Thursday, October 11, 2012



Ever have a blue, blue day for really no reason whatsoever?  I did one day last week—and apparently this is what it looked like:


I went up to my crafty room, sat down, grabbed some paint and this is what happened…it felt really good…I almost turned another color before I was done, it felt so good!

I already knew this, but it reminded me again—what a good thing creativity is for the soul…..

Another page—pages—made that I’ve had on my mind for a while…


I saw this in my head long before I painted it….I’ve loved this quote from Galileo for, oh…I don’t know HOW long!  And I found the perfect image to gaze at the stars in wonder for me…


All the swirling blues, purples & black made me so happy—color upon color upon color—until it felt just right.   Then topping it off with a silvery paint pen was oh, so much fun!


Maybe blue isn’t really so very “blue” after all.

Get painty today…


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