Friday, September 24, 2010




Shoes…ordinary, everyday objects…necessary to our lives.   We don’t pay much attention to them, do we, after they’ve served their purpose…

Some, however, are special—are saved and kept carefully…

Here are some of the shoes carefully kept over the decades at my house…nearly a century represented here…


Steps taken on special days…steps taken on ordinary, everyday kinds of days…

Wedding day…my great-grandmother Estella’s wedding shoes from 1914…married at the age of 19…


I sadly don’t have a picture of her on that day, but this high school basketball picture was not to much earlier…

Estella's basketball team, about 1912

There’s Estella…front left…the beautiful, happy blonde…so excited about life…

The steps she took on that most important of days in her life led to these…


…baby steps….

Velda Stapley baby

…my grandmother Velda’s baby shoes…which led to these…


…belonging to toddler Velda… 

Velda about age 2

Can you imagine buttoning all of these little buttons on a wiggly little 2 or 3-year-old whose just itching to get outside to play?!


Velda’s baby steps changed to those of a wife and mother’s steps, which led to these sweet, silvery shoes…



…my mother Karen’s well-loved, well-worn silver leather tap shoes…fabulously scuffed from long hours of practicing, leading to dance recitals where she could show her parents all that she had learned…

Karen the Dancer, June 1947

Happy tapping steps led to wife and mother steps for Karen as well, which led many years later to…


…the shoes worn as I took my first steps as a wife on my wedding day in 1988…

My wedding day--3 generations

Watching me take those first steps into marriage that day were Velda and Karen…walking with me…sharing advice and memories of their own steps taken along the way…

Velda & Julie--my wedding day_edited-1

…just as I will do with my three daughters one day not too very far away…


A project made this morning—inspired by my sitting and looking at these shoes the other day…thinking about the steps they’ve taken…


…vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, a typed sentiment in one of my favorite newly found fonts…reminiscent of another great-grandmother Anna…more stories for another day…


…images from Crafty Secrets’ new “Girlfriends” Creative Scraps, some lovely Graphic 45 paper, and another image found online, a wonderful “page” from a large label shaped album from Maya Road, that is now being sold by Crafty Secrets…


…some luscious crumpled-up creamy seam binding, platinum Stickles and a touch or two of Dazzling Diamonds finish it all up!

The photo on my collage is my young grandmother Velda…isn’t this gorgeous?  I love the attention given to the matting on the photo…the early 1930’s were beautiful years for detail, weren’t they?!

Velda--young portrait_edited-1

Well, that’s it for me today…I hope you have a beautiful fall day…and may the steps you take today remind you of those you love who have taken similar steps  before you…


See you soon with something new.


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  1. pretty post with the vintage shoes, julie. now i'm feeling guilty for donating my wedding shoes to goodwill.


  2. What a lovely, lovely post, Jules....
    Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes. I have really enjoyed my journey with you and know that whatever is out there for us, we will grab it with gusto!

  3. What a beautiful post! I never save much due to space and now I wish I had!


  4. You have the most amazing mementos, photographs and stories. I'm just in awe!! Seriously, it's just so touching!!

    Creative genius once again!! Such talent!

  5. neat post :) i love the shoes and the stories behind them. have a great weekend !

  6. WOW!!! This is such an amazing post, thanks so much for sharing with us. Your collage is beautiful.

  7. Oh Julie, what a beautiful post! Your stories always touch my heart so... how wonderful that you have these precious shoes, and the memories of your loved ones and all of the steps in their lives, and now yours... thank you for sharing such beautiful memories and treasures... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. hi Julie !
    just popped over from Paula's to find this lovely post on stepping through time - thankyou!
    i just enjoyed that with my own daughter this june for her wedding~
    gorgeous fuschia shoes she chose to take those first steps ...
    on view at my blog - you're invited!
    Welcome !

  9. I love shoes! And I love your post! I have never saved shoes. But now you have made me think about it. Oh how I wish I had my grandmothers shoes. And what a lovely card you have made!
    Isn't it fun what inspires us?

  10. Julie, Truly you are the most special Careful Keeper I have ever known. You must have been like this from a very young age to know the value of such things. Your wedding photo is so beautiful, your face so happy. Such a sweet post to share with heading into the weekend. Have a lovely one! E

  11. Wow...what a beautiful vintage your card to.


  12. Awesome colletion of shoes Julie and some beautiful memories too.
    xo Tina

  13. Wow Julie! Your whole family must have been a keeper of family stories and treasures. How wonderful that you have all these fabulous shoes, stories, names and places. That is just so totally awesome. You have so much around you to inspire your gorgeous creations. Hope you are having an extra special Saturday. :) Tammy

  14. so beautiful- the images- your words- your art. i love it all.

  15. Dear Julie,
    this is a very beautifull post,
    how wonderfull your family have collected those wonderfull shoes, they are all fantastic in each own way.And you sooo lucky to have them, you are a very beautifull bride,too-
    and not to forget your wonderfull project,I must tell you it looks gorgeus,-love how the two women kind of stands out from the background.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  16. a lovely post full of love and memories! I love how you use treasures also to share your memories! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  17. Hi Julie ~ lovely, thoughtful post!

    Have a great weekend,

  18. Our family has saved shoes over the years too.
    Nice post!

  19. Julie, I have been amazed at the wonderful mementoes that your family has cherished and saved over the years and now to see the shoes too, is amazing! You have such a wonderful family and I see why being a scrapbooker comes so naturally to you. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  20. Wow....I can't believe you have all those special shoes around your home...that is WONDERFUL!!!

    I always love visiting you...your posts have so many heartfilled memories.

    Thank you for the well wishes concerning my college daughter...I am still waiting to hear if she arrived safe and sound...I will not sleep until she calls. xoxoxoo

  21. Thank you for writing and sharing such a lovely post Julia. I'll say no more or I might spoil that wonderful walk down memory lane.

    B x

  22. julie, i am always amazed at all of the prized possessions you have and at the excellent condition they are in. it is so cool how you are able to weave all of this history into new art.

    super cool post!


  23. Oh Julie, this is such a sweet post of precious shoes and family history! Sweet, sweet, sweet!


  24. A very lovely post...I love all the shoes and most importantly, the connection you made to those who wore them :)


  25. This is my kind of place! OMG..I absolutely love those shoes! Especially the black and beige baby shoes. They are a victorian style and I have a passion for that. I truly enjoyed my visit. You did a great job displaying all your vintage charm. Enjoy the party and come on over for a visit.
    Janets Creative Pillows

  26. Julie, I just about cried reading this beautiful post! That wonderful collection of shoes from the special women in your life is such a treasure. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  27. Hello Julie,
    Wow, your shoes collection is stunning and I love how they remind you of a lot of special people in your life.
    Thank you so much for celebrating with me.

  28. Lovely post thank you for sharing your vintage charm treasures..

  29. Julie, I alwaays love your posts. You are a treasure trove of wonderful creative ideas and are so lucky to have all of this memorabilia. I love seeing it and reading your lovely stories about your family. I am blessed to call you friend! I could not get online earlier for some reason so I am late in commenting! Love you all the same! Hope you are having a very blessed sabbath day!! xxoo

  30. Oh, your story is wonderful! I am so glad you have saved all of those shoes!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Lovely!

  31. Oh wow, Julie, what an amazing post with all the shoes! AND love your wedding pictures...gorgeous! Every time I see your profile pic I think, "I know this girl has to be a model!"
    And I love your Halloween cards, they are just precious...
    Have a great Sunday!

  32. You are amazing girlfriend!! Who would have ever thought to post about "shoes" and you have done an AWESOME job with WONDERFUL photos! Thanks so much for sharing yet another perfect topic!! YOU ROCK!! Have a great week!

  33. Great shoe collection and lovely project inspired by then Julie, fab stuff!

  34. What a wonderful post, Julie, and those sweet baby shoes with the buttons--how gorgeous those are! Your art is beautiful!

  35. In addition to
    being a VERY
    creative crafter,
    you are a curator,
    as well : ). What
    a dear collection
    and one I know you'll
    be passing on, someday.
    Happy Monday, Julie!
    xx Suzanne

  36. Julie...I love this post!
    It's so sentimental and sweet...(sigh)