Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You’re Invited…and the Dress…

Good afternoon, my friends!

Another beautiful summer day…just being lazy with my girls—doesn’t get much better than this!

I have a couple more pages to share with you from the scrapbook I’m working on for my parent’s 50th Anniversary…gotta hurry—I’m leaving next week!

Here’s the first page for today…the big announcement:

DSC02060_edited-1 (Crafty Secrets’ “Bonjour Merci”& “Flourishes” stamp sets; Martha Stewart label stickers, lace, Martha Stewart seam binding).

I have one of the original announcements, with it’s lovely font and embossed lettering…I scanned it and reduced it to fit on the page better…


I love these photos of my parents…My Mom’s one and only “glamour shot” and my Dad…he’s just handsome, isn’t he?!


I love these flowers…found them in the wedding section at Michael’s…beautiful glass beads.  Mom loves beaded flowers…she’s made a huge bouquet with them, herself…


Beautiful, aren’t they?

The next page…

DSC02067_edited-1 (Crafty Secrets’ “Classic” paper pad, SU! half pearls, Crafty Secrets’ “Card Sentiments” stamp set).

My Mom is very talented in many mediums…I’ve always loved her sketches.  Here are a few she did as she planned her wedding dress.  I have copies of the drawings…again, I scanned and reduced them.

Love the detail!


My daughter, Sarah, noticed that her Grandma makes hands like she does…with indistinct fingers.  She has a hard time drawing individual fingers, as does my Mom, and she liked noticing that similarity between them…just another connection…

Mom’s plan was to design and make her own dress, with her mother’s help.  But one day, on the cover of a bridal magazine, she saw the perfect dress…and they discovered that they were carried in a nearby shop.  They had one—in just her size…she loved it, they bought it, and it was simply elegant…just perfect for her…


These photos were taken on a try-on-the-dress day…

I’m really enjoying this scrapbooking process!  As I said the other day, this is not something I normally do,  so it is a bit challenging for me…but that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Well, that’s it for me today.  I’ll be working on more pages…and thank-you for all your kind and encouraging comments about it.  Thanks for helping me along with this! 

I’ll give you all a wedding break in my next post—I have a couple of other things I need to finish and post—then back to the wedding…I’ve got to hustle!

Hope your day is warm, breezy and wonderful!



  1. What a beautiful gift! Your pages are gorgeous! It is wonderful your parents have been together 50 years, a true love story! A handsome couple for sure. Your mom's bead bouquet is really pretty. I want to try that now!!

  2. You are doing a fabulous job-I know they'll love it!

  3. This book is going to touch their hearts just because it is from you, but it is sooooo beautifully done also and will surely bring a tear to the eye. You are doing a wonderful job of it. Maybe you should continue scrapping when your done... you seem to have a gift for it!

  4. wow, julie! your scrapbook will be the most amazing and cherished gift. how awesome that you have these beautiful photos and sketches! (LOVE the wedding dress sketches)

    loved every part of this post.

    you are a really special and talented person. just needed to say that. :)


  5. I loved is so neat to have her sketches!!! How sweet and personal that is. She was a beautiful bride...she is going to love what you are doing! Come say hi :D

  6. I ADORE THESE PAGES! I used to scrapbook all the time but, haven't in so long. I did my niece's wedding scrapbook & it was soooooooooo much fun. So pretty to work with all the items from a wedding. AND THOSE SCETCHES ARE 2DIE4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky you to have them to work with. Can't wait to see the next pages. Thanks for sharing. HUGS! CHarlene

  7. Oh Julie, you are doing such a sweet job on your parents 50th Wedding Anniversary book! Beautifully done and lots of love poured into it! I love your parents engagement pictures!!!!


  8. Your mother will love the book when its finished. You obviously get your creative talent from her. I love all the scrap booking stuff and buy papers and embellishments all the time to use for other kinds of projects but Ive never scrapbooked. Im expecting my first grandbaby in Dec, and I think I might just give it a go then!
    have a good night!

  9. Oh how beautiful!!! Even sketches she did? It really is amazing!! I love everything from colors to composition. WTG!!!

  10. Julie, Thank you so much for sharing your lovely memories with us as you prepare for the big event. The sketches make your page especially wonderful! This is such fun! Elizabeth

  11. How beautiful Julie and what a treasure that gorgeous scrapbook is going to be!!

  12. Your scrapbook is shaping up very nicely Julie. I am loving it so far and am sure that your mom will love it also. I love the beaded flowers, and especially the ones your mother created! what a talented lady and so very beautiful as well! I Love all the extra little touches on your pages, and especially the sketches your mother did. How very wonderful! You are so lucky to have these things. Love you loads dear friend. I am in awe of your many talents, I truly am! XXOO

  13. What a fantastic present, they will be so pleased to receive it. Your mom looks to be a very talented lady, I just adore the sketches.

  14. The pages are gorgeous, Julie! I love your mum's sketches, and the beaded flowers are perfect!

  15. Dear Julie, that is the most perfect present you are doing here, and it is very beautifull, too, so are your mom`s drawings, so talented she was,- and beautifull,too in her weddingdress.
    Love it all.

  16. Hi Julie,
    I couldn't stay away. Love your beautiful photos; they brought back wonderful memories for me; you mom will be thrilled.Good to be back to read your intersting blog.

  17. Julie, what a beautiful job you are doing. Such a treasure - you and the scrapbook. I'm looking forward to seeing more and clearly talent runs in your family - what beautiful sketches. Did you mom make the other beaded flowers for the bouquet she has?

  18. Julie,
    What a gift this will be! I'm sure your Mom and Dad will treasure this forever and you're pages are amazing and gorgeous!

  19. It is coming along nicely. Your mother looks like a beautiful movie star. Yes, your father is handsome!

  20. What a wonderful daughter you are to create such a personal gift for them, Full of memories of their time together. Your mom is quite talented. To even do sketches for her own dress. The one she bought looks a lot like the ones she planned. You scrapbook is coming out beautifully!

  21. This book is already a treasure to keep forever. You are very creative putting this together.

  22. You wouldn't think it wasn't somethng you normally did. t's beautifull and just sloving all those personal details as I am sure yr mom will too! I love the sketches she made of the dress too they are very profesional looking (she may have missed an oportunty there lol) simply stunning

    Love Dawn xx

  23. JULIE: You are having such fun! And what a darling book you are making. Love the fact that your mom saved the SKETCHES for her wedding dress! Sounds like something my daughter will do, someday. Wish we were having lazy days here. Not YET. I'm up to my eyeballs in baseball for my son and packing for me and my daughter....and leaving things in order for the "boys" while we are gone. Looking forward to seeing how your scrapbook progresses! xx Suzanne

  24. So beautiful! I love this kind of thing. The details are wonderful!
    Have the loveliest time!

  25. Oh Julie every thing about this book is so amazing! What a treasure for the anniversary and also for your family. I know it will be passed done. It is simply wonderful!

  26. Beautiful! Her dress was stunning too!

  27. Julie,
    Happy 50th to you parents. What great pictures of them :)
    As always, I do appreciate your kind words over at my blog. I love to read the comments! Have a great day!

  28. Scrapbook looks amazing- I'm sure your parents will be delighted.

  29. Julie,These layout are stunning!!Its so wonderful that you have such treasures to compliment them,like the drawings.Your folks are going to be so thrilled to receive this.Warmest Regards,Cat

  30. That was totally beautiful! What a loving tribute to your mother. I just loved reading this...every bit of it. This is what blogging is about to me, having a glimpse into each others lives. Thank you, Julie!!


  31. Those are awesome sketches and pictures! What an amazing similarity, as if she was divinely inspired! She is very fortunate to have such a caring and talented daughter and will surely cherish the memory album forever!