Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentines to Keep

DSC02221_edited-1 {the cover of my little Moleskine Valentine book}

A new little book for me to play in…thoughts of Valentines past, sweet memories of hearts & flowers and other lovely things…


…favorite vintage Valentine images chosen—cutting & pasting to my heart’s content…pages covered with little messages of love delivered long ago…

DSC02198_edited-1 {the day was a bit gloomy to be taking pictures, but what’s a girl to do?!}

…and now gathered together in my little Valentine journal.


And I love it so, so much!


Inspired by the Victorian scrapbooks that young girls and women kept in days gone by, and by my sweet Valentine scrapbook purchased a couple of years ago that I wrote about here


I’ll fill these pages—some this year, some in years to come—with thoughts of the heart…


Beautiful poems, sweet sayings from one sweetheart to another, lovely memories--and some awkward ones--of my Valentine days long past…


A favorite sonnet from the Bard couldn’t be left out here—one of my very favorite thoughts of love…


And more to come. 

Wishing you a season filled with lovely memories of your Valentines past…