Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Stamping, Storybook Houses, and a Sweet Love Story...

Good evening, all! So much to do today, hope you stick with me till the end, because that's where the sweet, true-love story is....!

First of all--oh, my! I'm so thrilled to be asked to join Julie Murray and the Design Team--Alison, Sarah and Sandi--of The Play Date Cafe' Challenge! I'm just so excited to be part of this talented team--they are such warm and welcoming women, and just wait till you see the fun planned for the rest of the year--and beyond! This will be my first week to host, and I'm really looking forward to everyone's beautiful creations! There's still time to join in this week, and I hope you do, if you haven't already! Sandi's hosting this week, and her beautiful color selection can be seen in my post from yesterday...Thanks so much, ladies!

More I received two very beautiful cards in the from my sweet friend, Darlene, and the other from another kind friend--also from Splitcoast, Melisa. Both were sending well-wishes for getting over my bug--I'm doing much better, ladies, and your thoughtfulness really made my day--thank-you both!

So many wonderful people in the blog world--if I'd only known...I'd have done this SO much sooner!

Okay, down to "business"! I've got three cards for you tonight--all from three of my favorite stamp companies! My first card tonight is for a sketch challenge at Pink Persimmon--

I love Scottie's --we have a Scotty...she was VERY expensive! Her pedigree says she's 100% Scottish Terrier, but I'm fairly certain that somewhere in her family tree, a TASMANIAN DEVIL played a part, because that's what she is! We love her, she's adorable, but she can't be in the house--she EATS my house! But this little Scotty image is peaceful and sweet, isn't it?!

Had fun with this one--thanks for the challenge, Pink Persimmon!

My next card uses an image from Crafty Secrets' "Christmas" Images & Journal Notes.

This is one of my favorite images in the booklet--mostly because I love pictures from this time periods, around the 1920's, and I love the style of these houses--very storybook or bungalow style--my favorite!

Those beautiful, steep, snow-covered roofs, the beautiful colors of the houses...aaahhh! Making this card made me pull out one of my favorite books on Storybook Houses. If I could live in one of these beauties, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Bear with me, here...I want to share some beautiful Storybook-style homes I found online...

Aren't these fabulous??? Okay, maybe not to everyone's taste--but they just make me happy!

These houses were very popular in southern California--especially in Hollywood--can you see why?

Last but certainly not least...while making this last card with a fabulous new set from Cornish Heritage Farms,

(***Just added the card I made to the post--for some reason it got deleted last night, so you were all probably wondering WHAT card I said I made with this set! Ah, technology!)

...I was reminded of my great-grandparents, Glenn and Estella Stapley. I have a picture of them that the couple in the stamp really remind me of...

...and the house he built for her in the 1920's...a large, beautiful home in the palm-lined lanes of old Phoenix, Arizona...

In this picture, you can see the large screened-in porch upstairs where the kids would sleep in the summer...

Glenn and Estella were, literally, childhood sweethearts. They always said they were born "a day apart and a mile apart", in Mesa, Arizona , on June 6th and 7th of 1895. No details've read quite enough from me for now! Just a sweet love story to go to sleep on...sweet dreams!

(Scotty card: Pink Persimmon's "Ric Rac Circle" set, "Little Christmas Cottage" set, "Vintage Cupcake" set, "Scotty Dogs" set. )


  1. Congrats, Julie on joining the Team!! :) I love your vintagey, whimsical and fun style - no wonder they wanted you! The scotty card is sweet...we have a Westhighland White terrier and I know EXACTLY what you mean about having some tasmanian devil in them! Most terriers are notorius in that manner, aren't they? We also had a beautiful big home in my husband's family - it looks quite similar to the one from your family - but ours was in Santa Barbara, CA! And they left sweet memories as well with all of their offspring....the good old days!

  2. Yet another thing we have in common...I love storybook houses...thatched roofs...AND victorian homes...painted ladies.

    Welcome to the design team, Julie...your style will be so fun to add to the mix!

  3. Love these pics Julie! Your cards are GORGEOUS as always! Congrats on the dt are AWESOME!! :)

  4. I totally enjoyed your blog post tonight Julie. The Scotty card is perfect in every way, I love all the details that you included, it really is a lovely card. I am with you, I would love to move in to a storybook home, they are so pretty.

  5. I love story book homes as well Julie. I live in one right now here at Oak Cottage, but of course it is not our own, only on loan as long as I work for the people up at the Manor House. One day it is my dream to have one of our very own! My ex mother in law had a Scottie Dog and he was a real sweetheart. Fergie was his name, short for Ferguson! WE all adored him. I love your Scottie Dog card. It's beautiful as is the other one and I loved the pictures of your grandparents and their home. How wonderful! And congrats on your DT position. Well deserved! I, for one, am very glad that you discovered blogging! I adore you! xxoo

  6. Congrats on your new DT! and I love the pink persimmon card. I want to play along with the sketch, I have a few of their sets but not the scotties and now you're making me want them!

  7. Congratulations on the DT! The Scotty dog card is adorable; of course, I love the plaid! The robin egg blue velvet ribbon is the perfect touch to your CS card. Those houses, goodness sakes, they are fabulous!

  8. Julie - I have to laugh...I TOTALLY remember Angus McPladdy Scottydog. I have memories of Chelsey yelling (at the top of her lungs) out the door..."AAAANNNNGGUUUUSSS!" So fun that you still have one.

  9. Julie, they are so fortunate to have you on their design team! I love that card with the cottages. It's so funny, because I always search for postcards and vintage greeting cards with cottages on them. I especially love the steep roofed ones. I loved all the storybook houses you showed. I would love that book. I hope you have a wonderful day! Twyla

  10. The houses are like story book and always a love story is the best... Blessings today.

  11. Scotty dogs and plaid are always a winner...I love the rick rack circle!
    DT? you go girl , congrats...they are lucky to have you!
    Love al the velvet and lace on your storybook card. When I go up to Chico to see my son they have several houses up there that have scaled down versions of those fun to look at.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the CHF set's a hoot
    My in laws lived in Mesa,AZ for several years, how great to see these vintage photos. What a wonderful house.

  12. Congratulations on being on the design team. I have no doubt in my mind why you were asked. Talent is oozing from your every pore. The cards you created with the Scottie dog and gorgeous house are beautiful. You pay attention to details that just make your pieces outstanding. Love the connections you make in your posts too.

  13. I've never heard of storybook houses! Had them in my dreams, but never thought they really existed on this earth. How fabulous!!!
    And also fab that you're joining the team :) Looking forward to working with you on the team, you know I love your style :)

  14. Julie,
    Your cards are so pretty. I love Scotty dogs, and cottages. Such a sweet family story, too. I love genealogy too. I've been researching the family tree for years now. I lived in Mesa for about 9 months, 4 years ago. Interesting to see a vintage Arizona home.

  15. Congratulations on the DT spot! You're so talented I'm sure it was an easy choice!

    I love the Scottie dog card! I was really laughing when you said she ate the house. My dog like plastic when she was this day all my trash cans have a gnawed edge! :D


  16. I think I posted in the wrong spot under your other post...your blog-o and this card are fabulous! Can't wait to come back and peruse all this loveliness some more!

  17. i love the cards! the picture of your grandparents and the house is amazing :)
    cant wait to hear the story.

  18. Your Pink Persimmon card is just plain adorable!

  19. OK, I was wondering where the Domestic Love card was. I read thru the other comments and no one else asked about it so I just let it go, too. hah!

    I love it! You really know how to capture the spirit of these images.

  20. Congrats on joining the PDC DT! Cute projects - love the scotty card and what you did with the Domestic love set - the two tags for the sentiment and beater look fabulous!

  21. A huge congratulations to you, Julie, on being asked to join the Play Date DT. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Love the cards you just posted. Three fabulous works of art - very drool worthy! And thanks for sharing the storybook houses and love story. Such sweet sentiment makes my heart happy!

  22. Many, many congratulations on your news Julie. Was just trawling around and found the post about it on Julie's Open Window. You must be so thrilled to bits on a well deserved new DT job. Your vintage style work is so gorgeous and I'm joining your merry band of followers so as not to miss anything else.
    Your lovely comments on my blog are always such a delight to receive too so thank you so much for all those.
    Sending hugs, Fliss xxx

  23. Julie,
    What a great post!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your cards!!! How long does it take you to make one? I love the photo of your great grandparents! What a sweet story, made me smile! Memories are the most precious things we possess are they not. Thanks for the happy notes on my blog you leave!! They make my day!! Truly they do! I love that you added my button to your sidebar....looking for yours!! Have a blessed day! Silly old Mama Holli

  24. I made you a button for my sidebar!!
    Mama Holli

  25. It's so lovely to meet you, Julie, and to discover your wonderful blog!!!! Thank you for visiting mine and leaving such nice comments! Your artwork is gorgeous, and those photos of the storybook houses made me smile (and sigh!)--they are so pretty and so magical! Those are things I love, too. Loved the pictures of your great-grandparents and their home, also! I'm adding you to my list of favorites--I will be back very soon!!!!! Smiles, Jann PS--Congrats on being asked to join the design team--it should be lots of fun!

  26. Jules.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards.. wowza.. and the storybook houses.. aww.. wow they remind me of snow well :) love the photos though... :) and your grandparents are ADORABLE.. such a sweet couple..
    I am so happy you are on our team.. :)

  27. Wow what fantastic cards! I am particularly in love with the Scotty card - adorable and the tartan is perfect.
    Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment on my little chipboard star. I shall play with it some more though - I think it needs some more layers - I am terribly impatient and always posting things on my blog before I feel that they are really finished and then end up tinkering with them more later - I must work on that, so silly. Lol! What a lovely story about your daughter's middle name.
    Hope you are feeling much better now x x x x

  28. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Julie! Love the artwork, the photos (my kind of houses, I tell ya!), the stories. So sweet!

  29. Congratulations, sweet dear! I absolutely adore the all the vintage loveliness is this excellent post. (That Scottie dog is too cute for words!)

    Thank you dearly for your beautiful comments. I really hope you're having an excellent week!
    ♥ Jessica

  30. Julie first I believe congratulagitons are in order! What a visually stunning read! I LOVED IT!!!! Thank you for joining my blog I will be keeping up with yours also.

  31. First let me say I love the cards, but the Scotty spoke to me. We had a little guy for 23 years. he was the love of my Dad's life. Thank's for that memory. Then I need to say how enchanting those storybook houses are. I think there is a place in Malibu where a guy built 7,8,9 or so of little storybooks houses. They remind me of larger versions.
    Then, your grandparents. That is such a sweet story. I love the house your grandfather built for your grandmother. Here in the south sleeping porches are a necessity at times. What a wonderful place to go up.

  32. Your cards are fabulous! What a wonderful story about your grandparents.

  33. Julie, These are wonderful photos and stories, especially the true story of the great love shared by your grandparents. What a beautiful tribute to them in this post! Thanks for sharing all these sweet treasures! Hugs, Coralie

  34. Ok Julie, I really got carried away reading your beautiful blog!!! This story of Glenn and HAVE to tell us about it! Such a beautiful couple, I'm sure your family has some awesome memories to share.
    I love all of your creations are so talented. I wish I had the time to play...maybe one day when WORK is no longer in my vocabulary!
    I really really really enjoyed my visit here, thank you for having me and I think I'll just scroll down some more and be nosey~
    everything vintage

  35. That house is gorgeous and the story alongside, an absolute dream. If I were only half as fortunate as she!