Sunday, February 28, 2010


"Sisters, sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...."
                                                                                    --Irving Berlin

Good evening, everyone!

Hope it's been a wonderful and relaxing weekend for you all! 

I've had sisters on my mind the last couple of days...brought on by some sweet Crafty Secrets' images that I made into cards this's the first one...

I love these little girls getting ready for some fun adventure...standing together in front of the mirror...just like my girls do today.  But these little girls lived oh, so long ago...

This image is from the "Girlfriends" Images & Journal Notes booklet.  The pretty pink & aqua rose print paper is from Crafty Secrets' "Classic" paper pack.

 I used a bit of silver glitter, some lace, ribbon  and some fabulous pink buttons I've been waiting to use...they just seemed right for this card...reminded me of little roses.  That's about it!

Here's the next one--

This image is also from Crafty Secrets' "Girlfriends" booklet...and it SO reminded me of a few pictures I have of my grandmother, LaPriel, and her younger sister, Veon--can you see why?

This was taken about 1930...I love the hem on my grandmother's black dress...she was probably about 17 here.

My grandmother died when I was just 3 1/2 years old, but I still have little girl memories of her...most importantly, I distinctly remember that she loved me.  That's the best memory of all.

For years, I wanted to connect with her sister, Veon and talk to her about her sister.  Our families hadn't really had much contact in years, because LaPriel was gone and my grandfather had remarried, and I felt uncertain about how she would react to me contacting her.  Oh, how I wish I hadn't been so nervous about it!

I finally got the courage to write to her in 1998...we would be making a trip to Phoenix where she lived...also where my grandmother had lived when she passed away--indeed, for most of her life.  When I finally arrived at her house at the appointed time, she greeted me so warmly, and told me how much like her sister I was.  I started to cry right off the bat! 

We talked for a couple of precious hours before I needed to asking question after question...she remembering and talking.  I wrote down every word I could catch, and came away with some priceless information about my grandmother that I could have gotten no other one knows you like your sister...

I learned that she loved to wear Shalimar perfume...loved to act and read poetry. 

She was named "Miss Boise Idaho" (where they lived for a while) when she was's her portrait at that time...

...isn't she beautiful?

Veon said she broke many a heart about this time.  There was one heart that didn't get broken, grandfather, Rudger's.  She reportedly came home from a visit to his town (their mothers were best friends), and said she was in love!  "I know it's love," she said, "because he doesn't dress the way I like...!"


Their mothers were so happy!

Much later, when they were both married with children, they loved to get together for lunch and window shopping.  Both families were trying to be careful with their money, so the two sisters would feel guilty buying things for themselves.  But, they figured out a good trick--they would buy something for each other that they had liked in the store--they would come home with that thing they had fallen in love with that day and say. "Look what LaPriel/Veon bought for me! Wasn't that sweet?!"

Remembering when LaPriel died, her sister said, "The light went out of the world when she died.  She was like a security blanket to me.  She loved her little sister, I can tell you!"

I'm so grateful that I went that day, as I was never to see my great-Aunt Veon again...she passed away two years later.

Sisters...I love mine!  They didn't come along until I was 14 and then 16 years old--but with time and shared experiences like marriage and motherhood, the years have lessened between us, and we are good friends.  I couldn't find a good recent picture of the three of us together, so here they are in recent photos...


This is Becky--she's married with four of the most beautiful children--I'm so proud of what a wonderful mother she is!

This is Jenny--the baby of the family...holding her first baby, born just this last October...little Connor Riggs Baron.    She is a wonderful little mother, too!

While we're at it, I might as well just show you the whole crazy family--this was in southern California this last summer where we rented a beach house--what a blissful week!

 Unfortunately, we were missing my brother Greg and his family, and  Jenny and her husband Edward here.  It's so hard to get a big group ALL together at one time!  My beautiful sisters-in-law might as well be my real sisters--I adore them!  And the sweet girl cousins here that are just like sisters....

One last photo for three beautiful daughters...and the most wonderful, loving sisters.  I'm so excited to see what the future will bring for them, and will enjoy watching their relationships grow stronger and stronger as the years go by...

If you're still with me, sorry for the long post tonight--just had lots to share! I'll see you very soon with something new...have a wonderful night!

Sweet dreams...

"Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply."
--Jane Austen


  1. Such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing about your family. Your grandmother sounds like she was a very lovely woman, and so very beautiful!

    As always, terrific cards :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend with your family...

  2. i am so glad you were able to make contact with her sister. your grandmother was very beautiful and has a glow of just loving life about her. your daughter has her beautiful red hair. sweet and pretty girls:)i have a mom and sister day coming up on saturday. you have encouraged me to take pictures to go along with my memories.

  3. I LOVED the story about your grandmother. And she was beautiful!!! And I KNOW you are so glad you & your aunt got to connect again. I also know she appreciated it more than you knew at the time. Your family is so lucky to all be so close. And 3 beautiful girls... LUCKY YOU! I wanted a girl both times I was pregnant. 2 BOYS! Now I love my boys but, I was thinkin OK pink for the GRANDS???? NOPE! 5 Grandsons. We only do blue. You only do pink. Hmmmmm somethings wrong with this picture! Thanks for sharing & enjoy your week. Charlene

  4. Julie, this is just an amazing post, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read it. Your grandmother and aunt were real beauties, and so trendy! Love their outfits. How wonderful that God gave you that chance to visit with your aunt before she passed. And your daughters and sisters are just darling. What a lovely family you have!
    hugs and blessings,

  5. Your daughters are just beautiful...may they always be close sisters.'s all so amazing isn't it..thanks for sharing that and the pictures. I have always loved that song too! :D

  6. What a lovely post Julie. Your cards, as always , are beautiful. You are so very talented in all that you do! I loved reading about the important "sisters" in your life. Your grandmother was a very beautiful woman, as are you. I have loved seeing all the pictures and reading your words about them. I especially loved the last picture of your lovely daughters. How very happy they look, and no small wonder . . . with you and Roger as parents and the gospel in their lives how could they not be! I thank you my dear friend for your many prayers on my behalf. They mean the world to me. I love you so very much. I'll be away starting Wednesday for a week. I shall miss you! xxoo

  7. Beautiful work as always! You must have the most fantastic ribbon stash around!
    Your daughters are so Lovely! and a Great family photo too!

  8. Hi Julie:) I have read everything and, what is strange to me, I understood everything. Beautiful story, beautiful pictures and very romantic cards.
    It was a very interesting lesson of English too :)

  9. I'm supposed to getting ready & loading the car. What am I doing???? Reading blogs! :) Yes, I am excited about the spring EZine & it's a deal at $15. They are doing a swap with this one. SIGN UP! I think you would love it. It's right up your glittery alley (just like me). Oh, more GRANDS? Nope they are done. Now we wait for GREATS. Hugs! Charlene

  10. What a wonderful post, Julie! Gorgeous artwork and I love the photos of your family! :)

  11. Great cards as usual Julie and how nice to go off down the "sisters" route as a result. So glad you were able to make contact with your great aunt while she was still able to pass on all about your grandmother - as you say, so often you only think of these things when it's too late!

  12. I just popped in from Manuela's post. I just loved reading your post today. It is lovely. I'm happy for the opportunity you got to have your dream come true to find out more about your grandmother. What an awesome story to share. It is sacred isn't know about your heritage and your past? It can tie so many loose ends together or helps those "I wonder....." thoughts. You have a super family, and family is everything, yes? God has blessed you. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. Enjoyed visiting with you. Julie

  13. Beautiful post to start off a new month and week! Thank you for sharing and your daughters are beautiful!

  14. " ...Lord help the Mister who comes between me & my sister ... and Lord help the sister who comes between me & my man."

    More words to the song you started this post out with. Would you believe my older (13 months) sister took 13 years of dancing and we actually did a routine to this very song!! How funny is that!

    Your post was AWESOME (as always) and I couldn't agree with you more! My mother has EIGHT sisters. Unfortunately there are only 3 of the 8 left (Mom is next to the youngest and she's 80) and they still do everything together!!

    I always enjoy seeing the photos you provide ... brings back so many family memories of my own. Great job my friend!!

  15. What an interesting post , as always, love seeing your photos, and beautiful cards too. X

  16. WOW!!! Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful post.

  17. Beautiful post, all did well to get your large family together...ours is rather small and it's still not easy to make it happen.

    Beautiful creations and the photos were so lovely.

  18. What a sweet post! Love your cards, the old pictures, and hearing about your Grandma (I'm sure not as much as you did though!). I have two sisters myself, and I couldn't get along with out them. :)

  19. Julie, What a special post. I will remember it always. Go back and forth between your grandmother as Miss Idaho and your oldest daughter - they have the same face - truly beautiful! A stop by to also let you know our FINAL TAG COUNT is 13. One of my drop outs, dropped back in! Too cute to resist us! No more about tags, I promise. Again, what a super post! E

  20. Me again :) I just had to write back because you made laugh this morning. I bet Al's house IS buried under 3' of snow!! So glad he's been quiet...

    And thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement. I love my kids so much and am so blessed to be home with them. I don't know what has happened but for the first time in my life I love to exercise!! Glad you are enjoying it, too!!


  21. So sweet!! those vintage pictures are so pretty..

  22. What a lovely post. Your grandmother was so beautiful. It's so nice to have old photos that allows memories to surface So glad you were able to have one meeting with your aunt before she passed away. That, I am sure, meant all the world to her and gave you so much information about your grandmother and their relationship. Your cards are always gorgeous. Have a great week! Many blessings, Tammy

  23. Hi Julie

    I am pleased I came back to this one as after I had posted a comment yesterday I had this niggling idea it had not posted - I was right so here we go again.

    What I had said was to thank you for sharing these special little bits of your life with us all. I love reading your posts adn of course your beautiful work and recipes.

    I am so pleased you made contact with your Aunt and she welcomed you so warmly. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and how I wish I could turn back the clock. My Mum would have nothing to do with me for the last three years of her life, she was a very disturbed lady and not a day passes when I do not wonder what more I could have done to heal the devide.

    Sadly she died very suddenly last year and Dad who was my rock died a few weeks later at Christmas never knowing Mum had died. It was a dreadful few weeks and as an only child so hard to deal with or accept.

    But I am fotunate in having a wonderful husband, four children and now grandchildren and am greateful for them every day.

    Have a good week Julie, sorry that I rambled on, your post just hit a note with me.

    B x

  24. Julie, this was such a touching post. I love reading about your dear family. So glad you could spend this time with your aunt. I always wear Shalimar, too! Thank you for sharing these special memories with us. Have a nice day! Twyla

  25. Julie, such a beautiful post today. Your cards are dazzling, love the colors. The photos of your grandmother, precious. I enjoyed reading about your visit with your Great Aunt. How fulfilling and timely, for you both I'm sure. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Your family group photo is a cherished gift, especially for all of you and years from now.

  26. What a sweet, lovely post! Interesting, too, about your grandmother being named, "Miss Boise Idaho"--I lived in Boise for 6 years before moving back where I am now a couple of years ago--it is the most wonderful city, and I miss it terribly. Loved your photos, also; your daughters are so adorable! And your cards . . . just gorgeous, as always! Smiles, Jann

  27. Julie!!! What a marvelous post re: the fabulous family members you have the privilege to know and love! The photos are truly wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing...I really enjoy all of your posts and this one is especially endearing! Hugs, Coralie

  28. What a great post!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards, photos, and memories!

  29. Beautiful post Julie...and wow, what amazing art too...blessings xx

  30. What a beautiful post Julie and the photo of your daughters is just gorgeous! I love learning about people's families, I am an only child from a teeny, tiny family and am always fascinated about family dynamics!

  31. Beautiful pictures Julie, all of them!

  32. I some how missed this post until now. It really got to me. Oh your grandma was beautiful and so great you got to meet her sister. Your family is one of the best looking I've seen.