Friday, February 19, 2010

Pink Roses, Vintage Violets for Velda...and the Icing on the Cake!

Good evening, everyone!

Hope it's been a great day for you all!  We're in for some storms here in's been brewing and hovering for hours...but nothing yet!

I've got a few things for you tonight.  Over at Splitcoast in the Crafty Secrets' forum, Pammyjo is hosting this week's challenge..."Primarily Pink".  We were to use pink as the predominating color in our card.  Easy peasy!

Here's my card for the challenge:

This sweet image is from Crafty Secrets' "Childhood" Images & Journal Notes booklet...I just love using these for inspiration!  The beautiful background rose paper is from their "Radiant" paper pack. 

The big, fat gorgeous rose I cut out is from DCWV's brand new & fabulous "Vintage Collage" stack--just found it at Michaels the other day--run over and get it quick!!!  Also, check out this wonderful lace frame I also got at Michaels--just perfect for a sweet little vintage image!

Yesterday was my dear Grandmother Velda's birthday.  She's been gone now for nine years...hard to believe.  I always think of her on her birthday and remember so many lovely times together.  She taught me so much, as I've mentioned on earlier posts, and I think of her almost every day as I'm doing small, simple tasks around the house that she taught me how to do...

Grammie, as we called her, loved violets.  She remembered her grandmother always giving her violets on her birthdays, often in pretty little baskets...once she remembered being presented with a beautiful cut crystal basket that held her birthday violets.  I was fortunate to get a crystal basket of hers when she died...I always wonder if it was the same one she received from her grandmother when she was a girl...

Well, in honor of Grammie's birthday, I made this card...

...the image I used is Velda herself, as a little girl.  This has always been one of my very favorite old family photos...she looks like a little cherub!  I found some beautiful vintage violet images online, and used them to embellish her card. The color is a little off here...looks better in person, of course!

Every year on every birthday card, Grammie would sign her name and put "X's and O's" underneath her name--an "XO" for each year.  The last card I received from her was my 38th, and even though her handwriting was getting very shaky, there were, indeed, 38 "XOXOXOXOXO...'s" on my card.  Such a sweet tradition and an even sweeter memory for me.

The "X" & "O" stamps are from Crafty Secrets' new "Message on a Bottle" stamp set.  Lots of silver shavings glitter, Dazzling Diamonds on the violets, buttons in shades of violet, some lace & ribbon, and that's a wrap!

Here's another photo of the beautiful Velda on her wedding day in 1937...

Grammie had a favorite homemade frosting she would whip up to dazzle a cake--whether for a birthday, or a cake just for fun after school for the kids.  My Mom said they loved this frosting so much, it was often their request for their birthday cakes. 

Velda got this recipe from her mother, Estella, who got it from her mother, Sarah...wonder where it started....?  I made it tonight in her honor, and it was delicious! 

Just a regular chocolate cake mix will do, unless you want to get all fancy!  The frosting is glossy, and thick and smooth...perfect!  Here's the recipe:

Velda's Quick Never-Fail White Icing

1 egg white
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 cup boiling water
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 tsp vanilla

Put egg whites, salt, sugar and cream of tartar in mixing bowl, and mix together lightly.  Add the boiling water and beat with hand mixer on fastest speed until thick, glossy, and it forms peaks.  While mixing, keep turning the bowl and scraping the sides.  Add vanilla and mix in gently.

Spread on cake, making peaks with spreader.  If desired, melt a bit of semi-sweet chocolate and drizzle it on the frosting...YUM!  Enjoy!

Well, that's it for tonight...hope you have a wonderful night & a great weekend...and make something delicious!

Sweet Dreams...


  1. What a darling little girl and a beautiful the cake too, very yummy! :D

  2. Such a sweet and tender post Julie. I love the cards, especially the one in honor of your sweet Grammie. We called our grandmother that as well and I am also known as Grammie. It is a beautiful name to me. You are so lucky to have such fond memories of your grandmother. My maternal grandmother died when I was very young and we did not get to know our other grandmother that well. There was a language problem and we only ever saw here very rarely. I think 3 or 4 times in my lifetime. I wish I had known her better. What a tasty looking cake you have there!! Love the chocolate swirls on the frosting!! Yummo!! I expect you are in bed sleeping by now. Sweet dreams my dear friend!! Have a wonderful weekend! love and hugs! xxoo

  3. Your cards an the little girl are so sweet. I love it!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Julie, what a beautifull post,
    I think your cards are so beautifully sweet, and I love the colorschemes on both.And the photoes are endeed wonderfull of your grandmother.
    The frosting is fantastic to see, uuuhhhhmmmm.
    Have a wonderfull week-end dear.
    xo Dorthe

  5. Beautiful post! Your cards are gorgeous and the cake looks so yummy!!!!

  6. Wonderful memories! Haven't made that frosting in years, yet it was one of my favourites. thank you for posting it.

  7. Julie,

    What a lovely post. Your grandmother's picture is beautiful and the lovely card you made is stunning. Isn't it amazing how fond we are of our grandmother's? They were all so loving and sweet.

    Great story and lovely post.

    xo Cathy

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how alike we are in so many ways. It may be due to the fact that we share the same grandma did the same xoxoxo after all of her signatures.
    I still have ALL the cards I ever received from her up till the last ones with shaky signatures.
    Thanks for a wonderful walk down the lane of memories....

    These cards are stunning and a wonderful tribute. They just ooze the love you express in your post.

  9. I just love your creations! The rose you used is simply gorgeous! A wonderful reminder that spring is not too far away. The pink combinations are so pretty, too!!
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with your family :)

  10. Wow! These are truly stunning. I love how you cut the rose out of DP for the first card. I wish we sold that paper at JoAnn's, I hate to give Michaels any business. JUstlove the color, flowers, and buttons on the second one too. Both are truly gorgeous!

  11. Wow Julie! I'm so glad it was Grammie's birthday as we all got to enjoy these wonderful goodies you shared with us!!! Those cards are absolutely gorgeous and such detail! Love that big fat rose...gotta go get me some of that at Michael's!!!!
    And that cake? Okay...another five pounds just starring at it...thanks Julie! haha
    I love the memories you have of your grandmother. I'm sure she was celebrating with you from Heaven!!!
    {she really does look like a cherub!}

    everything vintage

  12. My grandma also loved violets. I was given her collection of violet teacups.

    The icing sounds great!

  13. Julie, I am near to tears here in Ohio with the arrival of your most beautiful cards. I had no idea how intricate and heavy they would be in person. They are so very beautiful. I will post tomorrow, but you couldn't know that the bluebird/brown card is the colors of my spare bedroom. It is wonderful there, and I can see it as I type! You have won me over! Away will all my vintage cute - my next project must be elegant! Today's post is inspiration station! I feel so silly having asked to swap my silly tag books for these cards Julie. Truly I am overwhelmed. Elizabeth

  14. Love your vintage collage artwork..precious.the cake I am drooling over!!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. That big fat rose is a real gorgeous! Loving your cards Julie, and that cake looks delicious I have to say!!

  16. HI Julie, I'm so glad you stopped by to *meet me* I love meeting new girls out in blog land. Thanks for the compliments on my blog! Yours is sweet too.. the cards youre making are awesome! Im going to hop up and become a follower of your blog too.. so I shall soon be back!
    have a great night.

  17. Your cards are just stunningly beautiful! And I so enjoyed this post! What a wonderful woman your grandma must have been--I love your photos of her! What precious memories. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us bloggers!

  18. Julie, Your words on my post were greatly needed today. I was sent two beautiful wedding Victorian postcards that truly must be a sign to explore the "other" side of my creativity. My work feels so ridiculous to me at times. Even Mary Englebreit has cleared out her home for a more sophisticated look! I better take it slow, I don't want to shock anyone! By the way, your cards look very sophisticated on my black bookcases in my living room. E

  19. I love that gorgeous ROSE!!! And the photo of Velda is so beautiful! Your posts are always so lovely. Thanks for sharing and for you visit!

  20. Hi Julie,
    What a wonderful tribute this post is to your "Grammie"!! That baby picture of her is too precious and that icing looks amazing!!


  21. Julie, your cards are beautiful and you know I love hearing about your ancestors. Your grandma Velda sounds like such a dear person. The icing is a 'must try'. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day! Twyla

  22. Julie, everything I've found on your blog is amazingly beautiful.You have a new fan of your works :) Thank you for visit on my blog and nice comment :)

  23. An absolute feast for the eyes Julie! Amazing art! - Kris

  24. Oh my! Now I must eat CAKE!!! ;)

    Lovely cards and lovely Velda! ♥

  25. I've been looking for the DCWV Vintage stack but can't find it! Now I'm more determined! Just gorgeous stuff!

  26. Julie,
    What a charming post. I was getting all teary eyed while reading about your Grammie. The "cherub" photo of her is precious, such a lovely card you made to honor her. I love how she is in your thoughts every day, and that means you are in hers as well. I do believe that to be true. I had the very best of relationships with both my Grandmothers and there is no other love quite like a Grandmother's love. I am so looking forward to being a Grandmother in the far future. Something to look forward to eventually ;)

  27. Hi Julie,

    Such a sweet post! Your cards are fantastic as always! The sweet image of your grandmother as a child: Love it!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments! Love every one of them:)
    Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs Hanne

  28. What a beautiful tribut you have made to your grandma! What wonderful photos you have of her!!!!! And I wanted to share that the frosting that your grandma was the favorite in our home also! In my family it was called " Iones's Boiled Frosting" Ione was my aunt. I still make it today for my brother and kids on their birthdays! LOVE IT! It reminds of my family who have been gone for years and years now....your work is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!