Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anniversary Memories…

DSC03179_edited-1  {Our engagement photo, 1988}

Hello, dear friends!

What a beautiful morning!  It rained here all night—which hardly EVER happens in our area this time of year—such a fresh, lovely surprise!

Had a lazy Saturday yesterday…garage saling (is that a word?!) all morning with my good friend Barb—and we introduced my daughter Sarah to the joys of junkin’-- I think she’s been smitten!

Oh my goodness, I found some wonderful things!  Here’s just one of the beautiful finds…


…isn’t she lovely?  An old song…sheet music from 1909…the year one set of my great-grandparents were married…

The elderly lady I bought it from (for $1!), said her grandmother had it displayed next to her old Victrola in her living room, with a beautiful old lamp nearby, softly illuminating it…


…she spoke of the remembered scene so lovingly, so nostalgically…that I couldn’t believe she wanted to let it go…but go, it did…to another very loving home.

Last weekend marked our 23rd wedding anniversary…seems like just yesterday—and yet so much has happened in those 23 years!


{Just after our wedding ceremony…May 7, 1988}

A page made this week to mark the occasion…it will soon be placed in my heritage scrapbook…one more generation finds it’s place…


I pulled so many elements together for this page…took me a while to get it where I felt happy with it!  Sometimes a work of love takes a bit of effort, though, doesn’t it?   (Just like marriage, I guess!)


A favorite poem, typed in a vintage-style font for the focal point…the first two stanzas of Robert Browning’s beautiful poem, “Rabbi Ben Ezra”…

“Grow old along with me!

The best is yet to be…”

…such lovely, hope-filled words…


Beautiful, ornate photo corners on all for corners of the poem—courtesy of Crafty Secrets’ fabulous new “Photo Studio” stamp set…


1988…the year we began our lives together…I love these vintage number stamps from Crafty Secrets’ “Sexy Little Number” stamp set…


An old charm I purchased years ago, now given new life with a framing of sparkly crystal rhinestones…hung in the middle of some beautiful, creamy seam binding…


A gorgeous vintage floral design in one corner, stamped with Crafty Secrets’ new “Floral Art” stamp set…


Rosettes made with some wonderful, old muslin…perfect for shabby little flowers…just a touch of gold Glimmer Mist added to give them a bit of color and sparkle…


Here we are again…a portrait taken of us just this last summer…not quite as young as we once were…a little more weather-beaten, (MUCH different hairstyles for both of us!)…but many experiences shared—some hard, most joyful…three beautiful daughters we’re so proud of…and much, much love…

DSC03186_edited-1 {saying taken from Crafty Secrets’ “Vintage Photos” Creative Scraps”}

“Love makes the world a beautiful place”…I couldn’t have said it better myself…

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing…

Thank-you, honey, for 23 wonderful years…Looking forward to an eternity more…



  1. Congratulations..such an important date to celebrate! I love your pictures here, both so cute! That is my favorite song too..grow old along with me, the best is yet to be... :D

  2. HAppy anniversary to you! Aren't you the cutest couple ever! I love the sweet treasure you found at the garage sale- along with a story! Precious. Lori

  3. Darn it. I thought I was going to give the first "kind words". I was almost so proud of myself. Sigh. Well as your firstborn I think I will love this post more than anyone else because I think I have gained the most from the lovely event described and illustrated above. I LOVE the page you made. I really want to see it in person. Something tells me a picture doesn't do it justice. I love the Robert Browning poem, the charm, the lace, the flowers, the overall arrangement, and of course, the fabulous people! Good work, mama!

  4. Happy Anniversary Julie! What a SWEET post! You both look fantastic..then.. and now!

  5. Your engagement photo....I think Marie Osmond had a hair style kinda like that when she and Donnie had their tv show.
    I enjoyed all the photos very much. You two look pretty amazingly handsome together right now. the time you were ENGAGED, I had 5 kids. (tee,hee)
    I love that sheet music photo cover. What a wonderful find that was.

  6. Another beautiful post!! Someday I would like to see this heritage book you are making! Happy Anniversary!!! I too love that poem!

  7. Hi Julie, congrats on your 23rd wedding anniversary..... what a cute couple! What a wonderful treasure you found too.... and love your beautiful artwork, it's gorgeous!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. What a cute couple you were, and still are! Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Your page is beautiful, I love all the special touches you added.

  9. Good Morning Julie

    Belated Happy Anniversary.

    Some lovely photographs and what does it matter if they show us agening, as long as we can do it with those we love.

    Thank you for sharing.

    B x

  10. Oh Julie, what a lovely page you have made for your memory book!! I just love it. You are such a handsome couple, both in your younger years and today. Congratulations on 23 years. That is a real milestone. I am so grateful for eternal marriage and I know you are too. What a blessing we have in the Gospel. I cherish your friendship my sweet friend! Sending love and hugs and happy wishes from afar! xxoo

  11. WOW, these are super images of you and your beloved!!! We have been married 29 years and it only gets better with GOD IN OUR LIVES!!!! It is not always easy, but praise Jesus that we have HIM to run into to find the strength. Julie dearest, YOU ARE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE for showing off something VINTAGE for PARIS!!!! I just want to confirm that you are joining in. I am making the list and so far, I have at least 12 participants! This will be super. Have a splendid Sunday dear heart! Anita

  12. SURPRISE! Here I am FINALLY and what a wonderful post to read! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my friend and MANY, MANY more to you & Roger!!
    Your layout for the Heritage Album is AWESOME and will be treasured down through the years I'm sure.
    Thanks always for your inspiration ... not only in paper crafting but in life itself! You truly are an inspiration to MANY and your Positive, Happy personality shines through with each blog write up! Thanks for that!
    Hope you & the family are well and enjoying a beautiful Sunday! HUGS to you Julie ... hope to talk to you soon! I MISS YOU!!

  13. sweet pictures and nice memories....congratulations!

  14. So beautiful Julie. Thanks for sharing. Lots of work went into that page. It shows...Smiles...Renee

  15. JULIE!!! TRÈS BIEN! I will gladly put your name on my list with your link! You will be a fabulous participant with your lovely and creative art...vintage, whatever you desire!


  16. You my friend amaze me!!! You turn all your sweet memories into such lovely creations. Our anniversary was last week too!!!

    Hugs and love for a blessed Sunday. xoxoxo

  17. Happy 23 years to you! How awesome is that? And you did a beautiful job with your project. I bet he loved it too! You must have a ton of your beautiful work all around your home. I wanna come play at your house!
    It is raining here today! lOVE IT!!!!

  18. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and I hope you have many more happy years together! I met my husband in 1988 - seems like 5 minutes ago. We were a little later with our family - our little treasure is 8, bless him.
    Much love, Anne X

  19. Beautiful, Julie! What a gorgeous way to remember the day. :)

  20. Hi Julie,

    Just beautiful! Congratulations and I wish you both so much more happiness.

    God Bless,

  21. This is beautiful congratulations on your marriage and many more wonderful years together.

  22. Hi Julie... hope you had a wonderful anniversary... I love your first photo, what a beautiful couple you are... also love your scrapbook page... I so want to learn how to do that... so many memories I want to preserve... wishing you a beautiful Spring day... xoxo Julie Marie

  23. Congratulations on 23 years! We are having 40 this year! Isn't it wonderful to have found each other & being blessed with years together. LOVE the layout you did. Those hair styles really have changed (I look at mine & say... THANK GOODNESS) HUGS!

  24. warmest congrats on your anniversary, julie!


  25. Happy Anniversary!
    You both look as
    happy as you did back
    in 1988 : ) We have
    the big 2-5 coming up
    in September....Doesn't
    seem possible. I'm
    not sure I'm brave
    enough to post the before
    and afters like you, though!
    Happily ever after, my sweet
    xx Suzanne

  26. How sweet!!! Happy Anniversary, dear Julie! Hopefully you both had a wonderful day. I wish you all the best for the next years of love to come!
    Hugs to you,

  27. Happy anniversary Julie! great post adn beautiful page for your book. I love seeing how weve all changed through the years.. well, I dont like seeing how I've changed through years though!!
    have a great week!

  28. Dear Julie, wishing you and your lovely husband much joy and happiness in the years to come, may you be blessed for a life time together.
    many hugs to you both

  29. Ahhh, so sweet Julie! Beautiful couple indeed! Don't the years just fly by? We just celebrated our 40th! So crazy! Wishing you many more happy years....into eternity!


  30. Happy Anniversary Julie! What sweet pictures of you and your hubby. Congratulations and best wishes for many more, hugs, Nan

  31. Happy anniversary. You look as beautiful then as you do now! Congrats on 23 years and wishing you many more happy years together.

  32. Beautiful layout Julie! Happy Anniversary!!!

  33. Happy Anniversary!! Best wishes for more happy years.