Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Material Girl...and the King of the Road!

Good afternoon, everyone!

Hope it's been a great day for you all!  Here, it's rainy & gloomy...but a wonderful day to stay inside and cozy!

This week is great for us cardmakers & scrapbookers...it's National Scrapbook Week! 

...and since you know me by now, you'll know there's nothing I love more than combining vintage cards with my family's history--so this works for me!

Crafty Secrets is sponsoring huge giveaways all week--go and check out the blog here, and please visit all the ladies on the Design Team for their wonderful projects and a $50 giveaway from Crafty Secrets in a different DT blog every day!   My day is Thursday...so please come back for that!  Today if you stop by to see my fellow team member Pam Hooten's blog, you can leave a comment to be eligible for the today's prize!

For today, I have two cards to share with you that follow this week's scrapbooking theme...my own scrapbooks are fairly simple...but my cards....not so much!   I'm having so much fun making family-history themed cards and giving them to people in my family...such an easy and fun way to remember them...Here's my first, along with a little story...

This is my 3rd great-grandmother, Lois Pratt Hunt...isn't she beautiful?  I love this photo--just look at that tiny waistline!  A beautiful plaid dress...wish I knew what colors it was...

This new stamp set from Crafty Secrets is called "Material Girl"...

...now, I do NOT mean to imply that Lois was a girl merely concerned with "material" possessions--far from it!  She was a hard-working pioneer woman in every sense of the word...but I know she loved beautiful fabric, and would have been very busy sewing clothes for herself and her family...especially for her first child, my 2nd great-grandmother, Ida.

Here's Ida...what a sweet, chubby-cheeked baby!  Lois, a little older here, with her loving husband, John.  Another plaid dress for Lois...

Lois saw so much in her life...born in New York in 1837, she crossed the country with her family as a teenager, lived in California with her husband and children where they helped to establish San Bernadino...and many other places in between!  She actually had a sad end...but I'll save that for another day...

A few more details from this beautiful set...look at that wonderful dress form, and the detail on that vintage sewing machine!  And how about these fabulous embroidery floss cards!

The background paper I used here is from Crafty Secrets' "Classic" paper pack...lots of silver shavings glitter, beautiful black lace & ribbon, and "Vintage Photo" Distress ink for all the edges...

Here's my next card--a COMPLETELY different theme!

This one uses Crafty Secrets' new and fabulous "Car Classics" stamp set--love this! 

Talk about a great set for masculine cards!  So that's just what I did--for my Dad...

Even though this is a "man card", I couldn't resist just a LITTLE sparkle...I mean...this is ME we're talking about!  So just a few touches of Silver Stickles...that's not too bad, right?!

One of Dad's old cars--not sure of the model and year--some of you may know, though!  I love this picture of him just standing casually by the car...my Dad has always been "King of the Road" to me!

Since Dad's the subject of this card, I just thought I'd share a few photos of one of the most amazing fathers in the world...

Dad (Clayn) and his older brother Grant....that's my Dad on the right...obviously taking this picture-taking opportunity very seriously!

...a few years later...I would have loved to see him during highschool in the '50's!  My Mom already had a big crush on him during these years...more about that another day!

Dad in his early 20's...such a handsome young man!  My Mom says he never looks any different in her eyes...isn't that sweet?!

Last one for today...

...my parents, Clayn and Karen...and me!  This was taken in 1962--a new family begins...

Thanks for spending some time with me today--hope you'll get the urge to dive into some old family photos & histories...can't wait to see what you come up with!

See you soon with something new...


  1. Some day I'll post a pic of me in 1962-your Mom and i could be sisters! Same hairdo, too!
    But i was thirteen, so you had a pretty hip mom!
    Love your Material Girl card-your great-gran was quite a looker for her time too!

  2. I just love your family photos. You were SUCH an adorable and cute baby, though I'm not surprised, since you're so beautiful!!

    Hope you're having a great day. It's rainy here, too.

  3. OOOhhh...nice stamp sets from Crafty Secrets (I used a Crafty Secrets stamp on my blog today too!) And I *LOVE* what you did with the sewing set...AWESOME!!

  4. Once again, love the photos and the interesting stories. So great for family history!!

    I absolutely love the "King of the Road" card!! :-)

  5. Hi Julie,

    What a great post! I love all the family photos, they're awesome. Your mother and father are a lovely couple, thank you for sharing such intimate photos with us.


  6. Such a fun post, Julie! Beautiful projects.. I never thought of putting family photos on cards for the family - what a great idea!!! You are lucky to have so many photos of such distant ancestors. I dabbled in genealogy for a while and have lots of names, but not so many photos. I should celebrate the ones that I do have with cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I always love those connections you make. I am looking forward to hearing more about Lois's story.

  8. Ohhh, you were such a cute little baby! I love how you take these old pictures and build a beautiful card around them! Come say hi :D

  9. well, I am glad I skipped in and checked your blog out before I went to bed tonight. I will be back that is for sure. Never thought of using photo's on cards. I sure will be following your vintage lead. I have a small suitcase full of vintage photo's.....New project for 2011, making old vintage photo cards. ps: Love your floral side borders on your blog too....smile

  10. Hi Julie! I can't tell you how I enjoy reading about your rich family history...such wonderful stories! I just love how you use your precious family photos in your beautiful cards! ... You were such a little cutie pie! ♥ Paulette

  11. what a beautiful family! great cards again! i hope you win something from the giveaways.

  12. Not just one but two wonderful cards, Love all those adorable stamps too. Your family must be so proud of you sharing all the wonderful family photos and so much history. I wish I knew more about mine.

  13. Hi Julie

    Yet more wonderful stories and history. There is something about the photographs of days gone by that is missing in our modern ones.

    Somehow the true person shines thorugh in those old pictures. No idea if I am making sense, but I guess what I mean is those old photos were uncomplicated and focused purely on the subject.

    B x

  14. Julie, I LOVE LOVE your newest cards, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the history you have shared behind them more! You have such wonderful stories to tell and such fabulous pictures of your ancestry! I find it all so very fascinating! You are so talented girl! I love what you always come up with. Very unique and wonderful. You are a Creative Queen! Love you loads! xxoo

  15. I love both those sets and plan to snatch them up ASAP. Your cards are great, as always!!!

  16. Love, love, love your material girl card Julie - fabulous photo for the centrepiece and so many lovely details to enjoy! Thanks for sharing some more family pics too - fun!

  17. What a great post!
    I love that pic of your dad with his brother, what personality!


  18. Beautiful cards. Lovely to include the story behind the faces. Lynne M

  19. Julie, I love that you glittered your Dad's bumper! Too you! I think you have found your "grove" incorporating your beautiful art with your family history. I am inspired daily when I come to visit! Oh Julie, you must come back and visit my grandchildren! I am so excited to share with my friends this wonderful joy! Have a great indoor day! Elizabeth

  20. I am just a nuisance today! It never ocurred to me to check out blogs of MY favorite bloggers (YOU) I am very inspired by The Harwards and Funky Junky! Thank you for sharing your list! elizabeth

  21. That stamp 'Material Girl' is awesome! Love love it.

    Wishing you a marvelous day, sweet Julie. xx

  22. Hi Julie....what fabulous stamps they take all the hard work out of finding the real thing....and you have coloured them in perfectly!!

    I reckon your GGD must have had some serious whale boned corsets on underneath those plaid dresses to achieve such a tiny waist!!

  23. Hi Julie, what fun cards, and how wonderful you have the old photos to use with them... your grandmother looks beautiful! Are those earrings she had on way back then? I just love to see old photos of anyone, and yours hold such special memories, thanks for sharing! xoxo Julie Marie

  24. Wow you already have so many kind words but I really couldn't resist... I love those cards! The best part is that I got to see some of the behind-the-scenes work on them myself! You are amazing my dear mother and I absolutely love seeing your creativity made manifest in such beautiful cards. And perhaps my favorite part is all the family history you put into it - it makes these people a little more real and accessible the more I see them, and with such fabulous backgrounds! :) Thanks for sharing with us! <3

  25. Thanks Jewels! This post just makes me miss dad. I can't wait for June! Love you!

  26. I am so loving your pictures of your family! My her waist was small! And the one of your dad and his brother? That is priceless!

    Love both your cards! I have to get my act together and create today, I think the glitter is actually all out of my hair by now. I must rectify that!

  27. I love in San Bernardino county :-) My dad has always been a car guy too. He's always taken such great care of his. He gave us his old car about a year ago (he was 83 and bought a brand new one). His old car was a 98, and we'd all swear it still had that "new car" smell. I said that it went down in value as soon as it came into our possession :-)

  28. WAOUHHHHHHHHHHH !!! wonderfull !!
    I love it...
    I give you my email

  29. Hi,

    Your two cards are beautiful. And the stamps are fabulous.I Love it!
    My email is on my blog.
    bye bye

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  31. J'adore la photo de votre père, grimaçant. J'aimerais avoir une telle photo de mon père.
    Thank for the chance to win, and what a beautiful cards! Bravo!
    Bons baisers de France.

  32. Love the cards. I really like the stamps and will be on the lookout for them!

  33. What a delightful trip down memory lane. You've done an outstanding job using so many fabulous elements on your cards. The love you put into them shines through!

  34. This was fun! I have been scouting for vintage sewing supplies, so these stamps would be a perfect way to coordinate the cards!

  35. What a wonderful card. Love the stamps. We are all such Material Girls.

  36. I like the Car Classic cards--perfect timing for Father's Day. However--I find a couple of the Material Girl cards a little eerie and daunting. Nice though--Thanks for the imagination.
    Laurie Jones
    In South Carolina

  37. Oh my goodness!!! I just LOVE these stamping sets! Esp the sewing ones as my maternal grandma loved to sew, and that's where I inherited her love of sewing. I'm the only one in the family who picked it up! Where do I get these stamps? Is it only online? I believe you told me once but I forgot. Thanks! I just adore your blog...