Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dear Santa…



Hello, dear friends!

What a grey, drizzly day it is here in California…not too good for my photos, as you’ll soon see!

First of all, I really want to thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments on my last post—each and every one was so appreciated.

On to cheerier things today!  A couple of new projects to share with you.  First…


…a snow globe purchased after Christmas at Target a few years ago, finally put to good use!


On the inside…a mini collage made with real vintage ephemera, courtesy of the Victorian Christmas kit from Vintage Street Market

…a piece cut out of a page from an old German book is topped by a vintage Santa image…beautiful.  Surrounded by Platinum Stickles.


On the back side, another beautiful piece cut from a scrapbook sheet included in the kit…


…around the base of the globe, a little arrangement made with vintage flowers, pinecones, ornament balls & greenery, all from the kit.  Easy peasy and very fun to do!


…something new for my “family tree”…


…a mini hanging with a little boy’s Christmas wish upon it…

Teddie K Gorrell---boyhood portrait

…this particular little boy is 6 year-old Teddy Gorrell, my husband’s grandfather.  Here he is about 1911, when he wrote this little letter to Santa Claus…


A blank form in the local newspaper in that December of 1911, just waiting to be filled out by an eager little one…

                                                   Phoenix Ariz.  RR 3

“Dear Santa,

I am a little sick boy and would like to have a drum, a pair of shoes, a new suit, a tie, and a cap, a little croquet set, nuts, candy, oranges and bannas (bananas).  Good by,

                                            Teddy Gorrell

                                              Age 6 years”


An envelope addressed to Santa Claus, Toyland, Northpole…


…and a small afterthought added in his mother’s hand, dictated, I’m sure, by little Teddy… “trumpets, raisins, little trains.”


I added his signature to his picture on the collage…how nice to have his name written out in his own little-boy hand to use here…


And the little angel I’m sure he was hoping to be…from Crafty Secrets’ “Altered Fairies” Creative Scraps…the postcard image is from their “Christmas” Creative Scraps.


I just had to add a little halo…very rough and bent, but perfect, I thought, for a little boy in 1911…


…and perfect vintage buttons found…always a happy coincidence!

And to close today, a little more Christmas to share…

…just a peek of a Christmas scene from my dining room…


…another softly lit village, this one filled with beautifully glittered cottages from Teena Flanner (I love them!), and an assortment of bottle brush trees in lovely ivory tones…


…and the best decorations a woman could ever have…these three little sweethearts sitting under the tree.  My daughters, Chelsea, Sarah and Annie…Annie’s very first Christmas in 1996.  I’m a lucky mom.

I hope your weekend is wonderful, and that each and every day of the coming week is merry & bright!

See you soon with something new…



  1. Beautiful snow globe and the letters to Santa are incredible!

  2. Hi Julie, your posts are always so heartfelt... I love the little letter to Santa... poor little boy sick at Christmas time... and I love that he wanted fruit.... fruit was a real treat when I was a little girl, and we could not wait to get our oranges, tangerine and banana and nuts in our stockings... I have somehow missed your last post, I will go read it, I do hope all is well... love the little peek at your decorations!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Oh sweet friend...everytime I visit I feel so much love...your are one amazing lady with one big big heart for your family! They are blessed to have you!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with oodles of love awaiting you at every turn. xoxoxox

  4. So beautiful! Love that little note to Santa. Hope all is well. Mimi

  5. Oh my gosh, Julie--everything is gorgeous!!!! I have to spring into action because I've got unexpected company coming for Christmas to stay for a few days...

    I LOVE the pictures of your "little ones" who are all grown up beautiful! I'm sure you are a proud Momma! That picture is priceless!!!
    They are all so gorgeous!!!

  6. What an adorable snow globe! Little Teddy is so cute and the pic of your girls under the tree is so sweet. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  7. I love your creations Julie..just awesome! Those sweet faces under the tree are the cutest things ever! Have a great week :D

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  9. I love how you created such a sweet keepsake with your husband's grandfather's Letter to Santa. When I was little I remember getting apples, and oranges, nuts in my stocking too.
    The picture of your little ones is so sweet. Time flys by so quickly, too quickly. I try to take lots of pictures on my two boys but I find as they get older they are less willing to oblige me.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season
    Artzee Chris' Blog

  10. Hi Julie, Teddy's letter to Santa is so cute and you've made a lovely collage using his picture! Your daughters are very sweet!
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)!

  11. What an absolutely precious family memento - a letter to Santa. I think as family mementos go, that one wins the prize. Hope he got all he asked for. xx

  12. Hi Julie, sending warm wishes your way and for prayers for peace and comfort for whatever you find yourself going through at the moment. I love your family tree with each little start decorated to represent a couple in the family. Just beautiful! And this little image of Teddy and his precious letter to Santa is a true treasure. Hope things are bright and beautiful in your corner of the world today. Blessings, Tammy

  13. Just visting you here on your page brightens my days and makes them Merry! Love all that you share with us. Your beautiful creations, your family history, your stories. It's all good. Have a wonderful weekend, with all your chicks around you. Love you loads and loads dear friend. xxoo

  14. I do hope things are getting better. You will be in my prayers.

    What a wonderful treasure the picture and Christmas letter is!!

  15. Julie I love what you did with the globe and the fact you turned me onto Village Street Market and I have two kits from them I'm having fun using. The letter to Santa is so sweet, amazing you have this. The post below I pray things work out well for you. Nan

  16. Julie,
    I'm a little slow getting caught up on your blog. It seems as though you need a {{hug}}!! I can relate to the life "thing"...sometimes it's just plain scary and hard!

    As always love your creativity!! Looks as thought your home is amazingly decorated and your 3 daughters are priceless!

  17. Julie, I can imagine how important your paper art is to you as you sit and create with memories of loved ones. That you share them with us makes our lives richer! Elizabeth

  18. You always make the cutest things! Love to see more of your dining room.

  19. Beautiful Julie!! What a Sweet Letter to Santa! What a Dear Little Boy Your Husbands Grandfather was! Your Globe Looks Like a Fun Project! I Love your Piece with Teddy though! Wonderful!
    Hope you are Having a Wonderful Weekend!
    Many Blessings and a Merry Christmas to you and your Family Julie!

  20. Your snowglobe is gorgeous, Julie! And the letter to Santa project is so precious. What a wonderful way to showcase part of your family history. I was wondering - would share with us how you keep all of your family photos and memorabilia organized?

  21. Wow, your yummy vintage projects are stunning, once again, Julie! And what an amazing piece of family history to have - that letter to Santa from so very long ago! That is just incredible. I love how he asked for formal clothing - such a different time. How very, very precious.

    And thank you so much for your lovely comment on my daughter's blog post - she was thrilled. I am so grateful for all of my wonderful blogland friends. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Julie!!!

  22. omg, julie, that letter is precious and in good shape! how adorable and what a fun peek into his life and world. love how you've used his signature in your piece. really amazing!


  23. Wonderful posting, Julie. You are so fortunate to have the old pictures of your husband's relatives... and your's too! I hope your daughters read your blog so they will know what a talented and sweet mother they have.
    Have a blessed week, dear friend.
    Ladybug Creek

  24. Hi Julie! I did sign you up to at least receive a Valentine from me! One from you would be icing on the cake! Have a great week ahead! E

  25. You are very blessed, indeed! Blessed not only with a lovely family, but with an AWESOME talent for creating such beautiful things!! My favorite is the letter to Santa, so precious! As always, thanks so much for sharing these. Merry Christmas!!

  26. Hello Julie,
    I just love that letter to santa. How the times have changed.. he wanted things that are practical. Love your snowglobe too. You always have such sweet and charming posts!