Monday, October 22, 2012

This & That


A little more journal musing today…


I love to fill my pages with paint & images before I write anything—just getting them prepared is so much fun in and of itself…

Then, I like to sit—with pens nearby—while watching movies with my family…and let the rest happen.


I love using vintage images of women on my pages.  Maybe in my mind they represent me, I don’t know.  If I don’t already have something in mind for one of my ladies—which I often already do—I’ll hold up a page and ask my daughters:

“What does this girl want to say?”


And they usually have just the perfect thing. 

This last page was absolutely inspired by my middle daughter…the travel bug is deeply imbedded in her.  Someday, my dear—we WILL be adventurers—I promise…

See you soon with something new.


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  1. Those are so cute Julie!... and how fun your daughters help with inspiration at times... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Du har en smuk håndskrift, og der skal mod til bare skrive løs som du gør, men det er så skønt for os andre at se hvordan du bygger dine sider op. knus morkaren.

  3. So beautiful Julie!! Love the last page! Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. I love looking at your pages!! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. So lovely...I really need to get into this journalling myself. My middle daughter is the traveller ....she is now in Amsterdam for 3 months...with many more travel plans. It is fun to see them enjoy life. xoxo Happy day to you my friend.

  6. Julie, May I ask how the lovely images get on your pages. They don't look glued there at all. My TSG has a traveling heart as well. PS Love your black lace edges! Very you! Elizabeth

  7. Those are so pretty. Yours is NOT just regular penmanship. It is a skill and creativity that abounds from within you.
    Adventurers...that's a fun thing to look forward to.

  8. Oh Julie, such wonderful journal pages. You are so talented. I love all that you do. I need to work harder on my own journal. It is mostly forgotten at this moment. I need to kick my bottom and kickstart my creative mojo into motion! Sending love and hugs on an overcast, gloomy wet British morning. But, that is the autumn! xxoo

  9. Such lovely pages Julie. I sure wish I could write. sigh......


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