Sunday, January 31, 2010

More from CHA, the Joys of Glimmer Mist...and Birthday Memories...

Good evening, everyone!  Sorry I haven't gotten back here in a couple of days....things have been so busy, but I'm here now!  This is going to be a long post, so grab a big cup of hot chocolate & get we go!

First of all, I wanted to show you some more photos I took at CHA.  I focused on Crafty Secrets the other day, and these are all of other booths that really appealed to me--so much gorgeous stuff all around! 

...Tim Holtz

...can't remember what this one was....but we LOVED that vintage pink typewriter!

...oh, so much fun!

...Yellow Bicycle

...Die Cuts With a View

...can't remember who this was, but it was so pretty!

...Pink Paislee

...Melissa Frances


...and our wonderful neighbors, Tattered Angels!  What a wonderful bunch of people they are!  I so enjoyed getting to know many of them...they helped us with ladders & waters when we were exhausted, invited us to their house for a fabulous taco dinner, and sweetly gave me a bag full of delicious Glimmer Mist on the last day---now that's being neighborly!  (Thanks so much!)

Here's a card I made today using that kind gift of Glimmer Mist--I wanted to do another card with Crafty Secrets' new "Mermaids" set--I love it so much!  I used various Glimmer Mists in greens/blues/turquoises/ purples/ to make my background...

I LOVE this image--isn't she beautiful?  I don't think my background shows up very well--but it really turned out pretty and shimmery--I stamped the image again on another piece of white cardstock and sprayed it with gold/yellows/candlelight Glimmer Mists--then used watercolor pencils to shade certain areas of the stairs...

I love using watercolor pencils--gives me so much control over detail and blending--stamped the mermaid again on white and cut her out and placed her on the steps...

...added a bit of lovely Flower Soft to the flowers on her beautiful hair---then had to add some Pearl Stickles, of course!  I love this aqua lace--perfect for my mermaids!  Lastly, I lightly sprayed over the whole card with the gorgeous "Iridescent Gold" Glimmer Mist...yummy!

Next,  an adorable Little Bo Peep from the Storybook Vintage Postcard Kit by Crafty of my favorites!

These postcards are so fun & easy to do--not too hard to make them look good!  I added some soft pink pom-pom trim, some chunky silver glitter... gingham ribbon, green crystal rhinestones...and we're just about done! I couldn't resist adding a few drops of lemony yellow Stickles to her daisy garland...

...a cute little "stamp" for an accent--that's it!  (Well, except for spraying this with Iridescent Gold, too!)

Yesterday was my birthday...48...yikes!  Time's flying!  It was a rather sober birthday, as we spent most of it at a heartbreaking funeral for the nineteen-year-old son of our very dear friends.  But, the day was filled with much faith, hope and love.  Really makes you remember what's most important in life, and not to take anything--or anyone--for granted.  Thanks to all who left me such sweet birthday wishes both here and elsewhere!

Today is another very special day that I'd like to share.  This would be my Grandpa Smith's 100th birthday--hard for me to believe!  He has been gone for about 28 years now...but he is still so alive to me...doesn't ever seem like he's very far away...

My sweet grandfather, Rudger, on the left...I love this picture!  I learned so much from him in my life, and I just wanted to honor him by remembering a few of those things...

The twinkle I always saw in his eyes when I was with him told me that I was loved for just being me...

He always called me "my Jewels"...

He taught me that none of us are perfect (although I always thought that he was!); we all make mistakes, and it's so important to do all we can to fix them, and move on...

He taught me to always try to help others in whatever way I could...

He taught me a great love and respect for those who came before me and made me who I am.  He loved to tell me stories of our family long gone, of happy childhoods, sad losses, joys and pains...and I learned and I remembered, and I try to teach these same stories to my children...

Happy Birthday, Grandpa.  I love you.


  1. Julie--Yesterday was crazy here, but I sent you birthday wishes in my thoughts. Now it is quiet around here and I wanted you to know I remember just like it was yesterday the phone call announcing your arrival--a great moment in our home. Couldn't wait to meet you in person and you have been perfect from that first meeting. After your first trip to Arizona, mother wouldn't wash the sliding door in the living room for the longest time because your handprints were on the door--isn't that just like a grandmother. Thanks for posting all of the pictures of Dad--These today I have never seen and I love them. Don't know if your mom told you what I did with the last ones you posted of Dad, but Grace loved having them to display in her apt. Thanks for sharing your special talent. Love you lots sweet neice--hope your day was special and many good wishes for the coming year. ..Aunt Diana

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I am so sorry to hear about your friends' son; that is very tragic.
    My goodness, CHA looks absolutely amazing. I'm sitting here practically drooling over the pictures of all the neat things.
    As always, your new cards are wonderful!

    Hope you had a great day :)

  3. Wonderful tribute to your Grandfather Julie! I am sure he loved you very much! Love, LOVE the new cards!! How very beautiful! Also am loving the pictures from CHA! What a fantastic experience! What a lot of fabulous stalls to drool over! I have never been to a craft exhibition like that and would surely love to go to one. Perhaps one day! Have a great Monday sweet friend! I ♥ you!!

  4. Hi Julie,
    thanks for the wonderfull picturetrail from CHA,great to see what`s going on out there ,long away from here.
    I so love your mermaid collage, it is wonderfull, and the cards too.
    Congratulations on your grandfather, Julie.

    xo Dorthe

  5. Happy Birthday Julie! Beautiful mermaid picture and CHA looks amazing.
    How sad about your friends' son - so sorry.
    Loved the tales of your Grandfather.
    Take care.
    Love Anne x

  6. hi there...i just tried to leave a comment, and i am not sure what happened to it...? i hope i am not posting two identical messages...i hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! the pics from CHA look amazing, i hope you had a good time there...i'm sure you did...beautiful tribute to your grandfather, i really enjoyed reading about him...thank you for taking the time to stop over and enter my giveaway...and good luck!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos from CHA. It looks so inspiring.

    Your mermaid card is gorgeous and perfectly combined with the Glimmer Mist. My very own Mermaids set is winging its way to me as we speak. Can't wait to ink it up!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your friends' young son. Your remembrances of your grandfather are so dear. Life is indeed bittersweet. Isn't it?

    Wishing you a lovely Monday!

  8. First I must say it is SO GOOD to have you back!! Your blog postings are ALWAYS so inspiring in so many ways! Awesome photos from CHA ... I'm so glad you were able to go and experience this organized chaos! Your creations are beautiful as always and what wonderful photos & memories of your grandfather. Mine both died when I was 3 so I don't remember them at all. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear, dear friend ... sorry it was overshadowed by such a tragic event ... but know I love you!!! Happy Monday!

  9. Julie, looks like you had a wonderful time at CHA!!!! Good for you getting to go & work the CS Booth with Sandy & Vicki. Loved you post about your Grandpa. So great that we carry them in our hearts. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you celebrate all week long. Have a great week! Charlene

  10. Welcome home, what fun!

    I love the aqua lace, it looks like actual waves on the mermaid card!

    Happy birthday to you and Grandpa!

  11. Julie, great pics from CHA, belated Happy Birthday and prayers said for your friends. Love the mermaid. Grandpa - what a grand ole chap. Hugs

  12. A very happy belated birthday Julie and condolences for your sad loss. The exhibition looks fabulous, I love the stand with the vintage suitcases and the little bo peep card! I always enjoy doing exhibitions with my company although not quite as interesting as craft fairs. I've made some lovely friends on my stand over the years and we always look out for each other. Glad you had a fun time x

  13. Well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Love your photos of CHA - you got all the vintage-y stuff. :D

    You don't need to sell me on GM - I think I have 40 bottles. I spent a good deal of this weekend playing with it. It's so versatile! I just love it!!

  14. Bonne Fête Julie!
    What a wonderful post this is;vloved seeing all those wonderful vintage pictures, the craft, the cards and reading about your grandfather!
    Great memories!

  15. Julie, so lovely of you to remember your Grandfather in that way. I'm sure he was so very special to you, and you to him. Happy belated birthday. Such lovely creations you made. Oh, and all of those beautiful things at CHA. The collection of vintage suitcases really caught my eye. So much eye candy that surrounded you. Fabulous!

  16. Happy Birthday to you Julie!! I thought of you Sat and new it would be a rough birthday for you ,.. with the funeral and all. So sorry to hear you have the dreaded shoulder thing. Oh.... I wish you lived next door.. I'd do my best to repay you for all you did to help me with mine! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Great memeories of your Grandpa!

  17. Julie, You have had such fun at your show! What inspiring things you have shown us. Your mermaid project and nursery project are so lovely. So much intricate work! Sigh! I hope your week ahead is just as wonderful! E

  18. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend's son. That just breaks my heart. I can't stand to hear when a young life is over before it should be. I will say an extra prayer for you and your friends tonight.
    Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards and stories! Such treasures to us all!
    Love, Holli

  19. Hi Julie! It was so nice to meet you! You really looked like you were in your element teaching those Make & Takes at CHA! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations & for your sweet comment :)

  20. Happy Birthday, Julie!! So sorry to hear about your friends' son - I can't even imagine how painful that would be. Thanks for taking time to post those wonderful pictures of the show.... oh, how I need an unlimited budget, LOL! And, what a wonderful tribute to your grandfather - you are lucky to have such nice pictures to go with your memories.

    Your card is stunning!!! Love how you used so many touches to evoke the sea... the lace, the shimmer, the mother-of-pearl buttons. Absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Well Happy Belated Birthday Julie!
    What a wonderful post full of great pictures of CHA and of course your awesome Art!! and a wonderful tribute to your Grandfather.
    I have a little award on my blog for you.if you'd like to pick it up. No pressure!

  22. Happy Birthday Julie, and thank you for sharing your stories and art.
    Hugs Hanne

  23. Happy belated birthday Julie. The show looks like it was a wonderful experience. Full of such inspiration and creative, kind folks. Your cards are always so lovely. The fairytale postcard looks like an oil painting. That glimmer mist and shimmer stuff really spiffs things up. What great photos of your grandfather and a loving tribute. My Papaw died before I was born so never knew him and my Grandfather died when I was 2. I knew both of my grandmothers but they are gone now too. I was closest to my Mamaw and she's been gone for 22 years but I still miss her so much. The family seemed to fall apart once she was gone. This is my birthday month -- I'll be 44 on the 26th. I am one of those odd birds who truly loves each birthday that rolls around as I feel I become more of who I am. :) Blessings to you for a beautiful day. Tammy