Friday, March 4, 2011

The Proposal…


A lazy afternoon in  1935.  A young woman, home from work at the family store to eat her lunch hears the door bell ring.

vintage mailman_edited-1 (Vintage mailman image found online.)

Waiting for her at the door is the postman with a small package and a letter…  “Sign three times please…here, here…and here.”


Recognizing the name on the envelope, she excitedly—but carefully—opens it…What could be in the package?  Perfume?!


In the note from the man she secretly loved, a request.  Please open the package and put the ring on your left hand…“Will you marry me?”



A couple of years earlier, Velda had left home for an opportunity to work and learn to serve others away from home in Portland, Oregon.  There, she met a young man from Alberta, Canada—Dow. 


Working together for a while, they began to care for each other quite a lot…but nothing was said then, and it was soon time for Velda to return home.  Dow stayed on in Portland, working in a bank.
A family trip from Canada down to Mexico with a stop in Mesa, Arizona…it was on the way, after all!  Families met…the acquaintance rekindled…feelings hadn’t changed…then on again to Mexico.


As quickly as could happen after the family trip was over, and all were back at home, a letter and a special package were sent from Oregon to Arizona…


Ring newly placed on her finger, paper and pen quickly grabbed for her joyful reply…


“Happy?  It’s choking me!  How will I ever manage to write this note?”


“The ring is gorgeous, mister dear, only much to beautiful for my homely hands.”


“It’s useless to say more now, my brain is in too much of a whirl. I’m sure I’m not deserving of such happiness…”


“All my love, Velda”

Many more words were actually written in the small, three-page note, written in Velda’s tiny, immaculate handwriting--I just chose a few of my favorites…

I so wish I had a copy of Dow’s proposal letter, but so glad we have  Velda’s answer…

Another page made today for my heritage scrapbook…the beautiful “Love Letters” image and sweet cupid are from Crafty Secrets’ new and gorgeous “Love Mail” Creative Scraps.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend…


  1. Ah sweet, how perfect. Thank you so much for sharing these moments. I feel a sort of kinship since I live in your ancestral state, and your writing makes me feel like I'm living it for real. We really do need to meet. Even though my family is first generation in Arizona, I was born here, raised here and although I've been around the world, Arizona is my home. I've got 50+ years of Arizona history in my life, and I wish I could share it as eloquently as you do. Have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Julie, another beautiful post!... how exciting that you have all of these wonderful treasures!... and how excited Velda must have been... and to think, they went on to live happily~ever~after!... always love hearing your sweet family memories and seeing your beautiful photos... I am sure Velda is enjoying it all over again too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Hello Julie, How wonderful to have these vintage things, I love your beautiful art to go along with them. This is such a lovely post, thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Terri

  4. Julie, this is such a beautiful post!
    Your scrapbook page is beautiful, and the story behind is so special. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Now how cute is that!! Love your post and your scrapbook page!! Another job well done!!

  6. Oh, what a treasure you have got with all this old documents! Lovely story!!!!

  7. Julie this page you made is just stunning!!

  8. Julie, I have goose bumps. Your family stories always touch me and this one is very special. You've turned those keepsakes into another beautiful page for your heritage album.
    The chatelaine of your last post is a wonderful treasure too. You have an amazing family with so many genereations savoring all those heirlooms.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. What a beautiful, loving story! How incredible to still have the very envelope and her reply letter!! They sure made a handsome couple! Your collage, skillfully embelished is a real life treasure. Wonderful to have for your children to pass on to their own someday!

  10. Oh my Julie, I have goosebumps as I am reading this! What a powerful story of true love. How sweet times were when even distance didn't dissuade one from pursuing passion. Beautiful! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  11. Julie the blog looks lovely!! Your family has such wonderful stories, this one as well as the sewing chatelaine of of your mother's as well as all the other wonderful reading! You are a treasure!

  12. Beautiful post Julie! I love how you are always able to weave these magical stories about your family around all that you create. You wave a spell around us with every word as well! I love everything you write and that you create. You are a true talent. Much love sent your way on a chilly March morning! brrr . . . tis cold outside, but it's not raining. That is a bonus over here! xxoo
    PS Am loving the new look on your page as well!

  13. Oh dear Julie,
    I know I said it before, and surely so many others,too! but it must be so special, having all those family ephemera--to be able to hold such a letter in your hands, read- and know about their lives, is a big gift, for you.
    The collage that shows two beautifull people and their start of life together, is wonderfull, dear.
    Hugs, and lovely week-end to you.

  14. Oh dear Julie, how I love blogging. Everyone has their own personal style and it is like flipping through the pages of a wonderful magazine or book, to see what everyone has to offer. Your world is so beautiful; I simply cannot make up my mind with styles or themes, but every week is a blessing and gift to be able to connect with people like you. What a lovely story, and I have a beautiful vintage ring with rose cut stones and your story made me wonder about the story behind it...was it someone's engagement ring, how old it is...we are going today to one of our favorite antique towns...Main St. is lined with one shop after another, where the ghosts of the past call out vintage memories...have a great day!! Anita

  15. i have goosebumps sweetie...
    this was awesome
    i said before, and again,
    to have these priceless
    bits of your past
    it's a gOOd thing =)

  16. Hi...what a beautiful story, the images are perfect and your end piece is gorgeous as are all of your art.

    Have a great day!

  17. Julie,

    I was teary eyed as I read Velda's story that you are now perserving so beautifully for generations to come. I love your layout... so gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. IMAGINE that your
    family still has
    these wonderful words!
    Just so special.
    Love that you cherish
    these types of things.
    I do, too!!!
    Big Saturday Hugs,
    xx Suzanne

  19. A lovely story today, Julie. Happy creating and do have a sunshine-filled weekend xxx

  20. Hello Julie...what a beautiful story made even more wonderful by your creative touch!

    Have a lovely weekend dear friend!

  21. Such a sweet story! I hope you know how lucky you are to have such fun ancestors who kept things. My family was all about throwing things away. Sadly no sentimentality. Loved the previous post too. Mimi

  22. I always enjoy the stories you tell about your family but I think this is my favorite and my favorite page that you've made. The pictures and the envelopes are so are doing a most tresured keepsake of family history. Such talent you have dear Julie!

  23. Happy Pink Saturday! What a great post Julie, I just love it! Hugs to you my friend~ Marilou xoxo

  24. Oh my, this is such a wonderful romantic tale! I'm so happy you have that letter too, what a keepsake!

    Kat :)

  25. Julie,
    That is a beautiful story and you told it so well, as you always do. I think someday this should be a book. On one hand, you seem to have such a fascinating family but I think part of it is how you and your family honor and respect family. It is a lesson in immortality for me; people who have long since died live on and on and are treasured by you and all the rest of us for their wonderful uniqueness.

    Thank you for the gift!

    Big hugs,

  26. Julie,
    Oh how I love this beautiful story! Thank you so very much for sharing it with us! Blessings to you my friend!

  27. Oh Julie, this is the most BEAUTIFUL post!!! I made something today that will be featured later this month on my blog and it's called "Love Notes" and it makes me think of this story you just! And I LOVE your ever, it is splendorous...and I love your new blog design---it's gorgeous--I love the colors and design!!

  28. What a wonderful Proposal!!! How excited Velda must have been to recieve it in the mail. All so romantic!!! Julie what a beautiful page you created to honor the happy couple.
    You do need to write a book!
    hugs Lynn

  29. Julie, how sweet of you to share this story with us... a piece of your family history. How long did they wait to marry after the proposal.
    My parents' romance was absolutely a whirlwind... they met and then married three months later.
    Ladybug Creek

  30. Love this post as so many others of yours! Treasures to behold! And your new background is stunning!
    Have a beautiful day, dear friend!

  31. Hi Julie,
    What a beautiful post! You really brought the letters to life! And the pretty graphics are just gorgeous! Oh, and I love your blog background, it is stunning!!

  32. What a special post, Julie! I'm always so touched by the stories of your wonderful family...and your artwork is just so BEAUTIFUL! Have a happy week, Sweetie! xo Paulette

  33. Jule, this was such a beautiful story, and your creations are beautiful as always!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  34. What a beautiful heritage you have. I love the stories you share and the imagesshared are so wonderful. I am inspired to create family albums by the srt that you create!

  35. What a lovely story my sweet friend...sending you love for the whole week. xoxoxo