Friday, August 13, 2010

Bathing Beauties…

thegraphicsfairy12--by the sea with dog                  {image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy}

Good afternoon, my friends!

What a wonderful day it’s been…long and lazy….my two younger girls are in school and my college girl is home with me!  She flew in last night, and it’s such a beautiful  thing to have her back home with us where she belongs…!

While the girls were laughing and catching up last night, I snuck in a little card-making time in the kitchen while I listened and smiled…

Here’s the first:


I LOVE this new “Bathing Beauties” set from Crafty Secrets!


…so many adorable images to play with!


I decided to leave the stamped image plain…kind of like an old sepia-toned photograph…because I had some of my own old ones I wanted to share with you today…

This stamp reminded me of:

…while she’s not in a bathing suit in this photo, they ARE in a boat! 

These are my husband’s grandparents—I haven’t introduced you to them yet—this is Fern Ellsworth and Ted Gorrell before they married…aren’t they cute?!

She was just lovely…he was a big, well-known football player at USC in the ‘20’s…more of their story another day…

Here’s my other card…


I LOVE this sassy bathing beauty!  This is the kind of bathing suit I want!!!   From the same Crafty Secrets’ set…I framed her with chunky clear German glass glitter for a sandy beach effect—looks much better in person…(doesn’t it always?!)  Some of my favorite vintage mother-of-pearl buttons…lovely striped ribbon to match her suit, and LOTS of paper piecing!

Well, now for some more vintage swimming fun…we are lucky enough to have a bunch of wonderful photos of my husband’s grandmother Fern and her twin sister, Faun (great names for twins, aren’t they?!), here are just a few…

I really love this photo—isn’t the reflection wonderful?

Fern and her sister Faun were born in Southern California in 1905…adorable twins…I have some amazing photos of them throughout their childhood/teenager years that I’ll be sharing with you as we go along…

Not sure what this is…some kind of rope-climbing pole???

With some friends…not sure who was behind the camera, but…!  Look at that interesting gentleman in the far left background—very formal for the beach, don’t you think?  But, then, the 1920’s were a much more refined time, weren’t they?

Fern is at the top of this little pyramid…

…and lastly, here with a friend on the steps of a pier…

Well, that’s it for me today…off to play a rousing game of Double Solitaire with my daughter—I never win.  That’s okay, though, because it’s one of our favorite things to do together, and there’s no one I’d rather lose horribly to!

Have a beautiful day, whatever you do!



  1. Lovely photographs, bathing beauties indeed.

  2. Hi Julie, will check back later and look at your whole post, just got home from the hosp and not feeling well, but wanted to let you know you won a gift in my giveaway... will you please emaiil me your mailing address and as soon as I feel better will send it out to you... thsnk for worrying about me... xoxo Julie

  3. LOVE the new Blog look, as well as the cards! I saw the one posted on the Crafty Secrets web site! Adorable!

  4. Julie,
    I'm smiling from ear to ear, of course. You know how I drool over vintage photographs. I love to double click each one to admire all the details. I really admire those old fashioned bathing suits, and the way everyone looked eager to pose in them.
    Your cards are once again adorable, and a beautiful post.

  5. Love these pictures! Don't you think the man in the suit in the background looks kind of a like a Porter or something?
    Julie, what do you do with all your cards?
    You brought back GREAT memories of my Mom, and my sister and me all sitting around the kitchen table playing triple solitaire. FUN TIMES!
    Thanks for that!
    Have a great weekend! karen

  6. Julie,
    You do wonderful work. I am lad I chanced on your site through Scrap for Joy. I am studying it! I am not at all surprised you are a designer for Craft Secrets. I LOVE their things1

    Those photographs are so delightful. You are lucky to have the twins photographs!


  7. Hi Julie, I've just recently starting using my dashboard to see new postings, but you didn't show up there. Of course, I've been following you for some time, but just not through Google -- so now I am!

    Your cards are always lovely. And those old photos. Fabulous! Fern and Faun -- what great old names. I am still so amazed that you have so many old family pictures from both sides of the family -- and that you have names and histories to go with them all. That is such a gift.

    School starts late this year because of Ramadan. My kids still won't start for another month. Enjoy the weekend with your girls. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Wonderful vintage photos and your cards are just wonderful as they always are. I notice your new background. Isn't it fun to make changes like this.

  9. Julie mi bella amor :) How you made me smile with not only your visit today but your lovely & wonderful words that made me feel so welcome on my return to blogland and for letting me know that I wasn't forgotten by everyone like I feared :) Your visit & words made me Smile & truly warmed my heart! Grazie! I will be back soon to catch up on more of your lovely posts that I have missed! Grazie for sharing not only your great family pictures but your beautiful cards you made! Besos, Rose

  10. Ps...I almost forgot to mention...I LOVE This new profile picture of you! You amor truly are Bellissima! Besos, Rose :)

  11. Your cards are beautiful, Julie! It's so great that you have all those fantastic pictures of your husband's family! What a treasure!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. What summer fun!! Great cards in your creative Julie style. Enjoy your time with your girls, Its so nice when they come home isn't it.

  13. More beautiful cards Julie and some lovely photographs! You never cease to amaze me with your wealthy of creativity! I would love a birthday card from you! Late or not it would be a real treat! Enjoy this time with your oldest daughter home and also with your younger girls! I am sure it will be filled with lots of fun and special moments, like double solitaire!! Daughters are special friends aren't they! I send lots of love and hugs from your kindred spirit friend in the UK and her little dog too! (Love saying that!) XXOO

  14. Ooh, new blog template - very nice! Love your bathing beauty cards - the ric rac waves are perfect on the first one and those stripes do look very nostalgic ont he second! Great family pics again, you're lucky to have so many! Enjoy your weekend :o)

  15. Love the new blog!!! I love both of your cards! It is funny because I just created two cards using this set too! Great minds think alike!

  16. Cute!! The photos are classic. So very interesting as the stories are also. So happy your daughter is home safe and sound!

  17. Gorgeous photos and cards. Have fun with your girls. X

  18. oh my friend...enjoy your college daughter..what fun!

    Your cards are lovely and is this new wallpaper i see...beautiful!

    I am off to the lake for a day of fun so your cards fit right into my day.

    enjoy your girls

  19. Oh those vintage black and white beach photos are the MOST PRECIOUS!!! Just love the one of you husband's grandparents dear!
    Happy Saturday...have great fun making wonderful memories with your daughter!

  20. Julie!!! I am so honored that you have visited me! I have seen your name everywhere!!! What a lovely blog and craft session. I so love working myself with vintage cards and old pictures of my grandparents as well! And I have many photos. Thank you for coming on over for a Creamsicle! Enjoy every moment of this beautiful summer....are you out in California? Here in the Twin Cities, it is so but blue skies; couldn't ask for a better summer.

    ENJOY!!!! Anita

  21. Enjoy that oldest one now. Won't be long before she'll fly the nest altogether. But she'll come home for mom's cooking! Love the cards. You're so creative. Nice photographs too.

  22. Beautiful cards!!! I LOVE Crafty Secrets! :)


  23. Julie, I love your fun, beachy cards. Beautiful! And thanks for sharing the wonderful old photos!

  24. Hi Julie~
    How funny...I'm posting pictures of snowmen and you're showing bathing beauties! Everytime you show cards using the CS stamps...I feel like I MUST have those sets. The new ones are gorgeous! I always enjoy your family photos and the stories that go along with them. You make me feel like I know all of those folks in the pictures.Your new background is lovely!
    Have a pleasant Sunday!

  25. Hi Julie

    I'm still on my mad catch up from my holidays, seems to be taking me forever. Mind you not helped by new puppy muts, not the brightest idea right on the back of our hols.

    Just had a read through all your wonderful posts and a catch up.

    B x

  26. Love what you made. What a different way of going to the beach. Been busy getting ready for school so I haven't been by as much as I like. I'll be back to catch up!

  27. Hi Julie,
    I love all your beach pictures--they are fabulous!!! I hope that you are doing great...I have been busy doing art because my laptop keeps overheating so I'm writing really
    Sending hugs your way,

  28. Hi Julie..I have missed you! I love all these pictures, reminds me of my mom, she was born in 1913, she had a yellow swim suit like these, I will always remember it! :D

  29. Hi Julie! I don't know how I missed this post. What an amazing collection of photographs you have. They truly are a time capsule. I particularly love your cards with the beach theme. The red one looks as though the sand is washing ashore, Wonderful! Always! Elizabeth

  30. Love those vintage images and stamps! It's always a delight to stop by and see what you're working on!!