Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Mother’s Faith…


Good morning, my friends!

What a beautiful fall day today…I love a bit of a chill in the air…just turned on our gas fireplace in the family room.  I love the sound of it warming the house…so cozy!

I have a few things to share with you today…

First, a sweet little card made to keep for a time when someone needs to know that they’re loved…


Made with a lovely vintage image from Crafty Secrets’ “Little Blessings” Creative Scraps.  A little lace, seam binding, vintage mother-of-pearl buttons and a few spritzes with some “Iridescent Gold” Glimmer Mist and that’s it!

The lace didn’t seem quite right to me when I put it together & I just had the thought to spray it with “Cherub Pink” Glimmer Mist…perfect!

Next, another card…can you tell we’ve got a theme going today?  Another beautiful image from the “Little Blessings” Creative Scraps…


I love this little angel nestled into the moon…I cut out another one and popped her up just a little…


…a bit of sparkle on flower, angel wings and moon from some Dazzling Diamonds…

While making my cards, I was reflecting on my own faith and all the blessings in my life, and I was once again taken back in time to a story of another mother’s faith…

A family that I’ve shared with you before…that of John and Sarah Vance and their many children…


My great-grandmother, Estella, is the sweet blonde girl on the far right…this story belongs to her and her mother, Sarah…

One beautiful morning, when Estella was not quite two, she was playing on the family farm with her twin sister, when charging out from the fenced-in area came a horse, which knocked Estella down, crushing her head with one of it’s large hooves…

The child carefully gathered up in loving arms and rushed into the house…

The doctor  quickly called and he came, but with not much hope for the youngster’s survival…perhaps drilling a hole through her head would help alleviate the pressure and give her an easier time?…”No”, said the mother…

A family with deep trust and faith in God…many prayers said for the child’s recovery…

…but the mother could not just sit and wait…

Absalom M. Young photo with Bible

Her father a country doctor in Virginia at the time of the Civil War…Sarah had followed him around as a girl…observed and learned.  She’d made her own “medicines” for her dolls…

Sarah Indiaetta Young Vance

When a grown woman, she’d gone to the big city for several months (taking along a couple of her children!) to study the skills of midwifery to take back to her rural community. 

In her long years of practice, 1,600 babies delivered to their mothers—never a baby or a mother lost.

Keeping a prayer in her heart, she drew from teachings remembered from a father long since departed and her skills learned later in life, and she began to work on her much-loved daughter…

 “…molding my head at intervals, applying hot packs, watching hoping and praying.  And after about forty-six hours, I began to show signs of regaining consciousness.”  (From Estella’s writings).


Sarah writes:  “I wrapped her head in towels that were saturated with a solution I always used.  I changed these packs and continued to work over her until she finally regained consciousness and I thought her out of danger…

“…the solution I applied is one that I used in all my cases of inflammation and infection with much success.  I used it for typhoid, too.  I made it myself by this recipe:  To one pint each of water and vinegar, add two ounces of spirits of camphor and about a teaspoonful of turpentine.  Just saturate a towel or bandage and keep it on the affected parts.”

Faith, prayer and a mother’s love and perseverance produced a lovely miracle…this little girl with her skull smashed so badly that it required being shaped and molded for hours by her mother was known all her life as a great beauty…


…who would have imagined that…?

A precious keepsake belonging to great-great-grandmother Sarah…


…a beautiful fan—a gift to her from someone unknown to me—dating from the 1880’s…


…lovely wooden beads trail down from the fan…I can just picture it clipped to her gown, beads hanging down to be felt unconsciously by those busy, loving fingers throughout the day…


…made valuable by being a tangible thing left from a woman I love, admire, and continue to learn from—but never met…


…the woman for whom my second daughter was named…

Sarah Indiaetta_edited-1


I hope your day is beautiful…enjoy every moment….



  1. Julie, Such a moving post. What a beautiful tribute giving your daughter her name. Thank you always for your sharing. Elizabeth

  2. What beautiful cards and beautiful sentiments - perfect for someone who needs to be reassured that they are not alone in times of need. And... what an amazing a miraculous story! The women in your family were (and are, I'm sure) so strong and courageous! Have a beautiful, glorious autumn day. ;)

  3. This is such a testimony of faith. What a moving story that brightened my day. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful gift!

  4. Your cards are so beautiful! Wonderful post!

  5. Another wonderful post...I am learning sooo much about your a sweet women can go a long long way..what a blessing.xoxo

    Love your sweet cards too. xoxox

  6. Wow! So many people would have just given up but Sarah certainly proved that with faith and love you can move mountains. What a wonderful family history you have and so fortunate to have the writings of your ancestors. Beautiful! Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Love your cards...your story touched my heart.
    HUGS to you my friend ~victoria~

  8. What a story, testimony of faith and example!! Thanks for sharing!

    The card was excellent as usual!

  9. Hello Julie

    When I read you have a chill in the air I realise for you it is a Spring chill, wheras our means Winter is almost upon us.

    We have had frosts on and off for a couple of weeks now and it looks set to be a hard Winter this year judging by all the berries on the bushes.

    That theory, which always seems right, came from my Dad who was a farmer and very akin to the land and where my love of Nature comes from.....thanks Dad, I would not have it any other way.

    How I wish I had wonderful pictures of my family as you do, but sadly my Mother left them to another, so I have to rely on memories.

    Oh dear, I am sounding rather morbid, I will blame the cold I woke up with this morning.

    B x

  10. Julie, I was just thinking about you and had decided it was time to write to you and tell you that you are on the top of my computer screen so I do not have to wait to see that you have posted. I just click on it a some point in the day. I love your blog! I had jut written my latest posting and came back to it to see you had commented!
    Your stories such as the one today are wonderful. This is exactly my favorite past time... writing about relatives, telling their story.
    Have a blessed day, my friend.
    Ladybug Creek

  11. Oh my gosh, Julie,
    What an amazing story and miracle...can you imagine how she ever survived? It is amazing...and what a beautiful woman. I love your cards...they are breathtaking and go so wonderfully with this!

    I am wondering--would you like to a Guest Artist on my I Owe it All to Him blog? I feature a guest there every week...I'd love to post one of these cards and send people over to your blog to see your amazing work...Just let me know if you'd like to be featured.

  12. Hi Julie,
    I tried to just right click and get the images of the cards, but I think they might appear too small...If you want, you can email me the 2 images and I could post them bigger for the feature if you want...
    I'm at:

  13. Julie, this story brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumps. I cannot imagine the bravery of Sarah. How strong and smart she was. Thank you for sharing this awe inspiring story. Can your cards get any more sweet? They always do! Have a great day! Twyla

  14. What lovely and amazing memories of the horse accident the the treatment and total recovery. And you have the actually writings this is a blessing to have, sure wish I had a peek into the life of my grandparents born in the mid 1800's.

  15. Lovely creativity
    in your beautiful
    cards and lovely
    memories of Sarah!
    What a story ~ it
    should be a book!
    Thanks for sharing
    her ~ and YOU ~
    with US.
    xx Suzanne

  16. Julie,
    Another cute card and I loved the story. You are so fortunate to have these stories from your ancestors.

  17. Beautiful cards! I discovered your blog through another... and am so happy that I did!

    loved the story about your great - grandmother Sarah! I also have an ancestor who was a doctor during the Civil War... he was originally from Scotland; his name was Dr. McKay...

    you have a LOVELY Blog!

  18. Julie whether it is something tangible you have made, such as a card, or a story that touches one's heart,(or lemon curd homemade bread, and an addition you did on the house while in labor between modeling shots....teehee) your talent abounds!!! Love it ALL!

  19. Dera Julie, -such a heartfelt story, about a fantastic mother, whom took act, and worked mirackles, --how strong in mind and faith.
    As alwayes I so love your cards, and the sweet images, you are using.

  20. what a wonderful story of a mother's faith and
    dedication. i have said, "no!" before, and it has
    always been with a price . . . that i would gladly
    pay again.

    thank you.

  21. What a beautiful woman of faith and strength! I loved this and the darling cards..thanks for sharing all the wonder of these great people! :D

  22. What a beautiful story.
    Thank you for sharing.

  23. Julie, it makes my day, when I see a post regarding your precious family. How wonderful to have these stories, and to really feel the pulse of their lives. Honoring their memories is something I know we both have in common. Thanks for shaiing such a wonderful post with us. Love the cards too!

  24. Beautiful cards you've made... the story is amazing. What a amazing miracle!

  25. Hi Julie! I love the story you shared. The card is beautiful too! I always enjoy shabby things :) somethin' we have in common...


  26. Hi Julie :)
    Loved seeing you on Vicki's blog and your cards are gorgeous!

  27. Dear Julie, what a great story about your family ancestors, it´s so nice when you tell about them.
    The cards are really lovely.
    And I could finally access your blog!!!
    maria cecilia

  28. I told you I'd be back! What lovely cards and oh my that fan is such a treasure!

    Thanks Julie for entering my giveaway and best of luck!
    hugs Lynn

  29. Hi Julie--How are you doing? Great, I hope! I just posted the message I have for the weekend on I Owe it All to Him, so if you get a chance, come over and take a look!

  30. Beautiful cards, once again Julie, but the story of your Great Grandmother and her own sweet Mother touched my heart. Oh what a beautiful example of a mother's great love and faith. Oh what a treasure you have in all these lovely photos and stories and memories. Thanks so much for sharing them with us along with your own sweet heart. I send love and hugs and Happy Friday wishes from afar! xxoo

  31. love your gorgeous cards! Your family story was such a beautiful testimony to faith. You are blessed to not only know the story, but also have such a wonderful family treasure in photos and the heirlooms. thank you for sharing this with us! :)

  32. Beautiful creations as always, sweet Julie. I love love the blue owl in your previous post!
    Happy hugs for the weekend xoxoxo