Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Life is good.  But…

Sometimes things happen that we don’t plan on…things we don’t expect…

Sometimes life isn’t smooth, no matter how much we wish for it to be.

But, all WILL be well. 

I have so much!  I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful daughters I love and am so proud of…

Smith Family Portraits (151)

…we have a loving and supportive extended family…

Smith Family Portraits (317)

…we have our health…the rest can be figured out.

Uncertainty is scary, though…that chilling feeling when the rug gets pulled out from under you, so to speak…


…but those are the times we get to see what we’re made of…

What am I made of, I wonder?

For weeks, I’ve been thinking of my fourth-great-grandmother, Louisa…

[Louisa Barnes Pratt_edited-1[4].jpg]

When she faced an almost impossible situation in her life—one that would have knocked me to my knees—she squared her narrow shoulders, and simply said, “Well, I’ll show them what I can do!”

What would Louisa tell me to do right now, I wonder?

Somehow, I know she would expect me to absolutely get down on my knees (which I always do!)… then stand up, push up my sleeves and get to work. 

She would also probably be a little upset with me for whining on the internet!

But, on the other hand…maybe she wouldn’t.  After all, the reason I know about her struggles and joys is because she wrote down her worry-filled words, as well.

 (image found on internet—not Louisa’s journal)

Maybe she did it just for me…she certainly couldn’t share her words with the entire world in an instant with the push of a button like I can!


Louisa had absolute faith in her Savior…that He would be always by her side and see her through…as I do.  I feel the tender mercies of the Lord in my life every day, and I am so grateful…

Life IS good.  Things WILL feel certain once again.  The carpet will be under our feet securely once more…all WILL be well.

[Louisa B. Pratt with granddaughter Ida Francis Hunt[2].png]

I will show them what I can do.

Thank-you, Louisa.

I love you.


(Images from Crafty Secrets’ “Vintage Photos” and “Angelic Blessings” Creative Scraps…diamond print from their “Earthy” paper pack.)