Friday, March 5, 2010

Easter Joys...and a "Vintage" Easter Egg Hunt!

Good evening, everyone! 

From what I hear, today's been much better weather-wise for just about everyone--is that true?  I sure hope so!  Enough snow & rain--we want Spring!

With that in mind, I've got a couple of new, fresh Eastery things to share with you...and a bit of a stroll down  memory lane, if you'll indulge me...!

First off, I made a fun little Easter card this morning before work--just had to squeeze in a little creative time! 

I found this sweet vintage image online and just had to use it!  Love these lady chicks, each with their floppy Easter bonnets on...I did something fun with the lace--I didn't think cream or white stood out enough with the papers I chose, so I started wondering what I could do.....Glimmer Mist, of course!  I sprayed it, let it dry (with a little help from my heat gun!), and it was perfect!  That Glimmer Mist is a miracle, I tell you!

...a little Dazzling Diamonds to sparkle up the eggs & flowers on their bonnets...surrounded it with Martha Stewart's "White Gold" fine glitter, some ribbon, and that's about it!

Next--oh, I just love these--another of Vicki Chrisman's amazing 3D Shadowbox die cards...available through Crafty Secrets, of course! 

The sweet pastel colors on these vintage Easter images just make me so happy!  Look how wonderfully these cards stand up on their own--great design, Vicki!  And get a load of those new Prima flowers--fabulous!  They even come pre-sparkled!  (How thoughtful, Prima--thank-you very much!)

This image I found online---just fell in love with this sweet little ducky family!

This little cutie is from Crafty Secrets' "Easter" Creative Scraps--her beautiful tulip is covered with Dazzling Diamonds just to make it pop a bit more....and see that adorable little basket with the eggs at the bottom?

This is a new (to me, at least!) Martha Stewart punch--don't you just love it?!  I punched it with various pastel colored cardstock for the eggs, then covered them with Glossy Accents and Dazzling Diamonds...

And this little bunny boy also comes from Crafty Secrets' "Easter" Creative Scraps--a little more Dazzling Diamonds on his yellow daisies, some "White Gold" glitter framing each image, beautiful crystal rhinestones here and there...lace, ribbon & pom-pom trim--that's it!

Now for the indulging me part...this is mainly for my family, scattered near and far, but I hope you will enjoy it, too!  Some "vintage" scenes from a sweet Easter Sunday long ago...

My brother Steve & I ready to head out to hunt for eggs...don't you just love how excited he looks?  Not sure what I was thinking right there, though!

What's up with that enormous bow, Mom?!

What a cutie-pie!  (He's an old daddy now--but I love remembering him like this--love you, Stevie!)

Proud big sister...that little guy that I'm holding is Scott--my pediatrician brother--love you too, boy!

Now joined by Dad and Mom to make the picture complete...until the next three came into the picture...a ways down the bunny trail...!

Finally got rid of that bow!  Thanks for sharing these memories with me...I actually remember this day, hunting for eggs in the back yard, taking the pictures, the warm southern California sun, the smell of the grass...funny how those things stay with you LOT of years!

***A quick thank-you to Lynn for the kind award yesterday--you're too nice to me!***

Hope you're busy making fun memories with your families this weekend--I'll be back on Sunday with something new to share.  Have fun!


  1. Julie, This was the most wonderful Easter post. I wondered about the fine glitter that is on your cards. It's what makes them so special. To die for Easter photos! My brother had the very same little striped jacket and pants. For the love of cute! His expression in the first photo is so funny. Looking forward to your Monday project, today's is just springy as can be! E

  2. The other 3? Thanks for only posting the first three? What are these first three the favorite?
    Love ya :) The first comment was so awesome...."For the love of cute", I'm going to have to borrow that!

  3. Oh, I just love coming to your blog! So sweet and pretty! I LOVE these old pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!!

  4. I can't get over how cute the chicks with bonnets are!!!
    Your family pictures are so sweet, too. Yes, the picture where your brother is so excited is just adorable!!

    Hope you are having a delightful weekend with sunshine. We just got the sun this afternoon and it may last all weekend.

  5. Oh, I adore the family photos. Your mother did a wonderful job coordinating you all to look so Eastery lovely! Your creations today are fabulous and Springy! ~ Angela

  6. You have such a lovely way of putting these all together. I love how you just squeeze a little creativity in first thing in the morning.

    Love your vintage Easter pictures. What a sweet time that must have been. You're right, about how a smell or touch can take us right back to that time.

  7. Lovely easter creations you made.


  8. My goodness how do you find the time? Such sweet Easter treats, I haven't even started mine yet! Love your Easter memories of your family. :D
    Hugs Lynn

  9. Beautiful artwork Julie! So special!
    When my oldest son was in kindergarten he had a teacher from USA. She told him and us about the tradition about the egg hunt. We started that tradition too with our children. That is a nice Easter tradition! When I was little the Easter bunny had been into our living room and he had left an egg there. A little different tradition.

    Have a wonderful weekend Julie!
    Hugs Hanne

  10. Hi Julie,
    what a sweet post, I so love the photoes of your childhood.
    And your cards are wonderfull, -please could you tell me if you know, what kind of sparkle, it is Prima used on their flowers, it looks great.
    As alwayes a pleasure visiting you Julie.
    Hugs Dorthe

  11. Fantastic cards again Julie and what lovely family photos - that first one of your brother bursting with excitement is just adorable, get it scrapped!

  12. Sweet! Light yellow pom poms? Swoon! ♥

  13. Beautiful post...I really enjoyed it...and your giant pink bow;)

  14. Julie your easter cards are truly magnificient!! I love the family photos too how adorable are they!! I bet you love that big yellow bow now...those photos are perfect for scrapping with!!

    Hugs Ruth x

  15. Oh your family pictures are just adorable! What wonderful memories.

    Your cards are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!


  16. Those family shots are priceless. How lucky you are to have them.

  17. Your Easter photos and projects are adorable, Julie!

    I am glimmer mist challenged. I want to love it, I do. I think I need to take a workshop or something.

  18. Thank you so much julie for sharing all those precious pictures. Those were the good old days and I remember them well.
    Love it ,

  19. I didn't know that "Martha" had such a cute punch! Your little Easter eggs are darling! LOVE your family pictures! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories. Hugs, Terri

  20. Hi Julie,
    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I was having rough day of it
    yesterday and was feeling quite sad, but I am much more my old positive self today
    and feeling much better. (Much of it due to all my blog friends and their prayers and
    positive attitude!) On a typical day your sweet comment would be exactly what I would have said as well. Thanks for the reminder!


  21. darling easter photos! your brothers are lucky to have
    such a proud big sis.

    and you are a genius! your cards are exquisitely
    beautiful. i would drop some serious cash on a
    card like that.


  22. Your blog is just beautiful. I love the cards you made. The pictures of you and your family at Easter are so sweet....I must ask my mom for copies of myself and my sisters at Easter.
    Haave a wonderful weekend.

  23. Cutest Easter card and I love Glimmer hands are a very pretty shade of sea ice right now :)
    Your shadowbox card is adorable and the little pom-poms are so sweet!
    Great photo's of days gone by..weren't those Easter egg hunt's something to look forward to??

  24. Wow, amazing the nostalgic look of the cards...and thank you for sharing the photo's...don't you two just look soooo cute...have never done an Easter egg hunt...that sounds like fun...mmm..chocolate LOL

  25. Those Easter cards are so soooo cute! love that look. Precious and pretty family pictures!
    Have a lovely week ahead!

  26. I love, love, love the old family Easter photos. What a great walk down memory lane. Your whole family is gorgeous! How wonderful to have such photos. I don't have many. I do remember Easter egg hunts in my Mammaw's big backyard. My Aunt Dot would put money in plastic eggs for all us cousins doing the hunting. Oh so long ago -- and now so many family members have gone. Your cards, as always (don't I say that every time) are just adorable! That glimmer mist is some special stuff. Many blessings for a fantastic day. Blessings, Tammy

  27. Another fun post! Love your vintage Easter goodies (I finally got my die cut frames... yippee!) and lovely images. And those family photos are just too cute - we are becoming retro chic, LOL!

  28. Hi Julie - these cards are gorgeous! Isn't Glimmer Mist wonderful? I just ordered some and am learning different ways to use it. Soooo many possibilities! As for the toile question you asked regarding my tags, it is toile giftwrap tissue!

  29. I have had the best time looking over your blog....I added yours to my pretty blogs list. I want to start making cards myself. So many supplies...where to start!? Come for a visit.


  30. Those old photos are adorable!
    You sure were rockin' that big old bow, girlfriend!

    Your Easter card is just wonderful. As always!

    Have a wonderful week!

  31. Your cards are beautiful, Julie, and they come from your heart which we can see clearly came from growing up in a most wonderful family filled with love and care. The Easter Egg Hunt photos of you and your brothers are precious! How wonderful that you have these special memories in your heart and caught on film too!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hugs, Coralie