Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Glittery Christmas, Banana Salad....and Some Thanksgiving Advice...

Happy Saturday, all! Hope you're all having a great time with family and friends today!

Just a few things for you about some extremely glittery Christmas cards? These are both beautiful images that I purchased from Every Thing Creative...

I just love this peaceful, wintry village scene...I want to live there!

I cut out an oval shape out of some cheap cardstock to make a "mask"--then used spray glue (my new favorite thing!) on the outer edges of the image...then added Martha Stewart "snow" glitter--very chunky and marvellous! Another spray on top of that to add some fine, diamond sparkle--kind of a vignette-type of look.

I used SU! felt snowflakes, and did the same thing with them--a couple of coats of spray glue, and the two types of glitter. A little crystal rhinestone in the middle of each, and it's sparkle-tacular!

I love this velvet's a bit of a bear to tie a decent bow with it, though...oh, well!

Here's the other:

I really love this image--feels very Dickens, doesn't it? Beautiful faces, beautiful coloring, just...beautiful! Just typed up my own sentiment on the computer with one of my favorite fonts, "Christmas Carol". A little Snow-Tex and glitter over the lovely front door...

I used my new Martha Stewart pine bough edge punch--fun!--on the green paper edges--spackled on a bit of Snow-Tex, and some fine diamond glitter, of course! I popped up the pine bough-edged paper a big so it didn't cover the image as much...

Ah, vintage Christmas images....does it get any better than this???

I've been working on my menu planning for Thanksgiving dinner--how about you? Every year I try a new recipe or two, but this recipe I'll share with you today HAS to be included every year!

When I was growing up in North Olmsted, Ohio, our good friend down the street, Carolyn Smith, used to make this traditionally for her family. Somehow, we had it--can't remember what the occasion was, but it then became a tradition for Thanksgiving in our family. The few times it wasn't prepared, the head chef really heard about it!

I don't have a photo of it today--I'll share one next week, though, when I make...

Banana Salad


1 1/2 cups milk

1 cup light brown sugar

1 1/2 heaping Tbsp. flour

2 egg yolks, beaten

2 handfuls of mini marshmallows

Beat egg yolks and add to sauce pan. Add flour, milk, brown sugar and mix until smooth. Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly until mix is thickened--be careful not to burn. When hot, add the marshmallows, stirring until melted.

Remove from heat, cool, and store in the refrigerator. Custard can be made a day or two ahead.

1 jar roasted peanuts, broken

6-8 bananas, sliced

In a trifle dish, layer the ingredients--custard, bananas, peanuts, repeat...until dish is filled. Can top with more peanuts, marshmallows, and maraschino cherries, if desired. Regrigerate until ready to serve.

My mother and I usually quadruple the sauce, just to make sure there's more than plenty--don't want a skimpy banana salad! Try it--I think you'll love it!

***So, now I need to know...what are your family's favorite Thanksgiving dishes? What can you NOT do without on that day of feasting and bursting at the seams??? I'd love to hear about your favorites!***

Lastly, a little advice from my Uncle Eric...I hesitated showing this picture, as it showcases me with some really bad "80's" hair, but--what are you going to do?!

This is me, about 1984-85, with my Uncle Eric and Aunt Janet...the card Uncle Eric holds is a turkey that says, "You are what you eat..." Good to remember with Thanksgiving less than a week away, huh?!

Have a wonderful Saturday, and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. These are both gorgeous! I just love way you iced them up! Love your pic too! So fun seeing the old "do"

  2. I am pretty sure there are no 'bad' photos of you in existence!

    That recipe sounds amazing and these cards are just beautiful...that reminds me, I can't ever receive one without providing my address! ; )

  3. Lovely vintage cards that you made. Wouldn't it be nice to really have the chance to go into our favorite village scenes...just for about 20 minutes, and then come right back. I would love that. Love that Martha Stewart pine branch punch...I need to check out her merchandise. Love the 80's hair...we all had it, and at least yours looks nice.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. thanks... now i can just print the recipe instead of calling mom for it....Radical! And I need some of those Christmas old village scene cards for my house this christmas.... do you know of anyone who is creative enough to make one or two for me? And also someone who could send it to me? Just curious!!! Love you!

  5. Those cards are wonderful and so creative you are Julie.
    I love this post and your site. I noticed tonight that I had not joined your site and am so sorry but I just knew I had already.
    Nutty as alwasy

  6. Both cards are gorgeous, but that first one just puts me right in the Christmas spirit. Your recipe sounds delicious! I've never heard of anything like it. Our Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be complete without dumplings! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  7. Me love your blog :) Although I have not been able to enjoy the banana salad, I have a Ben and a Steve who loves it! Last year so I didn't have to compete with Mamas and Karen E. rolls I made sweet potatp rolls and they were yummy, such a pretty light orange color... quite festive I must say! This year I am going to make a side dish with sweet potatoes and cranberries and Ave is making a pomegranate cake... very excited! Say hi to Rog and the beauties!

  8. WOW.. Jules.. this is STUNNING.. I think your photos are like your creations.. AMAZING as always.. I don't think you could create something I didn't like.. even if you tried.. I LOVE all the details in your cards.. they are unbelieveable.. :) thanks for sharing your talent and friendship with me.. HUGS

  9. Julie, loved your cards--where can I find ones like that to fix up???Also loved your picture--Aunt Janet and Uncle Eric look good too. Just went to a 60th birthday party tonight for Aunt Janet. Made me wish the whole Smith clan could just magically gather together for a good long visit. My must have thanksgiving dish is a sweet potato/apple casserold. I learned to make it in New York from the family I was living with and have made it every year since except the thanksgiving we were in Korea. The funny part is that no one in my family really likes sweet potatoes, but most everyone will have at least a tase of this dish---it is really more like an apple dish with a good butter sauce and a little sweet potato for color. I also always make homemad applesauce for thanksgiving. have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love to Roger and the girls. When things slow down, send me the phot and postcard copies. I am using you pompions recipe in my RS lesson tomorrow on dealing with adversity...shows how lucky we are to have what we have to eat for todays traditions....

  10. More beautiful cards Julie! Wow, I am amazed at all your creativity! You are so talented! Love the 80's do!! Sooo cute!! I am wishing you a blessed Sabbath tomorrow! For us we are having our Primary Presentation. One of my favourite things each year! I just love to see the children and what they've been up to! That banana salad sounds lovely. I may have to give it a try! xxoo

  11. Both of these cards are gorgeous! I especially love all the shimmer on the first! :) TFS

  12. Lovely cards Julie. That MS punch looks great, I haven't seen that one over here in the UK yet.
    You look fab with your 80's hair - think we all had hair like that at some time in the 80's. I LOVED the 1980's!
    Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.
    Love x Anne x

  13. Banana salad - sounds like bananas foster with peanuts, yum!

    Cards are fantastic as always. I love all of the MS stuff this year. Her product designers are really starting to get it right.

  14. I really love your glittery Christmas cards. The vintage "flavor" is just know how I love that!!! Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving all week long! Coralie

  15. Your cards are fabulous, love all the glitter! lol Thanks for the recipe, for my sweet potatoes this year, I'm going to try a recipe for honey pineapple sweet potatoes. We'll see how it turns out! lol Yay Thanksgiving!!! lol

  16. Love all the snowy glittery snowflakiness on that first card and the pine branch edging looks fabulous with the carollers! Your 80s hair is definitely bigger than my 80s hair was but that's only because my hair flops about 15 seconds after you do anything to it, regardless of how much gunk you throw at it - you looked cute and definitely with it for the time!

  17. Hi Julie, I need to give you my address so you can be sure and send me one of those gorgeous cards! (wink). Don't you love Martha's glitters? I have some deep reds and garnets I bought last year and am just dying to use. I have never heard of a banana salad but I think I may just have to make this one for Christmas. We definitely have all our stand by recipes but I like to try something new too every year. xo Lynn

  18. Love the 80's hair!!! I had the same cool look!!! Hot Mamas for sure!!
    Love the salad looks so yummy!!! Love the glitter!!! Speaking of glitter...where do you buy yours? In bulk of course!!!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous creations Julie!! LOVE the "wintery" look ... you need to give me the name of that spray glue!! I'm trying to use more glitter these days without getting more on me than my creation!!
    LOVE the earlier photo of you ... you haven't changed in 20 years (except the hair that is, teehee) ... as beautiful as your creations!!
    TWO of our MUST HAVES at Thanksgiving is the Cranberry Relish I make (pretty much the recipe on the whole cranberry bag and Sweet Potatoes with pineapple & marshmellows. Both are my daughters favorites and I make them every year.
    Thanks for another AWESOME post ... you really know what you're doing here and everyone's lovin' it!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  20. beautiful cards :) enjoy your thanksgiving.

  21. Oh these are all truly SPARKTACULAR!!! I love them:)

    And thank you for the fabulous sounding recipe. I can't wait to try it.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. your creations are sooooo lovely!!

    and the banana salad sound so yummy. i love bananas.

    didn't we all have that hair in the 80s? :)


  23. Good Monring Julia

    Looks like I have missed some great projects this week.

    Sorry not been able to visit due to this eye problem, but should soon be back to normal again.

    B x

  24. i love the wallpaper in the picture at my old house...brings back memories! i look forward to the day after thanksgiving when we cut down our christmas tree---we have done it for as long as i can remember!

  25. I love your cards, you have done a wonderful job with the glitter!

  26. Julie,
    Going to make you laugh !!! Read the post on Victorian Era Rituals!!!

  27. I tried to comment last night but for some reason my home computer won't recognize my google sign-on.... :(

    I love your frosty goodness cards! They're so CHRISTMAS! I love those huge snowflakes! :D

  28. How incredibly gorgeous you are! I have never heard of banana salad before but it sounds delicious. So happy that you publish the recipes for those among us who are curious (and hungry). Love the glittery scene cards. It's almost as though you can step into the first on one of those pretty winter days with the snow falling softly.

  29. Beautiful cards Julie and yes you can use my image in a card. Happy day!

  30. wow!! your cards are gorgeous!

  31. That banana salad sounds really good! Your cards are beautiful! I love all the glitteryness!


  32. I love the images and what you did with them, Julie! I think the carolers are my favorite! Thanks for visiting my blog; have a great Thanksgiving!

  33. Such beautifully festive cards, I especially like the carolers. Though I'm far from a Grammy winner (ha! ;D), I love to belt out holiday tunes each season and would love to do so one year in Victorian garb.

    Thank you dearly for each and every one of your touching, wonderful comments, sweet friend. I truly hope you're having a marvelous last weekend of November!

    ♥ Jessica

  34. I love your trimmings on these cards, Julie!