Monday, October 15, 2012



I love time spent with my ancestors…choosing favorite pictures, writing a bit about their lives…a little “visit” with them in my mind…

DSC01050_edited-1 {when I first saw this photo, I was stunned…the little girl, Ida, looks just like me when I was her age.}

Two more pages added this week to my Character Album…rather like small windows into their lives. On this page,two of my favorite women—my 4th great-grandmother and my 2nd great-grandmother—her granddaughter. 

Taken on an extended visit to her grandmother, I’m sure Louisa held this image very close to her heart when Ida was far, far away…


Louisa was a skilled tailor and dressmaker.  A very old needle and needle package from her time was just right to illustrate this…


Some Victorian-age black buttons that I’ve been holding on to…seemed like a good time to finally use them.

DSC01062_edited-1 {not every picture has to be straight, does it?!}

Another one of my favorite women.  My husband’s grandmother, Vie…


A Wisconsin farmer’s wife, ardent suffragette, and member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union—occasionally elected president in her area…quite a busy woman!


A bit of very old crocheted lace was just the thing for her border, along with a partial string of an old pearl necklace…I liked the clasp just hanging there like that…

DSC01066_edited-1 {I love these keyholes from the Tim Holtz collection—beautiful!}

As with my other pages, a word or two chosen to describe the women placed on their photos…


Looking forward to time spent with more of these wonderful women who went before me in the pages ahead…



  1. Oh Julie, I love spending time with your family as well as my own... so many of your precious memories are very similar to my own of my dear loved ones who have passed on... I just wish I knew how to create those beautiful memory pages and collages that you do... so gorgeous and each one filled with your love and memories of these lovely ladies... thanks for sharing, much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Julie,
    Such beautiful pages added to your Character Book. I definitely see the family resemblence, made easier by the convenient appearance of your pretty profile photo appearing next to their photograph. Every time you create these beautiful pages, I know they are smiling next to you (literally,) honored that you are spending time with THEM. I always enjoy seeing your heritage posts.

  3. Dejlige gamle billeder, med din smukke håndskrift om, jeg ville ønske jeg kunne det, men jeg er både kejthåndet og ordblind, så derfor meget usikker når der skal skrives i hånden. knus morkaren.

  4. I, too, love visiting your family members from the past. You do such a beautiful job honoring them. I know they are close by and they wait so patiently to be remembered. You are a blessing to your ancestors.

  5. Just beautiful Julie, you are really getting quite the family journal together.


  6. These are just fabulous, dear Julie!!! The pictures, the colors you used, your hand writing - everything fits together perfectly. Awesome additions to your character album.

  7. aww this is gorgeous what a adorable keepsake so so fab.

  8. that was right after the 1700's (yes I am quick that way)
    and YES YOUR ARE UBER TALENTED just like I said

  9. Beautiful Julie. You are so blessed to know so much of your family history. How wonderfully you chronicle it all. I love all that you create! xxoo