Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Dad…

Good morning, friends!

My wonderful Dad had a birthday on Friday…we didn’t get to be with him, but had a couple of great chats on the phone.  I just thought today I’d give him a little gift this way—remembering lots of fun and all he’s taught us through the years--
Dad--you were a pretty cute kid…

Clayn Riggs Smith, about 1942 1

Love these photos of you and  big brother Grant clowning around…

The Smith Brothers--Grant & Clayn1

Clayn & Grant salute_edited

Such a wonderful family that loved you and taught you all the things you would one day teach to us…

The Rudger & LaPriel Smith Family1

You learned as a young man to serve the Lord, serve others, and to be a good leader…

Elder Clayn R. Smith1

You were wise enough to marry the most beautiful and wonderful woman on the planet…

Clayn & Karen on their wedding day 2-11
                    (Dad and Mom’s wedding day…1960)

You are the most amazing father…this may be the first photo of you doing this airplane move with a baby.  I’ve seen you do it with every one of my siblings and all of the grandbabies…one of my very favorite sights…

Daddy Clayn & baby Julie the airplane, 1962
                                  (Dad and me…1962)

You started a pretty great family…

Young Smith Family
                          (Dad, Mom, me and Steve…1965)

You have always patiently endured  our ways of showing you that we love you…

TV time with Daddy, Glendale, 1966 1

…told us countless wonderful stories, both from books and from your own imagination (our favorites!)

Storytime with Daddy, 1967-68

Taught us to love each other, no matter what…

Our  Family 1970's
(The family in the ‘70’s…not the most beautiful decade for fashion, was it?!  Okay, ladies…remember “Gunne Sax” dresses?  I LOVED them!)

…even the goofy kids…

Greg and Becky trailer kids
(Greg and Becky in the late ‘70’s…we’re still not quite sure what they were thinking here…a family favorite!)

You taught us the benefits and joys of hard work…(Dad STILL commutes each week between Utah and Los Angeles for work…)

Clayn shoveling snow

Given us all such a loving, amazing family that loves each other unconditionally…

The Clayn Smith Family-1988 1
(The family in 1988, right after Roger and I were married.)

And, look--we’re still here together! Thanks, Dad.  For being such a wonderful father…

The Original Bunch 1
(The original bunch this last June, while celebrating Dad and Mom’s 50th anniversary.)

…and a wonderful husband to our sweet mother…(for 50 years and counting!)

Dad & Mom 3 2010 1

…the best grandfather in the world…

Grandpa & some of his girls, 1997

Here’s a bunch of people that love you more than you’ll ever know, Dad…

The Whole Fan-damily! 1

Can’t imagine having a better life than you’ve given me, Dad…a wonderful childhood, teaching me to love those who came before me (which has always been a very important part of me!),

…thoughtful counsel and guidance as I grew into a woman, a great example of how to be a loving parent, and, well…just everything!


Happy belated birthday!  You are my father, my friend and my hero.  I love you, Dad!