Friday, February 26, 2010

A Wee Bit O' Blarney

Good afternoon, everyone!

Hope it's been a good day so's Friday!  I always look forward to the weekend ahead with my family...hope you've all got some great things planned!

I've been thinking about St. Patrick's Day lately...I've always loved re-connecting with my wee bit of Irish heritage and enjoying all that goes with it.  I love the food--we always have a traditional dinner on St. Patty's Day, the legends, the images, everything! 

Do you know the meaning of "blarney"?  I did, but looked it up for you, means "flattering cajole with flattery..."  And do you know how you acquire this gift of flattery?  If you're not born with it, that is?!  Right here...

Well, this is a really old but lovely painting of Blarney Castle, but since I'm a vintage girl, this is the one I chose to show you!  A beautiful old castle built around 1446 by the McCarthys in County Cork, Ireland. 

Here's the official link to the Castle, where you can go and kiss the actual Blarney Stone to be endowed with the "Gift of Gab" if you desire it...I don't know about this...doesn't look comfortable, safe...or sanitary to me!

...but, that's how it's done!  Anyways.....

Last night I made a little something to share with you today...

Oh, I just LOVE these shadowbox cards of Vicki's!  I've talked about these before if you've been visiting me...these are just so much fun to make!  I went a bit overboard on this one, but just couldn't stop myself!  Lots of lace, ribbon, green crystal rhinestones, glitter, delicious new Prima flowers...all in lovely Irish shades of green, of course!

Love this sweet Irish granny...All three of these images are from Crafty Secrets' "Seasonal" Images & Journal Notes booklets (the old and the new versions).

...couldn't resist tucking in a golden coin for good luck! 

...lots of Golden Rod Stickles, some buttons, "Irish" lace, and that's about it!  These fabulous frames are available now through Crafty Secrets--you'll just love creating with these, I promise!

This morning, I made this little card--I love this image of an Irish angel--just found it online.

Isn't she beautiful?  Since my kitchen table was littered with all this green stuff from the night before, I just pretty much used the same trims for this card...they were all the right colors, so why not, right?!

Last, but not least...I wanted to share one of my very favorite movies with you.  This is an old, classic Disney film that's not quite as well known, but it's just fabulous and full of vintage charm....and a very young, very handsome Sean Connery!

Yikes!  This was only about five years into his film career...he even sings, ladies!

"Darby O'Gill and the Little People" is the name of this sweet charmer--if you don't have it--get it somehow!  You and your whole family will love this--no blarney!

***Just added--Please be sure and visit Tammy at Art and Inspirations for information about a wonderful Charity Auction to benefit Angel Faces--thanks for letting me know about it, Tammy!

***Another add-on!  Just got home from picking up my daughter from softball practice, and look what we saw when we got home! 

This is in our backyard--it looks like Ireland to me!  It's been pouring all day and the sun just came through the clouds--amazing!***

Well, that's it for me today.  Hope your weekend is full of everything wonderful and I'll be back on Sunday with something new...See you then!


  1. I love your cards, they are so sweet! Especially the little girl with the coin.

    I don't think I'd go near the Blarney stone, either. :)

    I love Darby O'Gill & the Little People. As a kid I was always afraid of the Banshee. Such a neat movie. And Sean Connery? Well... :)

    Enjoy your homemade pizza this evening!! I prefer homemade as well.

    And I hope you have a terrific weekend with your family. :)

  2. Fantastic post Julie, with beautiful creations and lots of interesting info - love visiting you X

  3. What beautiful cards. Never been to Ireland, even though it's not far away, but love your take on it all.

  4. Wow, your cards are beautiful, Julie! I am part Irish as well. You should go see Leap Year. It was very cute! That kissing the old Blarney stone does look a wee bit scary to me and very unsanitary. Ew!
    If you have a minute, can you stop by my blog to read about an upcoming Charity Art Auction? Thank you!
    Have a lovely weekend. I too love being with the family on the weekends.

  5. LOVE your St. Patty's Day cards Julie!!!
    I love the way you say you "just whipped them up"...I wish I could just "whip things up" as fast as you do and wish they would look half as pretty as yours!!!
    You sure are in a festive green mood, but then again, it IS right around the corner! It's already time to flip the February calendar!!!
    I'm with you on that's too high, I don't bend that way, and ewwww certainly NOT sanitary ~ who all kissed that???? ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend Julie, see ya Sunday!

  6. As an Irish Girl, I really appreciate this post, thanks!! And, I've actually been to the Blarney Castle and have kissed the rock! Definitely not sanitary, but I couldn't resist!

  7. Oh this gives me ideas as I have one of these images. You did them up right. That movie Yes !!! I love it and have seen it on Netflix.

  8. the cards are wonderful! i have seen that movie for sale time and time again, but never thought of buying it. now i will have to, because you said it is so great. have a great weekend :)

  9. Love these beautiful Irish creations of yours. So charming. I too, have kissed the Blarney Stone. Not that I needed more blarney bestowed upon me ;)
    It is a bit scary to be upside down like that...even though there are grates to prevent anyone from slipping down. Nice view of the countryside for the top there too. Yes, I love Sean Connery, and I love that movie. Lots of fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. hi Julie! well this is just a breathtaking project! OMG! I LOVE it! :)

  11. I love all things Irish as it is my heritage...came from a long line of McCabe's, McClintocks and Robinson's...little bit of Scotch thrown in for good measure. Darby O'Gill was so enchanting when I was growing up..didn't know Sean Connery was in it until I was an adult. Charming movie...always watch it when it's on tv. Always loved the idea of leprechauns and fairies. Wish they were real. Anyway, loved your're very talented.

  12. Your cards are simply amazing! I love everything about them and they are sooo vintage!! I have to admit my Great Grandparents came over from Ireland and St. Patrick's Day has always been special to me.

    Was there a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow??

    Oh, and Sean Connery is so dreamy but I have never seen pics of him that young! I could just listen to that accent of his all day!! Thanks for stopping by today:) Have a great weekend!

  13. Super cute projects girl! I wouldn't have kissed that wall either! gross!lol!

  14. I love those cards! I was never that big into St Patrick's Day until this year and I love everything I see. Enjoyed the rainbow in your Irish backyard! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. OK, so Darby O'Gill and the Little People is a beloved movie in our family! I have the DVD and have introduced the movie to my son!! Too funny!

  16. I love your sweet cards. I remember this movie, but didn't even realize it was Sean Connery. In fact, when you showed the photo, I thought at first that it was the oldest brother in Bonanza. I didn't even recognize him. I loved this movie when I was a child though.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Great post Julie, My mom and dad visited Ireland and she did kiss the stone!!! Shes 1/2 Irish and Loved it there so much.
    Your ATC's make me well "Green with envy" teeheehee, adorable and what a perfect end to your day with a rainbow. May you find your own pot of gold.
    P.S. I remember seeing that movie as a child oh so long ago! I'll have to rent it again.

  18. Beautiful cards and as always it is so nice to read your stories. Have a wonderful Saturday!

    Hugs Hanne

  19. Morning Julie

    A wonderful informative and friendly post as usual.

    My how young Sean Connery looks there, very different to the guy I was on TV the other evening in a recent interview with him.

    Anf I must not forget to mention you lovely artwork, just stunning.

    B x

  20. Well my friend ... your cards are amazing and equally amazing is this beautiful scene you have to ponder on! How lucky are you!! And yes, your view does appear as the hills of Ireland at the present time ... with the green, green grass and that beautiful rainbow! Awe, what a beautiful sight!
    We hope to go to Ireland one day. Mark's family is Irish (McDermott & Gallagher) ... what a treat that would be!!
    Thanks for always sharing such beautiful works of art and fun "family stuff"! I'm sure I've seen this movie .. but it has been MANY MOONS AGO!! I just might have to surprise Mark and make him watch it with me!! Have a GREAT weekend with the family! Hugs to ya!!

  21. Beautiful cards Julie & that rainbow is stunning as well! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  22. I don't know where to start! Your rainbow picture is gorgeous and yes, it Does look like Ireland! When I was a teenager I got fascinated with the Blarney Stone and wanted to know what it was all about. I was shocked to find out how one had to kiss it! Your cards are all just exceptional. Love that postcard. It's not signed, but it sure looks like a Clappsaddle. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  23. Wow! Some Irish eyes are smiling down at you from above, approving of your gorgeous tributes! Stunning art pieces, stunning photo!

  24. We love your cards!! They turned out so beautiful, you are so creative!! You really have such a beautiful view!! Have a great weekend.

    Laura & Michele

  25. Lovely cards - thanks for sharing.

  26. Julie, What a wonderful Irish post! Don't you just love green! Your cards are so very beautiful, it's hard to even comprehend because I know they are even lovelier in person. Julie, I tried, I did, to make Julie style Alice in Wonderland tags and am so disappointed with the results. The concept of my tags is good, but the rich coloring is missing. Perhaps you can take a peek and offer some suggestions to fix them. You glitter girls make it look so easy! Elizabeth

  27. Hi Julie :) Love your blog....going to look around a bit more.
    Love all the cards....simply Adorable!
    And WOW!!> amazing is your backyard!!?? A rainbow that beautiful surely had a Pot Of Gold and the end of it!

  28. Hey girlie! I know who you are! I hated moving all those tables! LOL! Don't plan on doing that again anytime soon!Thnaks for visiting my blog you are very sweet!

  29. I guess some people are willing to sacrifice safety and comfort to earn the gift of the gab! Love your shadow box card, they really give you the chance to go overboard with the embellies etc, huh?!

  30. Great Irish post, it is somewhere I would love to visit one day.
    Your cards are just delightful too :) Hope you are having a great weekend.

  31. What a wonderful post, Julie. Your cards are absolutely fabulous - love the frames and the vintage Irish images. Thanks for including all the fun facts about blarney. My DH's family is Irish and believe me, they have the gift of the gab for sure!

    Have a great week!


  32. Great post, coming from Liverpool and being called Keri I of course have Irish ancestry so love these wonderful cards! Hope you have had a fab weekend Julie x

  33. My first visit to yor beautiful blog-found you through Mama your ideas (and I'm of Irish descent, too!)
    Happy to be the newest member of your admirers!

  34. In all the upset that was my week last week, I somehow missed this!! I just love your St Patricks Day cards. How sweet they are! I have not been to Ireland yet, but it is on our list of places we want to go one day. Todd has been and he says it and the people are just lovely! My chiropodist and best friend here are both Irish and I just adore each of them. I, too, have some Irish ancestors. One day we will step upon that Island and I will be able to explore to my hearts content. I send love and hugs from across the sea!! xxoo