Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung…

DSC01629_edited-1 {peeking through a knothole in our garden gate…}

…here in California, anyway!

Hope you’re all enjoying some lovely weather this weekend—it’s been so beautiful here, we did some kitchen garden planting today—so excited!

I thought I’d share a few images of our garden today…evidence of spring at hand…

DSC01627_edited-1 {the ever lovely “Evelyn” David Austin English rose…}

DSC01634_edited-1 {simply sweet forget-me-nots…}

DSC01602_edited-1 {heaven-scented star jasmine…}

All this beauty inspired the theme for my card-making this weekend…


One of my favorite springtime images from Crafty Secrets’ “Birds & Blossoms” Creative Scraps…love that sweetly crowned bluebird…


…needed just a BIT more sparkle on that crown…!


…double layers of pennants as a border, layered with a long script stamp, both stamps part of Crafty Secrets’ “Artsy Banners” stamp set…


Just a bit of ribbon, lace, twine & a slightly pink-tinged mother-of-pearl button to top it all off…and touches of platinum Stickles, of course!

Let’s take another peek into the garden…

DSC01636_edited-1 {bright & cheerful nasturtiums…they always make me smile!}

DSC01601_edited-1 {aaaahhhh, lilacs…I just can’t breathe them in deeply enough…}

DSC01603_edited-1 {the pristine blossoms on my pluot tree…}

Another card…Love Lives Here


…yes, it does.


This beautiful image is found on Crafty Secrets’ new and oh, so lovely “Love Mail” Creative Scraps…the two nesting birdies, cut from another image on CS’ “Birds & Blossoms” Creative Scraps…popped-up here…


…a few flowers punched out, sugar-covered with clear glass glitter, a VERY liberal spraying of “Pink Bubblegum” and “Creme de Cocoa” Glimmer Mist, then topped with tiny iridescent crystal rhinestones…{they look like sweet, miniature sugar cookies!}


…plain background made beautiful using the script stamp from Crafty Secrets’ “Artsy Banners” stamp set (one of my very favorites!)

As I sit here writing, my kitchen window is open…a soft, afternoon breeze is blowing in the mingled scents of jasmine, rose and lilac…pure bliss!

DSC01606_edited-1 {the creamy yellow perfection of “Graham Thomas”, another English Rose…}

DSC01605_edited-1 {I will never cease to be amazed at the beauty of fig leaves…}

DSC01608_edited-1 {the heavily nodding boughs of intoxicating wisteria…}

Thanks for joining me in my garden today…I hope spring is springing for you too!

See you soon with something new…


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  1. How beautiful! Love the cards too!

  2. Hi Julie, Oh what a beautiful post, I love seeing all the beautiful flowers, we just got 6 inches of snow here, oh how I wish for spring. I love your beautiful cards, they are so lovely, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

  3. Oooh Julie, I am so wanting Spring here!... your flowers are just gorgeous!... I can't believe you have so many things blooming right now, lucky lady!... alot of the yucky snow melted today and it was actually a bit warmer... but my garden is not awakening like yours is... love looking through your little "secret knothole" in your garden gate... you should make a pretty card out of that!... LOVE all your little birdies too, especially when they are wearing glittery crowns!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Wonderful! You are so far ahead of us. We have a Lilac Festival in mid-May. My buds are just turning a darker shade but are not nearly ready to bud out let alone bloom into those heaven scent little clusters of flowers. Your roses are so pretty and it never occured to me that one could grow figs in their garden. I too like the shade of that leaf. Great texture too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh so pretty... can't wait for spring in my garden!

  6. How lucky you are to have blooming flowers already! I love forget me nots and nasturtiums! Your garden must be lovely!

    Beautiful cards...all the detail is amazing!


  7. Beautiful flowers and beautiful cards! So many things are in bloom here in the Sacramento area, too-- I love Spring!

  8. Oh Julie,
    Your cards are so gorgeous, they should be framed!!! They are purely magnificent! I honestly think Hallmark should be calling any minute!!!

  9. I wish I could take a walk through your garden, Julie! Your flowers are so pretty and the scents must be wonderful. The only flowers that I've seen blooming here so far this year are snowdrops. It's still pretty cold (around 39). I can't wait for spring to come.

    Your cards are beautiful! I love the colors you've chosen and the pretty images and certainly the pink lace :-).

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Oh Julie, I just adored seeing Spring in California! So beautiful and so far ahead of us. Here the trees all have buds on them now and all is greening up. Our Camelia is about to burst into full bloom and we have frog spawn in our pond! Our four goldfish survived the winter and our garden is all dug and ready for planting in the potatoes! I do so love this time of year. It is a time of promise! I love your newest cards too, but I adore birds and especially bluebirds in any way shape or form. Your creative talents always amaze me. You always feed my creative spirit in so many ways when I visit you! I sent lots of love and hugs on this Sabbath Day. If you are blessed even half as much as you bless us, then it will be a wonderful day for sure! xxoo

  11. Beautiful spring cards Julie, Love each one!!! and your flowrs. I can almost smell them from here. Spring hasn't sprung here yet, we had snow again last week for a couple of days. Come on sunshine!!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  12. Wow, I LOVE that photo through the knot hole. How artistic and beautifull. The way the hole frames the view. I'm really impressed by this. xx

  13. Julie, your cards are just gorgeous! I love the sweet little birds. and I'm jealous that youre having spring and flowers already!!! but its ok.. its on its way here.. slowly but surely!
    have a delightful sunday!

  14. Beautiful! About 2-3 months yet for Spring here in Wisconsin.

  15. Hi...your garden is absolutely beautiful. Your cards are stunning as always, truly blessed with creativity. I love visiting with you and seeing the time and love you put into each thing you make.

    Have a great day!

  16. How wonderful! I will be so happy when Spring comes our way!
    Your cards look so beautiful too! Spring is so inspiring for us paper crafters!

    Have a great Day, Lindsey

  17. Still waiting for Spring here in New England but it gets closer every day! Thanks for sharing such beauty Julie!

  18. That's your garden NOW?? really...NOW.
    we are a long shot from that...still covered with snow. But we have made it into the 40's today...YAY!!! Lots of sunshine.

    I love the cards, but I always tell you that, cause they are gorgeous

  19. Hi Julie!!
    I just found your message at my blog.
    I sent you a paypal invoice.. lol
    I will package your special ladie up now.. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to see what you will make with them.
    Hugs, Darlene

  20. Oh Julie, your flowers are so pretty, and so are you cards. I love the colors that you used on them... just gorgeous!!! I wanted to thank you for stopping by today, and for your sweet comments!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  21. I love the cards so much and the Spring pictures are making me ache for flowers! :D

  22. Yeah, spring has sprung! Such a beautiful time of year! Love this post and all the creations of sweet treasures!


  23. Such a gorgeous springtime post, Julie! The flowers are divine (especially the forget-me-nots) and your cards are beautiful...what talent!
    Have a great day!

  24. Julie, You are as lovely as your garden. We are still waiting for blubs to peek through the thawing ground here. Sigh! Wishing for spring! Elizabeth

  25. Spring into life!
    Your pictures are so sweet and pretty!

    My dad used to have a fig tree, and I used to love watching the leaves get bigger and bigger..they really are a unique much so, that around here in Canada, if you're not Italian, you wouldn't know what a fig tree even is!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

    I'm off to enjoy today's sun with my kids!!

  26. Dearest Julie, I´m so happy and delighted to see spring is coming your way... such a joy to work in the garden this time!!!
    Discovering your blog and the so beautiful card making you do has been and ephifany to me too!!!
    Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my blog.
    sending you lots of hugs

  27. I love* LOVE* your pretty bird cards. So beautiful.

  28. What a sweet garden...I am afraid mine is so much more behind yours. I am craving Spring flowers. Your cards are love that sweet little bird with the crown. Your images and cards today remind me of the story the secret garden. Hugs and love to you my sweet friend.xo

  29. Julie, I love your pictures... but that green sort of crown... that one really interests me. Have you shown it before? Probably popular wear for young women in the 1920's?? Love it!
    Take care. Hugs,
    Ladybug Creek

  30. Beautiful cards and great pictures of Spring flowers! It's a bit chilly here in IA this's suppose to get in the 40's today so we're getting there!

  31. Julie
    I love your beautiful photos - makes my heart pitter patter because we are still waiting for the snow to melt (and the ice on the lake)! won't be too much longer!
    I also love your darling birdie piece. so many gorgeous details and a lovely bit of art! Happy Tuesday m'dear! :)

  32. Your flowers are just what we needed on this chilly Ohio day...thanks for sharing, and send some of that sunshine our way! :)

  33. Julie, Julie, Julie (do you know that song?)
    I cannot believe your flowers!!! They are just gorgeous! We still have three feet of dirty snow in Minneapolis. But then, I am in Palo Alto now! I haven't been outside to really check...we just got in for Jud's eval...but I am sure it is not that beautiful!!!!
    You will have me gardening!
    Big hugs,

  34. May I just say,
    that if it has a
    bird with a crown
    on it, I'm totally
    hooked! I'm not
    sure why, but there
    you have it. And
    throw in some gorgeous
    garden pics and I'm
    a gonner, for sure!
    Lovely, Julie : )
    xx Suzanne

  35. Julie, your cards are so beautiful! I love the pretty spring colors, and your details are so pretty!
    Lovely garden photos...and I LOVE the photo through the knothole!

  36. Julie, how nice it was to find your blog today from Melissa Phillip's blog. Your family pictures and captions for each one are sweet. What a nice family it looks like you have and with all the history. So nice that you have these photographs you can share with your family now.