Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just One Small Girl


A new adventure for me…one I didn’t know if I’d ever take.


But doing it for someone else—well, that’s another thing entirely…

Just One Small Girl image {this button will remain on my sidebar}

To share some of the work of my beautiful and talented mother, Karen O. Smith, I’ve opened a new Etsy shop featuring her adorably whimsical creations.


Since she was a child in the 1940s, she has been making dolls and articulated toys.  When her parents told her they couldn’t afford to buy the wonderfully articulated and detailed dolls she admired, she would simply figure out how to make them herself.


If it is flexible, has joints or will stand by itself, it intrigues and inspires her, and she will never create {or buy!} a doll unless it can do just that.


Her own designs, and made of the finest of materials {100% German Schulte mohair and German wool felt—the same used in the classic Steiff toys}, handmade with skill and care…


…sweet, scalloped felt clothing, faces and clothes embroidered with a loving hand…


Both hedgehogs and “regular” folks, each has a unique character & personality all it’s own…

Shown at Toy Fair in New York City and featured in a European toy catalog {they even asked her to create something special for their cover!} ,her work is now available through my little shop.  No longer wishing to work to promote her creations, she has left it up to me…

Karen Smith in doll shop 2010 2_edited-1[4]_edited-1

…and I am more than happy to do so!

I hope you’ll stop by and visit the shop sometime—we’ll be there!


See you soon with something new…



  1. Oh Julie! Your mothers whimsical dolls are adorable!! I really think the hedgehog doll is really sweet :) I also have dolls that I created but they have only been on paper...someday I might actually make them...

  2. Julie,
    They are wonderful, wonderful dolls and she is a beautiful mother!

  3. These are just precious good wishes on your new adventure :) Elaine

  4. They look so cute,
    I'm sure a lot of girls would be happy to have them.

  5. Oh my gosh Julie!... those are sooo adorable!... how sweet of you to open an Etsy shop for your mama's precious creations... I just visited there... I love them all, but Helga Hedgehog is my favorite!... something special to add to my wish list now!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. You come from a very talented family indeed! Your mother's creations are so very sweet. The detail on the clothing is amazing. Wishing you both much success. Tammy

  7. Oh my -- she's wonderfully talented!

  8. Julie, Your Mothers Dolls are Gems! Please do tell her how much I admire them, such fantastic detail... Very very nice oxox

  9. Such adorable dolls--and what intricate detail on the felt clothing--magnificent!

  10. Your Mom's dolls are just so darling don't know when I've seen cutier.

  11. Such cute dolls... I can definitely see where you get your talent!

  12. Wow, those are adorable and such fine craftwork. In awe!