Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Family Tree


Good evening, my friends!

A lovely Sunday…hope you’re having a wonderfully restful day…

Just one (big!) project to share with you today…my Family Tree…


Ten ornaments made representing different couples  in our family….


Leo and Minnie…1890’s…


Orley Seymour and Polly May…1894…


Asahel and Pauline…1909


Ted and Fern…1920’s…


Dow and Velda…1930’s…


Glenn and Estella…1940’s


Rudger and LaPriel and Family…1940’s…


Paul and Shirley…1959…


Clayn and Karen and…me…1962…


Roger and Julie…1988…

The ornaments were made using chipboard pieces by Maya Road, available from Crafty Secrets.  The beautiful journaling and vintage photography images are from Crafty Secrets’ “Vintage Photos” Creative Scraps.  Lovely Christmas paper from Graphic 45…


…a single word chosen for each ornament that I felt reflected the couple or family…


Love, Faith, Hope, Togetherness, Beginnings, Joy, Family, Beauty, Dreams, Happiness…

I hope your day is beautiful, and that you are enjoying every moment of this wonderful season of family and togetherness around the family tree…


Before we’re done, one quick thank-you…

…the kindness of blog friends continues to amaze me…a beautiful gift from Jody of Home and Heart.  A gorgeous necklace made from some of my favorite colors and a vintage earring… “just because”…Thank-you, my friend.

See you soon with something new.


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  1. Hi Julie, Oh what a beautiful idea, I love your lovely ornaments, that is really a special tree. Your necklace is lovely. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holiday's. Hugs, Terri

  2. This truly is a family Tree! What a wonderful idea to create heirloom ornaments to honor and remember those special people in our life, through the generations. Happy Holidays

  3. What a wonderful family tree! Truly special. And that necklace is beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I'm in love with your vintage ornaments...
    thank you for sharing...I'm going to Michaels after lunch to get the makings.
    So excited...

  5. What a beautiful Family's the nicest one I've seen. I'm going to use your idea, just stunning. This is truly a special tree. I'm going to use your idea. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Hope you have a great day!!!! Gorgeous necklace.

  6. Hi Julie, love your special family tree and all of the beautiful memories as always that go with it... such a pretty necklace you were given as well... enjoy your Sunday... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. What a wonderful idea..many of my own ornaments are gifts from childhood, or evoke a particular sweet memory, and this idea carries that forward..wonderful!

  8. Not feeling well today Julie, but had to stop by and see what you were up to. I just love your family tree. How wonderful and beautiful. You amaze me with your creativity and ideas! I just adore you, coz not only are you talented, but you are one of the sweetest bloggers I know. You so deserve this beautiful gift from your friend. You give so generously to each of us a piece of your heart each time you post! love you loads! xxoo

  9. Hi Julie... We must be drinking from the same water! lol
    I sent my friend and idea that I'd seen using chipboard stars with pictures of loved ones in the center... Low and behold I come to your blog and you've created the beautiful *generation stars* that I was dreaming about. My idea was similar and now seeing yours in person, we will certainly have a "go" at making some for our trees. Thanks so much for you kind inspiriation and sharing you ideas with all of us. I'm sure one of these days I'm going to run into you at Michaels or Beverly's...but, will we know each other? LOL
    If you have any special places you love to shop for fantastic "stuff", please let me know. Sunshine in Royal Oaks...xoso Sandy

  10. Okay, so guess what I will be working on between Christmas 2010 and 2011??? What a great idea! Most of my pics will be newer as I don't have many of them that old, but it will still be family pics. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Becky G. in GA

  11. Gorgeous ornments! They are so unique.

  12. Julie, these ornaments are completely amazing. What a great idea!

  13. HI JUlie, your tree is gorgeous!!! I love, love your beautiful ornaments, what a great idea.

  14. How special these are! Great idea! :)

  15. Julie, your ornaments are beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to your family members!

    Love the necklace from Jody...she sure does beautiful work!

  16. Julie!

    What a wonderful idea! Each photo tells a story and how intersting they are!

    Congratulations on your gift!

    I'm having a GIVEAWAY if you're interested...

    Stop by...


  17. I love this idea!! Thanks for sharing.


  18. Oh Julie you did all of this. My goodness this is a wonderful idea.

  19. Oh Julie,
    These are gorgeous!!! And I love the necklace from Jodi--how beautiful!!! and so sweet of her!

    I was going to ask you if you cut that with a cricut...I was thinking of getting one, but I don't think I'd get a lot of use from it...

    Your creations are so perfect--and they have such a precious look for adorable!!!
    Your fan,

  20. How absulutely wonderful Julie.

    Only you could create something so special and magical, you are a true source of inspiration.

    B x

  21. Dear Julie,
    your tree is a real besutifull family tree- I love the ornaments, in different shapes, they are wonderfull, and so your style.

  22. Hi Julie...this is just so beautiful!! Your love for your family and craft is shining brightly on the tree!

  23. oh Julie - your family tree ornaments are treasures! I love each one! what a special thing to do and I am sure they will be cherished always!

  24. Your family tree ornaments are so great and beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful idea!

    Have a nice day

  25. Just found your blog and am excited to follow it. I love the idea for the family ornaments and would like to try making some. Thank you!

  26. Each one of these beautiful ornaments make a gorgeous tree, I love this idea!

  27. That is a gorgeous neckace!! I love your ornies. What a great idea! I have some little frames with our loved ones who have gone before us on our tree, but I like your's , they are more personal and pretty.
    Thanks for sharing all you do! You are an inspiration and a blessing.

  28. Hi Julie, Yesterday I couldn't leave a comment and this time it took me 3 attempts until I could open the comment section. Blogger seems to have hickups.
    It's such a wonderful idea to use your family pictures to create Christmas tree ornaments! They all turned out very pretty and make your tree very unique!
    Have a great day!

  29. Oh my amazingly beautiful are these ...this tree is stunning. You keep on amazing me my creative friend! Can it get any better than this???

    Hugs for a week of JOY

  30. Beautiful Julie! What Wonderful Idea and Tribute to Family! Your Ornaments will be Cherished Family Heirlooms!
    Thank you fro Stopping by and your Sweet, Sweet Comments

  31. I adore your ornament idea, Julie. They all turned out beautiful! I am going to have to remember your great idea!
    Happy looking at your beautiful tree. xxxx

  32. Julie,
    Your family tree is amazing and what cherished memories!

  33. Hi Julie! what wonderful ornaments these are. You always have the best photos to work with. I called my mother the other day and told her that for Christmas I just want copies of all of her old pictures. I hope she took me seriously!
    Have a great week!

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Family Tree! Julie, your girls will share this with their babies babies babies when you are up in heaven! What a beautiful legacy! You are creating so many glorious memories and keeping your family alive long after they have left this earth. Beautiful gifts from a beautiful lady.

  35. Julie, these beautiful and meaningful ornaments will surely become family heirlooms. Twyla

  36. HOLY MOLY.. these are AMAZING!! I love this idea Julie and these are SO COOL!

  37. What a beautiful tribute to your family, it dosen't get much better than this!
    Wishing you Joy, Health and Happiness this Holiday season!
    hugs Lynn

  38. Done only as YOU
    can do well
    and heartfelt. I
    love this idea. A
    few years ago I gave
    my mom a little metal
    "evergreen" with family
    photos hanging in tiny
    frames from the branches.
    Pics of each of us, from
    youngest to oldest, as
    children. She loved it
    so much, it stays up all
    year : ) And we have been
    blessed to add to this tree
    in recent years as my brother's
    family expands. Thanks for
    this lovely post!!
    Happy Tuesday,
    xx Suzanne

  39. Wow, Julie, I can't think of more beautiful ornaments! What a wonderful idea, keeping the family close, remembered, cherished - what a perfect project for the holidays.

  40. Beautiful! I always enjoy my visit to your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway please stop by and enter :-)