Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet Charlottes

DSC02146_edited-1 {a lovely bunch of champagne-colored vintage pearls surround this lovely Charlotte head}

I’ve always had a weakness for these little beauties…don’t know why—I just have.

And this one, small and imperfect, is just as sweet to me as any could be. Purchased this summer at an antique shop in a little old town…


The owner told me she (my tiny Charlotte) had been made in the 1880s, and had been found—along with some of her sisters—buried in the dirt outside of the long-shut-down doll factory in Germany…

DSC02143_edited-1 {who doesn’t love a locket full of vintage rhinestones?}

…so I left her as she was—dirt and all—just to remind me of her story.


This clean and lovely Charlotte head is a “new” antique—made and sold by the lovely and creative Lisa M. Pace….

DSC02154_edited-1 {wish it wasn’t so hard to take a good picture of something under glass!}

I love my little Charlottes in their new, be-spangled locket homes.  Both the old girl and the new girl, both are beautiful in their own, unique ways…they make me very, very happy…

See you soon with something new.