toes.  This was repeated many times over the days that followed…

Oh!  the prayers that were uttered by this good mother and the rest of that family for their Celia.  Would her toes heal?  Only faith—and time—would tell…


Under the mother’s faithful care, the toes healed rapidly, until all that remained to tell the tale of that horrific morning was a narrow, white line across her foot at the base of her toes…

Years later, when she was a very old woman, Celia loved nothing more than to re-tell the story to her grandchildren & great-grandchildren….

Celia Mounts Hunt 80th Birthday Photo 2 - Copy {wonderful photo of family gathering in celebration of Celia’s 80th birthday…1885}

I can just see the impish, little girl gleam in her eyes as she would then slowly…dramatically… take off her shoe and stocking while they waited with baited breath…

 Celia photo

…to see that thin, white line…

A new page made yesterday for my heritage album in honor of one of my 4th great-grandmothers.  I love making pages that tell a family story…hoping that those who come after me will never forget…

DSC06300_edited-1 {I LOVE that I have a copy of her handwriting…”Celia M. Hunt”.  }

See you soon with something new.


{Green glen check paper, ornate brackets, cameo & doily background all from Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD}

{Images of the field, cabin, log-cutting, pioneer kitchen & jug found on internet}


  1. What an amazing story - I was enthralled. Thanks for sharing

  2. ok..First, OUCH! Poor little toes :) Great story and tribute to Ceila!

  3. What a great story! I love the little rosettes representing her toes!

  4. I call for a novel. What a wonderful story your family has. With pages like this you could make it a picture book. Beautifully done....Renee

  5. Wow Julie! So absolutely amazing that you have stories from so long ago and pictures to share, too. Incredible! I just cringed when I imagined her poor little toes. Ouch! My youngest had his finger in a doorway on the hinged side when someone closed it -- he was 2 at the time and his finger was 75% amputated. He needed stitches; his finger is crooked and the nail won't grow properly -- sure was scary at the time. Your heritage album is so beautiful. And the museum looks like it was amazing too. Love the letter drawings that your girls made. Hope you are having a good week. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Magical story and so poignant too.....I LOVE your stories and the images you post ~ wonderful and so uplifting too.

  7. I love how you made the story of your great-mother come alive with your words and your beautiful page. She would have loved this! Great way for generations to come, to remember.Boy, they were tough back then weren't they?
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh gosh, my heart was in my mouth reading that story! How brave she was and what a magnificent effort by her family with no medical care to call on. Great story to have in your family and the page to go with it is just fantastic.

  9. What an amazing story! I just had to come check this MIL's name is Celia! This
    story is such a family treasure! TFS!

  10. Oh Julie what a story I love your telling of it.

  11. Oh Julie, thank you for this story! and you won't believe it--for my giveaway tomorrow, I had made a piece with this exact same little girl in it!!! We must be on the same wavelength...can you believe it? (I used it to demonstrate software that's my giveaway.)

  12. You know how to tell a story full of thrills and chills , and tears don't you! And how amazing that a mother knew just what to do! ;D

  13. Dear Julie, oh they surely had to go through many complicated situations back then-How strong and clever, they were.
    Your family stories are amazing, sweet.

  14. Hi Julie, what an incredible story and an amazing happy ending!... I just love stories like this about strong women in our past... and it looks like Celia lived a long happy life... your page for her is beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  15. Julie, it is so amazing that you have not only the stories passed down but the price photos. I just love your story and especially the beautiful scrapbook page.

    Wishing a beautiful week, sweet friend.

  16. Wow! What a MOM!!! as well as a brave little Celia! It struck me, as I read, another one of your great family stories, HOW well the entire family pulled together for this little one!
    Great story...another great page in your heritage book!

  17. Oh my goodness - that poor little girl! How amazing that the mom knew just what to do - no emergency room! Incredible story.
    Mary x

  18. Oh my!! My toes hurt just thinking about that...what a trama, especially back in those days on the frontier!! So amazing to me that 1) she kept her toes, 2) she didn't die of infection, 3) she lived to the ripe ol' age of 92, if I'm reading correctly. Wow, what a story and what a beautiful page!

  19. Beautifully telling of an amazing story! Wonderful page, too!

  20. You are a beautiful story teller Julie and your creation is a wonderful tribute!

  21. Oh my gosh Julie,
    How terrible! poor little thing. Its amazing they were able to save her toes!
    An amazing page to tell the tale. I love the flowers made from gauze, perfect!
    hugs Lynn

  22. As always I'm amazed at your talent and abilities. AND...if I'm being honest, somewhat jealous of your family history and all that it entails. You work so hard at it and it is so enthralling!!

    LOVE your creations as always!

  23. Hi
    Your art always mesmerises me. You create with such beauty.

  24. Hi Julie,
    What a fabulous post. The page you made to honor "Celia" is such a delight. The idea of the 4 vintage rosettes to match her toes...brilliant! I adore your heritage posts!

  25. Hi Julie,
    What an amazing story! Your newest page is just lovely!!! Your family must love your heritage album.
    I can't wait to see what you create with the ABC Primer paper!
    Have a lovely Friday, Lindsey

  26. An amazing story, and bravo to such a beautiful layout! You amaze me!

  27. I always smile when entering your blog, Julie. Your stories are a-ma-zing!
    Love your romantic card.
    Happy hugs to you dear friend xoxoxo

  28. Yes, like my sweet friend SASKIA up above here, I come here to smile and remember the times that I have seen in the eyes of my ancestors as I have so many photographs of their time on this earth. Julie, you always take me back to places I have never seen and may never see. But the rich history here is delightful and VINTAGE FOR SURE! THank you for visiting me and your pretty smile is always a delight to see on my blog comment page!! Anita

  29. Happy Fall Day Julie! What a wonderful story! I held my breath waiting for the outcome. I also enjoyed the post about books. It seems you are enjoying very much home schooling. Thanks for educating us with your love of history! Elizabeth

  30. That was a beautiful story! We love them... Thank you for sharing

  31. Julie, you had me on the edge of my seat! I just wanted to cry.

    What an amazing mother to be able to stay calm and perform such a miracle on her child. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Oh gosh Julie, I had my breath held until the end of the story. So happy it had a happy ending! You have such wonderful stories to tell about your family and you put them across so well. Your creative scrap journals will be such a wonderful treasure and a legacy for your family. xxoo