Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Blustery Day, Some Warm Fuzzies, and an Illuminated Christmas......

Good morning!

Well, it is BLUSTERY here on the central coast! I love it! We don't get "weather" very often here, so our family loves gloomy, rainy, windy days! So exciting--turning on the fire, candles warm & glowing....ahhhhh! Too bad I'm the only one who gets to enjoy it at home today! My husband is at work & the girls are at school...poor things, think I'll make them some cookies!

Something a little different today. I wanted to share something else I love with you---warm, snuggly, fuzzy, nubby, fabulous YARN! I love this stuff! The woolier, nubbier, & more textured the better!

Last year, I started making these scarves with huge knitting needles, and I adore them--can't stop making them! I have them hanging on a wall rack in my entry way, and when people love them, I just give them one! It's fun to see how surprised they are when I do that! They've also been great to have on hand for gifts--even my girls' friends love getting them. So it's just a win-win situation--I LOVE making them, and people like to get them--not bad!

I was just asked to take part in a Holiday Boutique type of thing next month, where I'll be selling some boards I've made with my vinyl lettering business (not a huge business, mind you!), perhaps some of my vintage-style cards, and my scarves. Should be fun! So, I'm pulling out the knitting needles again & working on more! Thought I'd share some with you--just look at all the gorgeous color & texture!

I love mixing 3-5 types of yarn into each scarf--variation is important to them looking good, I think. And those who know me, know that I have to throw a LITTLE bit of sparkle into each one!

I just jumbled a bunch of them together in different color groups. Here we go:

I'm working on a fabulous black one today--thick, soft & nubby! Think I'll turn on one of my favorite Jane Austen movies, sit by the fire & knit today...sounds wonderful!

But before I go, here's a Christmas card to share with you. I did the Color Challenge on SCS this morning. I don't think I've EVER put these colors together--a real stretch for me! As I looked for an image to use with them, this one just felt right.

I love the beautiful, illuminated Medieval manuscripts, and this reminded me of something like that--tried to give it that feel with the rich colors and all the German glass glitter. The image I used is from Crafty Secrets' "Christmas" Images & Journal Notes booklet. The cs--Chocolate Chip, Taken With Teal, and Apricot Appeal. Added some deep chocolatey lace, ChocoChip satin ribbon and Apricot Appeal grosgrain, topped off with a pretty, old button.

Have a wonderful day, whatever your weather!


  1. There's nothing better than a fuzzy scarf! I mostly knit socks now but I taught myself to knit with scarves! Love all your yarns - YUM! The card is wonderful too. It's a beautiful angel image!!

  2. O.k. Girl these scarfs are AWESOME...love all the colors. I also used the ginormous needles to do some scarfs.....what a hoot they are....super fun and fast. Raining, wind blowing also in Sacramento area today.....
    Gotta get to my CSSC card but I love the medieval feel of your card posted here. TFS Have fun cozzying up today!

  3. Hi JUlie

    Those scarves look fabolous, me and wool just don't mix and I can't knit for toffee, but adore the look of these.

    Sounds like the world weather is all about turn at the moment, but not complaining about a bit of Autumn sunshine, makes up for the Summer that never quite happened in the UK.

    B x

  4. Beautiful scarves, Julie! You never cease to amaze - so talented! I won knitting lessons from another mum at my dd's school fundraiser auction last spring, and it's been so fun to learn. I've knitted three scarves so far.

    I love your take on the color challenge too! That card would be so pretty framed, I think.

    I also saw your reading list and wanted to share that I just started reading The Lightning Thief - such fun! Hugs for a cozy fall day!

  5. Great scarves, beautiful cards and an awesome BLOG!

  6. Your card is so beautiful. Can't wait to see the scarves. Judging by the color combo that you have created I bet they will be beautiful too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet commnet.
    Stay healthy,

  7. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for your compliment on my blog! Your blog is pretty awesome!!! You're a woman of many talents! I loved the pot of beans and the baby post. What a bittersweet story.

    But, food and stamping, especially Crafty Secrets! I think I'll be back! ;)

  8. Is there anything you CAN'T do?????
    These are awesome and the colors are beautiful!! I don't knit but I enjoy crocheting when I take the time to sit down other than at my crafting table!! Your Christmas creation is beautiful as well ... you certainly are a talented lady! I hope you enjoyed your comfy, cozy laidback day!!
    Have I told you lately what a wonderful inspiration you are???? NO??? Well I have now!!! TeeHee!! Have a great day!!

  9. LOVE the scarves! Can you come to Phoenix and teach me how to make them?!?

  10. I can't wait to see your finished scarf! The card is nothing less than exquisite, those colors worked beautifully together!

  11. Hey, I didn't know you were a knitter! Haven't done any in a while, must get back to it! (I have just had my first go at spinning with a drop spindle though.)

    How did I know you ordered today? Just a hunch! (saw your comment on the Be Creative blog and wondered if you would have been able to resist the urge ;o).