Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breathing Life into the Past…


Hello, my friends! 

Another beautiful day…hope things are thawing out a bit for my friends in the middle of the country!

Just one thing to share with you today…another project I made for the fabulous Vintage Street Market for CHA last month.

This time, a birthday card for your best girlfriend...I LOVE the new "Dimestore Vogue" Paper Sheets & Tags kit--so much vintage fun to play with!

I loved using the pattern side of the paper sheet for the background of my card...just perfect!

The aqua foil sheet is just the color, love the shine...and it gives such an added texture and fun to your projects!  Here, I used a large scallop punch on the foil, then embellished the scalloped pieces with Platinum Stickles--just a bit more pop!

I love the vintage ladies on the paper sheets--so perfect to cut out and layer onto your projects...and this button card from the tag sheet is perfect for your sentiment.  Here I just made my own computer-generated wording using a vintage-style typewriter font--"Remember...age is just a number!", it says...

I used the "Linen" Tinted Tape on the corners of the button card--love the added texture and "aging" it gives the card...

...a bit of the "Pink Sorbet" Baker's Twine knotted onto the button card for a bit of texture...

For a border at the bottom of the card, I cut out the vintage yardstick from the paper sheet--love how it finishes it off perfectly!

How about a little more vintage style from the ‘50’s?


Here we have my mom, Karen…third from the left…along with a bunch of her girlfriends…

Karen with friends

Mom again…far left…with another group of friends…

…and here she is again, in a beautiful dress she made herself—a deep burgundy color—with her handsome, young date, Clayn…later my handsome, young father!

Just look at that beautiful rosette…

Mom’s waist was so TINY at this time…and I’m very proud  to say that I actually was able to put this dress on & zip it up…once…before I was married…but I DID it!


See—proof!  (I actually had to search really hard to find this last night!)  Here’s me in that same dress—about 1986—a little shorter on me than it was on Mom!  And with me is my younger sister, Becky, in another of Mom’s beautiful homemade dresses…

Now…what do you say we breathe a little life into the past?


My beautiful, youngest daughter, Annie…wearing that very same dress just last night…


Isn’t she adorable?! 


When I went for my birthday visit to Mom’s house, she sent me home with some treasures…one of them was this dress…held up pretty well, didn’t it?!


And the beautiful rosette…still just as lovely as the day Mom made it--over 50 years ago…

Three generations in one dress…not bad, huh?!

The dress now hangs in Annie’s closet.  She has happily volunteered to be it’s newest careful keeper…she will take pictures of her daughter wearing it one day, she says…

See what life you can breathe into your past today…can’t wait to see what you find!



  1. Julie ~
    That is so precious
    about your mom's dress ~
    I just love the
    pictures !!


  2. I love your card...the detail is just so fun. A great card to give your best girlfriend!

    Your mother and her dress are beautiful. How nice that it was saved and is in such great condition! It looks lovely on all of you!


  3. That dress is pure magic.What an awesome thing to share among the generations!

  4. VERY, VERY cool. After helping Karen and Lynds last night, I was excited to see this amazing post about a beautiful dress! (I actually saw it of FB where Karen commented then hopped on over here. LOL!)

  5. That is all so amazing....what a gorgeous dress! Love it ;D

  6. Oh how sweet you have that beautiful dress and you all have had it on at one time or another. On the cute card I'm not getting what 'linen tinted tape' is? I see the edges that look like a measuring tape but how does that come?
    Would you believe I had to mail order more Stickles from Jo Ann's? They don't have them here in town.

  7. Oh Julie, how wonderful that all of you shared the same dress, it's great that is is still in such wonderful condition and has been so well taken care of, I just love your card, it's so adorable! Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your visit's!!!
    Hugs~~ Daphne

  8. Julie, dear- a beautifull dress- all of you so lovely , but I think your sweet daughter fits it perfectly- wonderfull.

  9. Oh my gosh--I always say "this is my favorite post," but oh wow, this is amazing, Julie!!! And I love the dress and the rosette...I am speechless!
    And I love your card!!!

  10. How adorable is that!!!! That dress is stunning...the colour is beautiful..and to top all this sweetness off..your daughter is way too adorable for words. Hugs.xoxo

  11. oh i just love this post! how sweet that 3 generations have worn that lovely dress and now your daughter will carry on the tradition. Annie is just adorable too!!

  12. This has to be one of my favorite posts. How special that you, your mother and daughter have this wonderful story. Bless you for sharing.

  13. OH my gosh, what a gorgeous dress! What's amazing is how timeless it is.... it looks wonderful and elegant on all three of you. How fun! Beautiful card, too, as always. Have a wonderful evening. ;)

  14. So sweet. Do I ever see you in Annie! Especially in the second pictures. Something about the twinkle in her eye. Your mom was in incredible seamstress and could give us all a lesson on making fabric flowers!
    Thanks, Julie. Loved this one, too!

  15. GREAT JOB! AGAIN!!!! Your card is cute but, the story & photo of the dress is the BEST! Annie is so cute in that dress. I know you & GRANDMOM must be so proud.

    Glad you got a giggle out of the puppy in the bowl. I thought it was adroable! Have a great weekend. HUGS!

  16. Julie Julie Julie... constantly amazing me! Love the card and the dress photos! What a fun post!

  17. Julie! I love that you are cherishing this beautiful dress of your mother's! What a fabulous keepsake and what a fantastic post with memories and an amazing collage card! Awesome!
    The photos are just do such a heartfelt job...thanks so much for sharing!
    Blessings and love!

  18. This really was a precious post!
    From your creation, which is just perfect, to the gorgeous red dress!
    I think it is terrific that now your daughter is the keeper of this piece of your pasts!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  19. hi Julie! OMG...AMAZING post here What an incredibly cool story! Love that dress story! Your card is gorgeous as always.. :)

  20. Love the red dress story, so beautiful,
    I have 3 young boys who like wearing my vintage shoes but not sure if I can push the dresses!

  21. What beautiful young ladies girls wearing such a treasured piece throughout time. Have a wonderful week!

  22. Hi Julie, once again, I love your post!!! How beautiful you, your mama and now your daughter all look in your mama's hand sewn dress... what a priceless treasure!... and I love the pretty rosette too... your stories of family always touch my heart... I also love the polka dot dress on the cute lady in your card, I would love a dress like that!... xoxo Julie Marie PS How did our mamas keep their waists soo teeny???

  23. where in the world do you find all your supplies for these wonderful cards you make. Do you sell your stuff.

    Loved LOVED the photos of your mom and that dress. Looking at how you mom made and wore it, and then YOU and then your daughter, makes me wish my mom had kept some of her "fancy" dresses from the 40's and 50's. Does your mom remember the LDS Gold and Green Balls they had way back then??

    However, My daughter did model my mothers wedding dress at a reunion a few years ago. It was a really neat feeling to see her in that.
    I loved the skirt lengths on the dresses back then too.

  24. WOW! You, your mom and your daughter are all beautiful in that gorgeous dress. So lucky that she kept it all these years. So amazing! Mimi

  25. Beautiful card and I love your three generations in one dress pictures, fabulous stuff! Have a lovley weekend!

  26. Oh how I wish I had such treasures. Julie, you are blessed to have such a sweet Mom and beautiful daughter(s)and all that talent in one family!