Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of Pilgrims, Plimoth Plantation, Pumpkins...and Thanks!

Good morning, everyone! Hope the day is going well for you--wherever you may be!

Today, we're going VERY far back as we can go in this country and still be speaking English--with a Dutch accent, that is!

I LOVE the Pilgrims...those hardy, God-loving people who came here in 1620 on a very small ship, The Mayflower. We all know the bare-bones of the story so well, but I've studied them quite a bit in my life. I've always loved these people. My family history has been done pretty far back...I was lucky to have a lot of it already done for me by the time I was a girl and fell in love with it (genealogy). The vast majority of my family came from England in the 1600s and settled in New England. And quite a few of my direct ancestors were on the Mayflower.

It's interesting when you get a small group of people that live in one place, set down deep roots and don't move around much....they start to inter-marry, and pretty soon, most of them are related! My husband and I are descended from many of the same families way back then, and as a result, our children are directly descended from 16 of those original Pilgrims...which is why I love them. Very grateful for all they did, so I --and many of us--could be where we are and who we are today. (I'm sure I've got MANY Pilgrim cousins out there!!!)

Don't worry...not going to give you a history lesson today! Just wanted to remember them in my post, as they've been on my mind lately...

Our Thanksgiving celebration is so much different from the one they celebrated in 1621, but I'm so grateful that we have be together, to share our thankfulness with God and with each other, and to remember these wonderful souls.

There is a wonderful place very near the original Plymouth settlement called "Plimoth Plantation"--have you ever been there--it's amazing! Costumed actors go about their duties and conversations with each other, and they interact with you, but they don't "know" or speak about anything past 1627, I believe. It's really fun! I've been there a few times--without my girls, though, and I can't wait to go again with them!

Here's a link to Plimoth Plantation--so much wonderful information for your kids and for an authentic Thanksgiving meal!

I found a delicious recipe in one of my books, "Giving Thanks", which was done in correlation with Plimoth Plantation. This is for Stewed Pompion, or pumpkin! Ready? Here you go:

"The Housewives manner is to slice (the Pompions)when ripe, and cut them into dice, and so fill a pot with them of two or three Gallons, and stew them upon a gentle fire a whole day, and as they sink, they fill again with fresh Pompions, not putting any liquor to them; and when it is stew's enough, it will look like bak'd Apples; then they Dish, putting Butter to it, and a little Vinegar. (with some Spice, as Ginger, &c.) which makes it tart like an Apple, and so serve it up to be eaten with Fish or Flesh; It provokes Urin extreamly and is very windy."

Well...what do you think? Are you going to give it a go for your Thanksgiving Dinner next week?! Just in case, here's the recipe again in more modern terms!

Stewed Pumpkin

4 cups cooked and mashed pumpkin

4 Tbsp. butter

1-2 Tbsp. cider vinegar

1-2 tsp. ground ginger (or any combination of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and pepper, to taste)

1 tsp. salt

Place the pumpkin, butter, vinegar ginger, and salt in a saucepan over low heat. Stir and heat until all of the ingredients are well combined and hot. Adjust the seasonings to your liking and serve.

Sounds a bit like a pumpkin pudding--I'm going to try it! I like trying historical recipes--helps you feel a bit of a connection, doesn't it?

I made a simple little pilgrim card to share with you today. Got this beautiful, old image from Cora on her lovely blog Clearly Vintage. Thanks, Cora!

Didn't get very glittery with this one...just wanted to stay simple. Sorry--can't seem to quit using this brown/cream gingham ribbon--I promise I'll stop after Thanksgiving...or when it runs out, which will be soon! I just LOVE it!

Before I go, just wanted to say thank-you to Maureen at Celestial Charms ...I won a couple of beautiful vintage aprons yesterday that she was giving away--so excited about that! I'll show you when they arrive! Thanks, Maureen! Go visit her at her beautiful blog--you'll love it!

Another big THANK-YOU to the sweet Jessica at Chronically Vintage for awarding me her own special Chronically Fantastic award--I'm thrilled --and what an adorable award--she's just so clever! (You can see it on my sidebar!) When you go for a lovely visit, tell her I said hello!

Well, that's enough from me posts tend to get a little long sometimes...hope you don't mind! Thank-you for letting me dig deep into the vintage well today, and share some of my favorite people with you!

I'll be back tomorrow with favorite Thanksgiving thinking about your own traditional recipes...we'll talk about them then! Have a wonderful day!

(Thanks to Karen, the Graphics Fairy, for sharing this beautiful image!)