Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Great Outdoors…


Hello, dear friends!

Whew!!!  What a long & busy summer it’s been for our family!  Finally home after a couple of long—but very fun & happy—trips…

I spent last week at a girls’ camp with my two younger daughters and lots of women up in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains….just look at what I was surrounded by…

DSC06629_edited-1 {the spectacular view looking towards the ocean…}

DIRT…sneaky raccoons…rustling leaves…fresh breezes…LAUGHTER…walking, hiking, climbing…lovely friends…clear, star-filled skies at night…pesky flies…DIRT


{majestic, towering redwoods}

…the sound of crickets cricketing…finding our way by flashlight…shooting starsDIRTLAUGHTER…not enough sleep…cold showers…sweet-spirited girls by the score…DIRT…chatting about life until we drifted off to sleep………………………


 {beautiful, quiet groves….just perfect for a little self-reflection…}


The week before camp, we were still in Utah with my parents.  A few days before we were to leave, my dear Dad decided he wanted to take the grandkids out for a hike to a nearby waterfall…

Dad looking at waterfall--July 2011_edited-1 {beautiful, clear, cold mountain water…}

Dad and Sarah cheesing it up--waterfall hike July 2011_edited-1 {my sweet Dad with my Sarah…aren’t they cute?!}

Dad and Luke on bridge July 2011_edited-1 {Dad with my nephew, Luke…making memories…}

Dad and Luke pose on waterfall hike July 2011_edited-1 

I didn’t go with them that afternoon…was spending some time with my Mom, so I love these photos my sister-in-law took…….

Dad on waterfall hike Julie 2011_edited-1 {…my favorite photo of all…}

…they are precious to me…

How about a little view of some vintage camping???

hpqscan0001_edited-1 {don’t you just love the old cars, draped canvas tent, the pony & cart….and how about those haircuts on the girls?????}

I’ve always loved this old family photo…my great-grandparents…young and fun-loving…taking their three daughters on a camping trip, along with a couple of their family friends…

This is the only photo I have of them in such a relaxed, casual style…they were really quite elegant people…so I love this even more!

So, in the spirit of camping—then and now—I put together this little layout…


I really had fun with this!  I was having a little mojo trouble at first…it’s hard when you haven’t had any creating time for weeks & weeks!

But, things came together…so many fun, natural elements I was able to use here…lots of hemp cording for texture & campiness…


…the green gingham paper design & vintage journal page were printed using Crafty Secrets’ new “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD—so fabulous!


The Stapley Family camping…the little girl standing right next to the pony (with the very interesting hair cut!) is my grandmother, Velda…she was about seven years old here…


I kept my journaling here very simple…just the important facts placed on some tags—also printed from the Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD…and this wonderful metal tag from the Tim Holtz collection…“wander”…


…a strip of burlap-like fabric across the page…and I had to add a little of the outdoors for some interest and the pop of green I needed…a bit of cypress from my front yard…reminded me of the sequoias I had all around me last week………………..

Well, that’s about it!  The laundry’s just about done, the house is clean…we’re clean!…I think I’m ready to get back to business!  Looking forward to finally visiting you all—hope your summer has been as lovely as mine!

See you soon with something new…



  1. Goodness! You have been on the go. But any time spent outdoors is good time indeed! Another great card and wonderful family photo. We all have had interesting haircuts at one time or another. Welcome back! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. P.S. Great photos of your dad with the kids ... he is a handsome fella :)

  3. no faux dirt glitter? (just teasing)

    looks like your mojo is back and what a fun post. looks like a really amazing time in a beautiful setting and i love the old camping picture. very cool.

    glad you are home safe and clean! :)


  4. So did you ever get rid of all the DIRT? I love all the family piccy's and the one of your dad with the tree leaves cascading down is should use that in a layout. By the way, if I haven't mentioned it before, I love your new background...very pretty vintage. Glad to have you back.


  5. Love those trees!! All that fresh air! You must have had a wonderful time. But, Yay! you're back again! Your vintage photo is wonderful; love the pony and cart! That's what I'm talking about for a great camping trip!

  6. More precious memories to celebrate and cherish! Love that you are able to spend time with your parents. How fun (and exhausting) to camp with the girls...great memories for all of you :) Did you camp in a tent?

  7. Looks like a really fun trip for you. I bet you all just had the best of times.

  8. Love camping and summer...every Summer that is just what we do but this Summer has been so different! No camping for us.

    I have really missed you! xoxox Hugs

  9. Great pics Julie! How wonderful to spend that time roughing it up with a bunch of beautiful women! It sounds like so much fun to me. though I must admit, I'm more of a nice hotel kind of girl then camper.. lol.. that dirt would have gotten to me! But I could probably last a couple of days. yes, your dad and Sarah are both adorable.. and once again, let me say how lucky you are to have all those vintage pics of your family that you always come up with!
    have a great day and weekend!!

  10. HOW did I miss this amazing blog for so long! I LOVE it, maybe cos' I am a 1958 Vintage Chic Chick myself!! BUT more likely because your posts are amazing as are your artistic talents and photos too.............
    LOVELY to be here!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  11. Hi dear Julie,- so long time since I was her-don`t know what happened... as I alwayes love to see what you have been up to!
    The photoes of your family gathering are so beautiful, and special-
    and your collage, using all the nature elements, and the wonderful old photo.
    You seems fit to start new beautiful creatings, Julie- and I wish you a wonderful week-end creating and enjoying being home again.

  12. All sounds wonderful except the flys and the dirt.LOL Love your layout and all your photos, Sounds like a lovely summer!
    Hugs Lynn

  13. What a wonderful trip! Lovely photos, despite the annoyance of the flies, everyone looks very happy!

  14. Dear Julie,
    I have really missed you! I am so glad you got time with your lovely family. The settings look incredible. We spent ten days in the beautiful Black Hills...just a lovely time. So glad you have some green to help you remember.
    Big hugs,

  15. Wow--what a fabulous time you must have had!! I love your pics and your art too--SOOOO beautiful!!

  16. Hi Julie, sounds like you had a wonderful time, dirt and all!... love all the pics, how fun!... and your journal pages are so cute!... sometime when you are back in Utah I would love to meet you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. So glad to see you had a wonderful time! What a wonderful picture of your dad. Love your little album page. Have a great weekend.

  18. Hi! Stopping by from Victoria's...
    I saw your comment above mine and thought I'd pay a visit.
    You have a lovely blog ~ I appreciated the words about your father ... I just spent a week with my own and it makes me want to stop time for a while!
    My girls are grown and on their own ~ I could still plan a mother -daughters trip! This inspired me to try for one in the fall.
    Happy weekend to you

  19. So glad you had a lovely time. I'm counting down the days 'til summer over here. Winter is getting rather tedious now!

    Best wishes and thanks for your great ideas,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  20. Gosh, your dad
    reminds me so much
    of my own....walking
    stick, tall and elegant
    white hair....Looks
    like you made the most
    of it, Julie! I am
    in WA at my parent's
    after a glorious week
    in Bend, OR at our
    family reunion. Time
    is flying much too fast!
    xx Suzanne

  21. your blog is so cool! Love your work and your photos! The camping trip must have been amazing by the looks of the photos! Great life!