Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Postcards--Birdies and Babies

Good evening, everyone!

It's been raining like crazy here in California today!  We've got a bit of a break right now, but there's more coming!

This will be a very quick post tonight--trying to make up for all my long ones lately!  I finished a couple of pretty postcards from Crafty Secrets' Vintage Postcard Kits...here's the first one...

This sweet springtime image is from their "Family" Vintage Postcard Kit--so many lovely images in this set!  They are so quick and easy to do--can do as little or as much as you'd like--they always turn out beautifully!  Here I just added some silver shavings glitter, some topaz crystal rhinestones, Dazzling Diamonds on the nest, an acrylic amber bead, and some brown & cream gingham ribbon--all done!

And then we have...

...an adorable baby girl image--complete with poem--so sweet!  Again, some silver glitter, Dazzling Diamonds, some deep rose rhinestone crystals, and red pompom trim...tie a ribbon on top for hanging, and you're done!  The natural light wasn't very good today---sure shows in my photos--oh, well!

That's it for me tonight--told you it would be quick!  I'll be back tomorrow night with something new...see you then!


  1. These are so precious! I especially love the Mama and baby birds!!

    I hope you get some sunshine tomorrow :)

  2. We love your postcards! Very Spring-y. The glitter adds the perfect little touch.

    We hope you have a wonderful week!

    Laura & Michele

  3. As usual your tags came out just beautiful.

  4. such fun postcards...But I really loved the post below about sisters...all about your grandmother (Miss Boise!-that's mu stomping grounds)and how the age gap between you and your sisters...my dd are 28, 20, and 13...all all great friends! True blessings...

  5. Looks lovely...special the birds tag.


  6. Both lovely Julie and especially love the one with the birdies, so right for Spring.

    B x

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words in my blog! And thank you so very, very much for sharing your family story! I must admit that I cryed a bit too when reading. I have a big family myself and like you we are coming together once a year. Warm hugs from cold Norway

  8. super sweet, especially the baby birds!

  9. These are too sweet!
    Hope you will have a sunny day today!
    Hugs Hanne

  10. These are so pretty. Especially love that first little one to hang at home. Hope the rain has ceased. Fortunately, we have had beautiful weather the past two days. The dust has cleared for now. :) Blessings, Tammy

  11. You make such wonderful creations with the postcard kits, Julie, and these are beautiful images. Hope you see the sun shine soon!

  12. Julie, You cards are GORGEOUS! You do a fantastic job on all of your art pieces and I love seeing your accomplishments! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Coralie

    Also... If you have a chance, please visit my daughter Carrie's blog (www.carriesayer.com) as she writes about her husband's loss of job last week. They have two toddlers and are trying to stay positive! I know she'd appreciate a visit!

  13. Thee are just beautiful! A great reminder of springtime

  14. Mama Julie.......How do you do it? I NEED to know!!!! Seriously can you teach me? I want to make a card just half that cute! We both have babies on the brain! Check out my post today! It will make you giggle!!! I miss my babies!!!
    Mama Holli

  15. These are so beautiful, Jules....those postcard kits are so lovely and you make them even lovelier!

    Hope your day is as sunny as ours here in Northern Illinois...it's only 34 degrees, but the sun is out!

  16. Oh Julie...I love these! Love the sculptured cuts & trimmings...I just love them!!!

    Hope you don't shrivel up in the rain...the sun will come out soon~

  17. These are just beautiful...you have such a talent! :D

  18. lovely and unique as always!


  19. Hi Julie,
    Wonderfully springy projects! Thank you for finding my blog and for leaving a comment. It was so nice meeting you at CHA-crazy place but lots of fun! I'm so glad you are getting so involved with Crafty Secrets-great crew over there, and fun products. Hopefully we'll see you in Chicago as well...

    Take care,

  20. These are lovely Julie. Your yellow post was an enjoyable read too. that cake looked delicious.