Sunday, October 7, 2012



I found them—all  bound together—in an old house in my town.  An estate sale…the entire contents of someone’s life being offered up for sale to complete strangers…and these faces were among the contents…and they spoke to me almost from across the room…


I didn’t know who they were.  I just knew they would come home with me. 


I have many generations-worth of my own family pictures.  Pictures that are known, loved and shared…it broke my heart to see these beautiful faces, that had at one time been known and loved…but were now lost to those who should continue to know and love them.


But I will give them a home—and even if just for a minute here—a bit of a voice.  Sharing them as they were meant to be shared.

DSC01004_edited-1 {someone got a little over-zealous in coloring this sweet little face!}

I will be careful not to let them get confused with those of my own family—but they will be my friends. 


Perhaps they will appear once in a while in my art journals…in collages…who knows?  But, they won’t disappear. 


One face haunts me more than the others—this beautiful be-speckled woman in so many of the portraits—as a bride and otherwise…lovely…{and she really reminds me of my husband’s sister…}


The photographers’ marks are not to be over-looked…the stamps of the pride they took in their work so very long ago…





Faces were lost and now they are found….


Maybe they were meant to come home with me. Maybe I’ll never know why….but they spoke to me that day, and I answered………



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