Saturday, February 16, 2013

Forget Me Not


The little book in the antique shop grabbed me. 


Picking it up and turning carefully through it’s pages, I fell in love…


…not just with the book itself, but the meaning and history behind it.

The carrying around of a book to capture—in an instant—the hand of a friend.  The thoughts of a loved one.  A moment in time, never to be repeated…


The plea of a girl to those she would, through the years, hand the little book to:

“To my Friends

I ask not gold, clear red like flame

Or Jewels, or lace or velvet fine

I only ask a thought, a name

A verse or loving line.

So shall I gain, yet you confess,

Your riches have grown more the less.



From 1889 to 1897, the writing—the hand—of friends and family was captured by Elva on pages now colored by time…





Bits of beautiful, old German scrap graces some of the pages…




…did you notice the forget-me-nots in these sweet images?  So did I.


Just a few of it’s pages shared with you today…a by-gone tradition to be savored in a day when it seems we barely share our handwriting with others any more…



…a few strokes of the keys on computer or cell phone…messages of love left, of course-- but a lack of that personal touch, I think…our hand………


A reminder to leave more behind me than cyber messages on digital pages.  Something tangible.  Something me.  Something touched  by my hand

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  1. I wanted to let you know that the little hedgehog couple arrived on Valentines Day! I am so amazed...the darling details...the perfect crafting! There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to describe how adorable they are. I have wanted hedgehog dolls since I lived in Germany in the early 80's...they were prohibitively expensive. Especially things made by Steiff. Your dear mother can craft Steiff right out of business. I will treasure them forever! Thank you to you and your mom.

  2. I Bet this Little Book Jumped into You Hands! What a Beautiful Little Gem from the Past! I Love the Handwriting and her Diction. Gosh I wonder How Old She was?! I Think we have talked about this Before Julie, these Handwritten Pieces & Letters are becoming a Lost Art Form. Our Future Generations won't have these to Remember their Past. My Mother still Sends Handwritten Letters and Cards to all Of Us. That was Her Generation Way. I still have Many of her Cards and Letters Tucked away.
    Thank You for Sharing!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend My Friend!

  3. Oh Julie, this is such a touching post!... you found the most priceless treasure ever in that little book... so happy it is now in your loving hands, as I know it will be handled with care and even more love... as much as I love to look at things on the computer, I so miss the old days when a handwritten letter would arrive... I try to keep up the tradition of handwriting cards and letters... and of course my journals... thank you for sharing this beautiful find... xoxo... Julie Marie

  4. This book is so pretty Julie! I love the old handwriting in it. I remember getting an autograph book for my birthday one year and how excited I was to fill it up :)
    sending hugs...

  5. Julie...what a beautiful post...and I couldn't agree with you more.....nothing beats the personaltouch of a handwritten note.

    Thanks for sharing thistouching and inspirational post...I truly loved every bit of it!!!

  6. Wow...a lot of spelling iPad is acting up!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  7. What a wonderful find Julie. I so hope the future generations don't let the written word go by the wayside. xoxo

  8. I so agree....with all the facebooking and bloggin going on...people hardly ever even write a letter anymore. I think it is important to have to Tangible things.
    What a delightful little book.
    I have an autograph book too...........gosh, probably given to me in late elementary or jr high. Can't remember.
    I should go try and find it and see what is in there. I do remember my mom having written in it though.
    she said:
    Good Better Best
    Never Let it Rest
    Till the Good is Better
    and The Better is Best

  9. I agree with you & Elva that the written word is so special. I love that a sweet girl like you found this special book as you value such things! You with your talent for words/journaling should be the one to have this. Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful week! It's getting green & starting to feel like spring here in Texas how about there?

  10. Such lovely handwriting. My grandmother used to tell me about the country school that she attended and the required penmanship classes they took. Her handwriting was lovely as a result.
    Have a wonderful day, Julie.
    Carolynn xo