Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Vintage Valentines


Hello, my friends!

As we leave the holidays behind, the pink and frilly season of Valentines comes to mind…and yesterday, I had fun making a couple of Valentine-themed projects.


A little card with a sweet stamped image from Crafty Secrets’  “Couple of Cuties” set…stitched together and shimmering with an overall spritzing of “Iridescent Gold” Glimmer Mist…


…the image paper-pieced, the skirt slightly popped up, and all lightly colored with pastel chalks…I wanted to keep it soft…


…a shabby homemade rosette made with some very old blush netting (thanks, Mom!)…just the perfect shade to match my paper…love those lucky coincidences!  A simple pearl in the center…just right.

I’m so thrilled to let you know that I’ve been asked to join with some amazingly talented ladies in the Design Team for the new  Vintage Street Market

Vintage Street Market DT Badge_edited-1

I’m excited to share their products with you as we go along…truly authentic vintage items in themed kits, such as their Vintage Valentine Kit

 Vintage Valentine Kit

…and so many exciting things being developed in their own product line that we’ll be able to share with you very soon!

Here’s a Valentine layout I made last night using the Vintage Valentine Kit with a sweet little story to tell you…(you all know it’s hard for me to make something without a story to go with it!)


Polly May and Orley Seymour met while they were classmates in the first little schoolhouse in old Mesa, Arizona. 

O.Seymour & Polly May Hunsaker Stapley's wedding day

In 1895, after courting for some time, Orley finally got up the courage to ask Polly’s father for her hand in marriage.


It took two long, agonizingly slow weeks for Polly’s father to give O.S. his consent.

Twenty-year-old Polly May joyfully made her gown by hand…beautiful cream in the Victorian style, with high-top shoes to match…


They were married in her family home in the morning, and after the wedding, they walked hand in hand from house to house throughout their town…


…inviting their many friends to their wedding reception and the dance which would be held later in the day.

I love that I have a picture of them on their wedding day…posed so beautifully.  So wonderful to think of them…still in those same wedding clothes…walking around so happily together later that same day…


Vintage velvet ribbon is a bit difficult to tie in a bow, so I stitched it together in loops to make a pretty little accent here…of course I had to glitz it up a little more with some platinum Stickles…


What is it about plastic vintage buttons that is so charming?  I just can’t resist them!  The pretty pink flower button was included in the kit…the other two were found in my vintage button jar.


We all have such simple but lovely stories in our family’s history…what stories will you find to tell?

Wishing you all a lovely weekend…I’ll see you soon with something new.



  1. Oh, I absolutely love these! So sweet, indeed!

  2. Oh how gorgeous, Julie!!! And that rosette is amazing!!

  3. so pretty, julie. that valentine craft kit looks like a lot of fun. love the vintage images included.

    have the loveliest of weekend, my friend.

  4. Looks lovely...the vintage images.


  5. THat CS card is so darn cute Julie.. I love the warm feel of the colors. The the VSM layout.. just stunning!

  6. Beautiful makes, Julie!! Love your card and your flower is awesome!! Congrats on you design team spot too - you'll be fab!!! Juliex

  7. Sooooo beautiful. A delight to look at. xx

  8. Gorgeous, Julie.
    You'll be a great
    addition to the new
    team. Congrats on
    your latest venture!
    Love those sweet sweet
    stories : )
    xx Suzanne

  9. Hi Julie... I love to hear your little stories that go along with your cards... precious memories of loved ones!... your pink rosette is so pretty too!...xoxo Julie Marie

  10. this post is perfectly julie in every way!

    happy weekend


  11. I love how this turned out!!

    happy friday,

  12. Julie that is so INCREDIBLY beautiful! Just amazing!!! How wonderful too to have such great picture of your ancestors-and know their story!!!

    So happy to have you on the team!!!

  13. Julie,
    You weave it in so beautifully! I love your art abioibity and your storytelling ability. I think you have a book here, sweetie!

  14. Oh I love love Valentines day...really one of my favourites....I think because I love hearts so much...and pretty things.

    Your post is really have so much talent!

    Friday hugs....xoxox

  15. The Valentine kit looks wonderful. I bought the one at Christmas and was just thrilled with all the neat things it contained.

  16. I love the cards and that flowers..wowie! ;D

  17. Happy New Year Julie! As always, your post is just so charming...and your card is just as beautiful! Loved your story. Wishing you many happy blessings in the 2011! xo Paulette
    ...Congratulations on your invitation to join the design team. I'm sure you'll shine! xo Paulette

  18. Wish you lived in my neck of the woods. We need someone to teach a few Valentine Cards for our Feb. RS meeting! Yours are adorable. Love the ancestor story. Mimi

  19. So sweet Julie! I wish I had family stories to share but sadly I don't. Even my memories of my own children are faded and somehow blend together so I can't remember who did what when. :/ Your cards are lovely. What a simpler time it was when the bride made her own dress; no one went into debt for their marriage day, and neighbors were personally invited to participate in the celebration. Sounds lovely indeed! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Thankfully I am feeling much better today. xxx Tammy

  20. Beautiful projects Julie and another wonderful story.
    Congratulations on your new Design Team appointment.
    Have a wonderful weekend. X

  21. Hi Julie,

    Wow, what a cool story, and how neat that it's from my home state. Does this couple have any historical significance here in Arizona? There names don't sound familiar, but hey.....I don't know everyone, right? Although the first name Orly does sound a little familiar. I can't remember, did you mention that you still have family here???


  22. Wonderful new projects, Julie! I love the sepia with the soft pink on the card, and the layout is even more special, knowing the sweet story behind it.

  23. Oh Julie, I did so love the story of Orley and Polly and their wedding day. You have done them real credit with this lovely card commemorating the sweetness of their love. I adore it. I also adore the other sweet card with it's blush pinks and your creative touches! You are so very talented! Am off to check out your link now. If you are on the team I just know it will be a winner! Happy weekend my dear friend! Love coming your way from me to thee! xxoo

  24. Can you say PRECIOUS!!!! I can! Really adorable pieces Julie and a great story of the wedding couple.

  25. Bonjour Julie,
    Just found your beautiful blog. What a lovely story, and your cards tell it perfectly.
    i'm a new follower and will be back again soon.
    Bon weekend,

  26. Very pretty valentines. Love that blush rose.

  27. I'm always so thankful for Valentine's Day. Just when I've put away the last Christmas decoration and the overwhelming sadness sets in, I remember that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and set my sights on hearts and lace!! Your work here, as always, is just lovely, Julie. And I love the sweet story you told along with your pictures. Well done, indeed!

  28. What beautiful projects, and a love story for the ages! Gorgeous. :)

  29. Beautufil project and story- I can't wait to make Valentine's Day cards... I think I am still recovering from making Christmas cards though so I may just be making a couple this year!

  30. Happy Birthday month, Dearie.
    I hope your special month is magical and full of wishmaking.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  31. Oh dearest Julie, these are the most darling little sweeties ever! Now that I am feeling my oats as an artist, I am making little tags as well. It is so refreshing to finally KNOW that this is what I am supposed to be doing, being AN ARTIST. IT sounds crazy, but like I said in my post, I feel as I were asleep all this time, but when you ACKNOWLEDGE and KNOW where you are free to head towards, then there is no stopping you!

    KEEP UP THE BEAUTIFUL WORK and your visit is special to me. Anita

  32. Julie
    these are all so sweet! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays (I am a February baby) and all your creations really tug at my heartstrings! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  33. I can hardly resist any buttons. Loving all the red accents! Congratulations!

  34. Julie,
    sweet Valentines,-love the Polly and Orley story- and your layout..
    XO, Dorthe

  35. I tried leaving a post earlier, and my computer when on the I'll try again.
    I am so glad you came to visit my blog. Glad you have you as one of my BLISTERS...that stands for bloggy sisters (I didn't make that up, got it from someone else)
    It is a great community of friends I think.

    How cool that your grandpa is from Alberta. Where?? My roots are actually in the Cardston parents and sister and hub live in Beazer. Do you know where THAT is. West of Cardston.
    I grew up in Calgary.
    Now reconnected with my high school sweetheart and moved up here from Utah (was there for 28 years) and living on our hobby ranch west of Didsbury. 160 acres.
    I miss my kids all the time and the more temperate weather of Utah.
    So cool that you are a BYU fan. YAY!!!! I used to have seasons tickets to the BYU footbal games , they were soooo much fun!!!
    looking forward to getting to know you.

    your crafts are awesome. I have NO TALENT in that department. I see a glue gun and start to hyperventilate. Valentines cards are my FAVORITE.
    the rosette I LOVE!!!! would look so cool as a brooch, or hair piece, or on a purse.

  36. Your collage is beautiful... love it all. Come over and link the post to my vintage valentine link party at

  37. Very pretty, love that rosette.

  38. Your collage is beautiful. Love the story that goes with it too!

  39. What beautiful projects, Julie! I love the pale pink and brown together. :)

  40. Such a wonderful card - I just love the details you put in her hair and skirt. Loving the softness and reading the background story to your heritage LO.

  41. Love your post Julie, found you on the Valentine Party blog link as I like the image, my favorite! Have a great weekend!