Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Surprise!

Good afternoon, my friends!


Well, today is a special day in our house…it’s my youngest daughter Annie’s birthday!  I can’t believe she’s 14 already…a freshman in high school…and she looked like this just yesterday…

Annie Grace about 5 years_edited-1

…my sweet Annie, about 5 years old--one of my favorite little girl photos of her--and this morning…


…just before school, putting on some new birthday bracelets from her sister…where does the time go?!

Here’s the card I made for her this morning:


I combined a couple of cute images from Crafty Secrets…the little fairy is from the “Childhood” Images & Journal Notes booklet, and the cupcake is from the “Altered Fairies” Creative Scraps…love them!


I used the banner and music stamps from Crafty Secrets’ new “Artsy Banners” set:


…so many wonderful elements in this set!

…and the yummy cupcake…


I grunged it up with a little “Creme de Chocolat” Glimmer Mist, then made a little “icing” with some of my favorite clear, chunky German glass glitter.  Topped the whole thing off with a generous spritzing of “Iridescent Gold” Glimmer Mist and some platinum Stickles…oh, and a bit of Dazzling Diamonds.

Now, for a little birthday present for all of you…I thought I’d share a couple of fabulous vintage birthday cards from the 1920’s that are part of the huge stash I came home with this summer from a fabulous antique shop in Utah…


Isn’t that pretty?  I love this style…


…and this one is pure Art Deco fantasy!  Love the style, the color…everything!  You’ll probably notice the border on top is crooked—that’s how it’s printed!  Things were done more by hand and a little less precisely back then, I think.  Makes it more charming in my mind…

I’ll have much more to share with you as time goes on…haven’t had time to dive in and scan them all yet!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and to my sweetest Annie, Happy Birthday, my dear girl!  I love you!!!

See you soon with something new…




  1. happy, happy, happy day to your sweet annie grace! she's beautiful.

    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday annie. You were a cute little girl but now you a beautiful young lady...and you look like you have the posture of a dancer.
    Julie, the card you made for Annie is adorable...the cupcake was a perfect touch. This banner stamp set from CS is my favorite and i really, really need it!
    Have a great weekend...thanks for sahring the vintage cards. The old ones are priceless!

  3. ooops! Sorry,. I didn't proof read that comment. were a cute little girl but now you are a beautiful young lady. Yikes!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Annie, what a sweet girl! Love the birthday card you made her, it is beautiful. As for the 1920's cards, that decade is one of my favorites for everthing from fashion to music, and especially the illustrations. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  5. Your youngest daughter is just adorable Julie! Hope she has a wonderful birthday and your card is just as lovely!

  6. What a beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday Annie! Thanks for the cards, they are divine!!!:)

  7. Oh, my goodness... Your daughter is just beautiful!
    I love the 2 pictures!
    How precious!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet Annie...I love her name and her smile...adorable! My youngest just turned 15...boy time does fly!

    Your cards are inspiring..and those vintage cards are a treasure. I do collect a few vintage girlfriend alway gives me one for my Birthday! So special.

    Thank you for your oh so kind are one of the sweetest people in blogland...really!

    Have some Birthday our home a birthday usually is worth a few days of party on. xoxoxo

  9. Your daughter is lovely! You both have those long
    necks I would LOVE to have!!! The card of course is just scrumptious!!

  10. I just found you and I am so loving my visit. I have a passion for card making. I also work with children at my church and we make a lot of cards for those who are alone, or in Nursing homes, or sick. I just am in awe at all the beauty I find here. ....m....

  11. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! Your card is gorgeous as always!!!

  12. Well happy Birthday to your beautiful young lady, gosh time really does fly dosen't it! I Love your little card for her and I'm sure she did too.

  13. Happy birthday to your daughter!
    Your card is beautiful and the cards you shared are pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs Hanne

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!! How like you she is! Love the card that you made for her. I am sure she will cherish it! I adore the art deco cards! How positively wonderful. I can't wait to see the rest! You find the nicest things! I guess I just don't look hard enough! I am sure they are out there! I hope that you have a lovely weekend with your sweet family. OOdles of love and hugs coming your way from across the waves!! XXOO

  15. Hi dear, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet daughter,I hope the day was wonderfull.
    The card you made her, is outrageus wonderfull.So many different glitters ,and dusts, that I even don`t know about, sitting here in Denmark :)and the motifs so pretty.
    Happy week-end dear-
    xo Dorthe

  16. Happy birthday to Annie. Time does seem to fly. When I look at my oldest who will be 15 in a month and a half, I just think, how did he get so big and why does have hair on his legs? Ha! He's going through that period of change, squeaky voice and all. It's a little unsettling sometimes. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. :) Tammy

  17. Hope Annie enjoyed a wonderful birthday! I'm sure she loved her glittery, glitzy card - not least because her mom took the time and trouble to make something lovely rather than stopping off at the mall on her way home from something else! Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Happy belated birthday to your sweet Annie!

    Gorgeous card, Julie! I'm sure she cherishes it.

  19. hi julie, what a beautiful daughter you have. Amazing how fast they grow up isnt it? And what an awesome mom you are.. she will cheerish that card her whole life I'm sure!
    have a great weekend and happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

  20. What a beautiful daughter you have!! I hope her birthday was all she wished for. You're so right, where does the time go?!!

    Once again, I'm awed by your creativity!! LOVE the card! :-) By the way, great find on the vintage cards.

  21. Hi Julie!!

    I feel like it's been ages...I love your new background, it's so pretty. It reminds me of a Waverly pattern..I think it's called "vintage rose".

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter, she is so cute. It's so bittersweet to watch them grow. I love the card you made her, and I'm sure she did, too. I hope she had a lovely birthday.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  22. Hello Julie... Happy Birthday to sweet Annie! What a beautiful young lady she is, (like her mama!)... your fairy card you made for her is precious, and I love all of your vintage cards from Utah... xoxo Julie Marie

  23. oh boy -- my boys are 7 and 9 and it seems like just yesterday they were newborns. my friend's mother always says: the days drag but the years fly. kind of true. :(

    your daughter is lovely. sending happy birthday wishes and a great first year of high school.


  24. O LOVE the card and a big.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. to Annie. She's a beauty just like you! :D

  25. A special day in your home for sure! I love when you write, Dazzling Diamonds. This is how I think of you! My Christmas cards are all now on Flickr. Have a fun birthday celebration! Elizabeth

  26. Oh Julie your girls are SO BEAUTIFUL!! (just like their Mom!) And your creations are always breathtaking! Thanks so much for always sharing you talent & your heart! LOVE YA!

    OH, and please wish Annie a big Happy Birthday from me! How exciting!!

  27. Awww... Happy Birthday to your "baby!" They do grow up so fast! The card you created is simply gorgeous!


  28. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!!

    Your cards are gorgeous. I admire your talent!! Have a great day!!!

  29. Happy happy belated birthday to adorable Annie. I hope you all have had a most wonderful day, Julie. Perhaps still partying over the weekend?
    Have a lovely week ahead. xx

  30. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Time does fly doesn't it. Your card for her is so cute!


  31. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful birthday card...Happy Birthday to Annie! These are precious moments and made even more special by your card that you made especially for her...I hope she had a happy celebration--she's so beautiful!

  32. Happy Belated Birthday to your Annie! Friday was my dd Rachel's Birthday too, 23! I know it is cliche but where did the time go?

  33. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter-they grow up so very fast, don't they? The card you made for her is BEAUTIFUL; I know she will treasure it always.

  34. A very belated Happy Birthday to your pretty, sweet and so beautiful Annie!!!!!