Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Sweet Christmas Caroler....and Nature Girl!

Hope your Sunday has been lovely! We've had a nice, quiet day...Church then home all day--hardly even a phone call--perfect!

I've got a couple of cards to share with you today, and then I thought I'd tell you a little about my "day job"...not a typical job, I might add! Hope you don't mind me getting personal once in a while--we're all friends here, right?!

First off, another wonderful image courtesy of Every Thing Creative:

The "Merry Christmas" sentiment is from Pink Persimmon's "Little Christmas Cottage" stamp set--one of my favorites!

I'm really having fun with these beautiful digital images! They have a lovely selection of them--not many, but they're all just lovely--great quality! So easy putting this together--perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

I don't think it picked up well in the photo, but I printed the image twice, then cut out the lantern and popped it up on the card--I love a little dimension! A little glitter in the lantern, and that's about it! Isn't she sweet?!

Next, a darling little vintage image from Crafty Secrets' "Christmas" Creative Scraps--another quick one tonight--

The buttons at the top are very old from my husband's grandmother's stash--I'm lucky to have it and sometimes find just exactly what I need in her carefully kept little button boxes. Thanks, Grandma Gorrell!

For this card I used Graphic 45's beautiful new paper collection "Christmas Past". Just gorgeous stuff! Included in the paper pack are the two pieces at the bottom of my card--the calendar date and Santa's face. Lots of German gold glass glitter, a little diamond glitter in the fireplace (doesn't really show up here...) and some fun trim and we're done!

So, in my other life...the life that doesn't involve paper, beautiful stamps and tons of glitter, I work in our county park as a the spring, I--along with 3 other women--teach local school children about our native plants and animals, and the Ohlone Indians that lived here until the Spanish came and changed their way of life...I promise I'm not going to start a lecture!

We take the kids on a 45-minute hike through the woods, teach them about the plants, look for animal tracks, etc., and then in our classroom, filled with freeze-dried animals, including a mountain lion, golden eagle, turkey vulture, owls, etc., we teach them various classes on birds of prey, the food chain, etc.

In the fall, however--now--we go TO the schools to teach...take our show on the road, so to speak! Here's me on Friday in a 3rd grade classroom teaching about birds...

Wow--doesn't that little boy just look SO excited about what I'm teaching???

Getting a close-up look at our owls...

How do you like my glamorous naturalist uniform??? I always feel SO pretty! Love when I have to run errands right afterwards...!

Hawks, quail and blue jays...just a few of the poor birds that have to stay in the back of our cars during the fall--my girls don't love it too much!

Well, that's just a bit of my "other life"! Thanks for letting me share! I'll be back tomorrow with something glittery, and something VERY tasty!
Sweet dreams!


  1. Love the Sweet Caroler...her face is sooooo adorable! Great idea raising up the lantern, wonderful effect.
    Glad to see the nature photos.....and your taxi passengers! What a HOOT!
    Do you SLEEP? o.k. o.k. it's 11:20 pm oops! See you at CSSC on Mon.


  2. Julie, first of all I just LOVE your new cards. You have such a wonderful talent for putting together these lovely cards. Secondly, thanks so much for this wonderful glimpse into your "other" life! How amazing! I had no idea. It looks and sounds like you really enjoy this part of your life. We used to have a taxidermied owl that someone had given us. His name was Merlin. We finally gave it away a few years back as it kind of gave me the creeps and Jess didn't like it very much either. As you know I just adore bird watching, but prefer to watch them alive rather than stuffed! I Just love seeing nature and animals in their own natural habitat. This is a love that my Todd and I share in common. You are such an interesting lady!! love and hugs and Happy MOnday to you! xxoo

  3. Monring Julie

    Two beautiful Christmas card, suer images with such a great traditional feel to them.

    Great to read all about your country park work as well.

    B x

  4. just gorgeous - you are rocking the digi stamps, and of course the Crafty Secrets. Your job sounds really fun. thanks for sharing this.

  5. Julie, love the vintage of these cards, just beautiful. What an interesting job you have. Hugs

  6. Loved looking at your site, Julie - beautiful collaged cards! Thanks for your nice comment left on mine - so many fun people to meet through blogs!!

  7. Morning girlie! Your creations are AWESOME!!! How do you bring yourself to use those vintage buttons and that Graphic45 paper??? I have that paper pack and just can't bring myself to "cut into it"!!!

    Thanks for sharing a part of your "other life" ... how interesting!
    Have a great day in whatever you do!! Keep up the good work!!

  8. Beautiful cards, Julie! I love those images - so sweet, and that paper...wonderful! Your job looks like it would be so fun and interesting. Sharing that gorgeous place you live in with young minds - fabulous!

  9. Hi Julie, thanks for the visit, I have put you on my follower list too :)
    You make such beautiful cards, I can see a lot of love goes into each and every one.

  10. Julie!!! Your Christmas cards projects are beautiful! I really love them! And it's so interesting that you also do some nature teaching! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

  11. Your Christmas cards are all so lovely! That is so cool that you travel from school to school teaching about the wildlife! My step son has some snakes & reptiles. He would like to be a Herptologist - anyhow, we hire a group to bring their traveling show for a birthday party with various reptiles & animals! The kids just love these sort of things!!!! We can all learn from the animals :) TFS

  12. Good morning, Julie! Thank you for joining my followers group so I could follow you home. I love all things vintage and this is obviously the place to be. Your card art is wonderful, beautifully created and I have so enjoyed seeing so many wonderful recipes..I am sure I will be heading off with some. Enjoyed reading about your job and look forward to returning often. Hugs, Gayle (in Canada)

  13. Another two masterpieces Julie, so beautiful and gorgeous. Wow, your job is SO interesting, thank you for telling us about it and showing us some photos, it looks great.
    Thank you for your visit and kind comment it's always lovely to see that you have visited my blog. x

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your "day" job. What fun to share that with school kids! I bet the spring walks are lots of fun too!

    The digi images are beautiful!

  15. So who knew about that day job! What a cool thing! I remember my daughter wanting to be an marine biologist as she grew up (I think everyone's daughter sounds so perfect) but she didn't really want to leave our area. It's tough because there are no oceans in Illinois...bummer!

    Your cards, as always, make me smile. I just want to long for the TWO?!! ; )

  16. WOW!! your cards are beautiful.. vintage is so hard for :) LOVE THEM.. :) looks like fun in your class. HUGS

  17. WOW!! YOu area a very busy mama!! How great that you do this!!! We try to visit a different park in colorado once a month! There are so many and it is so fun to discover! Thanks for visiting me today!! Paula Deen is so good isn't she!!! Love her! Have a great day!
    Mama Holli

  18. Just had a quick catch up - you've posted some lovely stuff! The little caroller is very sweet, love the bit of glitter for her lantern! Your day job looks and sounds like fun, too! Hope you are feeling properly better soon.

  19. Fantastically pretty cards, Julie! I truly love every single one of your sparkle bedecked, gorgeous creations!

    Wishing you a serene day & speedy healing!
    ♥ Jessica