Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vintage News...

Good morning, my friends!

Oh, my!  What a horrible blogger I've been this last week!  So sorry that I haven't been visiting in the last few days...I'll try to catch up!  I've had a big project I've been working on for Splitcoast, and when you're a procrastinator like me, well...things get a little scary as the deadline looms ahead (today!)

With that being said, today's post will be short and sweet.  I've got some errands to run and then some kind people are coming over to try and save my poor, lovely computer.  We got some kind of terrible virus last night, so I'm working now on our old, slow, tired computer...yuck.  Oh, well! 

I made a fun little card last night with a new set of Creative Scraps from Crafty Secrets:

...pulled out the sewing machine for this one...a little crocheted lace, my favorite mother-of-pearl buttons, some yummy "putty" seam binding courtesy of Miss Martha Stewart, a touch of platinum Stickles, and that's about it!

This image reminded me of one of my favorite photos of my mother, Karen, when she was a little girl...

Isn't she adorable???  Mom said this was staged...someone's glasses (can't remember who's), and they had her holding this "True Story" magazine, which, to my memory, was like the old-school version of The Enquirer (only probably much more tame!)  Love those cute, dimply little girl knees, Mom!

Well, there you have it.  That's all I have for you today...keep your fingers crossed for my beloved computer...I want it to be all better quick!

Have a lovely day, and I'll see you soon with something new...



  1. lovely craft. Good luck with your computer, computer problems mess everything up. I've got my fingers crossed.
    Have a lovely day
    cari b.

  2. Yes Julie, I am going to keep my fingers crossed:)
    The image on the beautiful card and the photo of your mother are similar; both are sweet and funny:)
    Have a nice day, Julie:)

  3. Hello Julie... what a darling photo of your mama as a little girl! I remember seeing those Trus Stories magazine about... I think they were kind of like the Enquirers of yesterday, but like you said, alot more tame! Hope you get your computer fixed, I hate it when I have to use a laptop instead of our big one!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. That photo of your Mom is just too cute. She and I are close to the same age. I enlarged it to look at that stern expression on her cute face, and those glasses too cute. Her little high toppers there too just like I wore. Computers it's a love hate relationships isn't it.

  5. Precious photo of your Mom!! Cute card as always and another great family story, thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with your computer!! I hate the stress associated with computer woes!!

  6. Very cute card and it looks like lots of hard work went into it! Love it. The picture of your mom is also cute~I love the glasses!!

    Good luck with your computer!! :-)


  7. I love the pic of your mom...those sweet legs and cute shoes! ;D

  8. Oh Julie the image on your card is ADORABLE and your layout is PERFECT! Love the lace and sparkle!!
    And what can I say about the photo of your Mom but PRECIOUS!!! Oh I used to LOVE reading the True Story magazines!! Kind of like a condensed version of Love Story Novels! I used to hide them under my bed (Mom would have been appalled if she knew I was reading that "trash"!).
    Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration and memories!!

  9. Julie, I love when I am out visiting favorite blogs and see your smiling face above my own comment. This lets me know to pop over to see your latest creation. Never a disappointment! This little baby with big glasses is just too cute! Fingers crossed, Elizabeth

  10. Hi Julie, love the card and the cute picture of your mother. I love old pictures of family members. I dont have many, but I do cherish the ones I have.
    good luck with your computer, I hope its easily taken care of!

  11. Hi Julie,

    Love the card and photo today.


  12. Hi My little friend! I have been away from your blog way too long! Back to school projects have kept me very busy so I have a lot to catch up on. I love this photo! I know a child who looks just like this! His name is Edwin! How cute is that! This little guy looks like an Edwin too! That photo of your mom is priceless! I love her little chubby legs! So sweet!
    I love your new background and the new photo of you is so beautiful. You look like you are 25! I thought of you while in California! Your beautiful state. Have a very blessed week my friend!

  13. I'm a procrastinator too Julie. Having said that though, I do my BEST work under pressure, so it works well for me! Love this newest card. Crafty secrets has the best images and you always do such wonderful things with them! Love the colours too. You have a fabulous eye for colour! Your mom was such a sweet little girl. I love that you have all these wonderful old photos. They are such a treasure! Good luck with the computer. It is so annoying when something like this happens! I hope you don't have to wait too long before you are back using it! I am sending lots of love and hugs your way my sweet friend on this early wednesday morning (Tuesday night for you!)! XXOO

  14. Adorable pics both on the card and of your mom! hope your busy day shaped up well, take care!

  15. Julie,
    That is a great card...veryfunny pic...and I love your new background. Very striking.

    Thank you so much for stopping over and using us as a place to procrastinate. I am one, too. It drives me crazy but I don't think things are going to change.

    We are still having a wonderful time here in Prague.What a terrific city! I hope to get yesterday's pictures up tonight...see, I told you!