Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rocking Through the Years

 chair 18_edited-1


Chair 1_edited-1

The chair belonged to Marie.  Lovely Marie the baker.  The mother.  The loving wife…who left this life far too early…Marie Naegeli Brandley 1_edited-1

The little rocking chair that has been so carefully kept once gave relief to her tired back and rest to her feet…

chair 2_edited-1

…rocked her babies…


…and probably comforted her young daughter, Anna, after her mother was gone…far too soon.

 Anna Meier Brandly young

Not too long after her mother’s passing, Anna was sent a beautiful German china doll while her father was far away working in his native Switzerland…

chair8_edited-1{I don’t even know how old the rocking chair is…most likely 1840s-1850s.   Meant to fold-up for storage, my father, in repairing it once, had to set it in place—unfoldable---to keep it secure.} 


…both doll and chair now reside with my mother, Anna’s granddaughter.  Anna intended for the doll to go to me someday, and I will care for her as lovingly as my mother has.

A sudden, just-for-fun weekend at my parent’s house this last weekend—the idea of my sister, who joined me there…

chair 12_edited-1

Shortly before it was time to head back home, I took some pictures of doll and chair together—wonder if she ever was placed there by young Anna in the early years of doll and chair?

Whether Anna sat there in her mother’s place, doll clutched in her  little arms while she rocked and rocked and rocked…

chair 14_edited-1

I’ve taken many pictures of the doll before, but never with this detail--beautiful, daintily blushed hands…

chair 17_edited-1

…little softly pinked toes…

chair 19_edited-1

… golden hoop earrings and satin hair ribbons….

chair 5_edited-1

Little details of these much-loved family treasures…so grateful we have them to love and care for.



  1. Dejlige billeder af en antik dukke, (jeg er dukkesamler, havde ingen dukke da jeg var barn) nu har nogle stykker som denne, de er så smukke, jeg elsker dem. knus morkaren.

  2. So very beautiful and touching Julie... the doll, the chair, your memories... and your loved ones who watch over you from above... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. What lovely family treasures that you have and the story behind them.

    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  4. What lovely memories you always come up with. I adore those old German dolls, and the French ones as well. I have two old German dolls of my Mom's which I treasurer as I'm sure you will with this one someday.

  5. That chair is so beautiful. They are still making designs like that today which means it is one meant to last. And that sweet doll with all the details -- those darling toes -- really is such a treasure. Lovely photos and memories for your family. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. How wonderful that you get to care for these treasures in your family. Loved all of your tender thoughts, but then, I always do. xxoo

  7. Thank you, Julie, for sharing such special treasures and precious memories with us. You are able to paint pictures with your words, and those coupled with your charming photos bring much delight to your privileged audience.

  8. Your doll is absolutely beautiful and in great condition! I am a true doll lover and German dolls are some of the most precious!

  9. Your doll and rocking chair are such beautiful treasures. How lucky you are to have them in the family and to know all the history to go with them. Thanks so much for sharing this story.

  10. Oh my goodness I'm soooooooo behind sweet Julie! But, LOVE this post about the doll & chair. HOW SWEET! And I know you will love her as much as those before you. Thanks for sharing the story & photos. I have missed all my blogging buddies as we've been traveling & more home remodel stuff. GEEEZ that takes a lot of time (& $$$$$$) but, I'm almost done for this year as it's getting so close to the Holidays. HUGS!

  11. You're so lucky to have those beautiful family treasures and the stories to go with them! Great post--

  12. Both are Beautiful family treasures. I can tell they were and still are well Loved!
    hugs Lynn

  13. Love how Anna and
    her mama still live
    on, through the women
    of generations that came
    after her....your mom, your
    sister, you, your daughters,
    and I imagine, will still live
    on, beyond. The details in
    both doll and chair are just
    precious : ) My mom has a
    similar chair that belonged to
    my dad's mom {he is the oldest
    of five boys} and I have her
    baby doll, which has blue eyes
    like hers and all of her boys.

    Beautiful images, Julie!

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  14. The doll...the chair... everything is so lovely..I love her gold hoops...such lovely treasures. xo