Monday, August 16, 2010

Girlfriends…and Vintage Twins

Good afternoon, my friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was busy, as usual, and we had a great time…VERY full of family and friends.

Well, I have a couple of cards to share with you today, and some beautiful family photos from my husband’s side of the family that I think you’ll really like…

First, the cards…


Isn’t this image adorable?!  It’s from Crafty Secrets’ newly revised and fabulous “Girlfriends” Creative Scraps…


…so many vintagely wonderful images to play with!


Just used some wonderful black & white gingham paper, a vintage satin flower I made while on vacation in Utah—my sister-in-law Karen taught us how to do these one night…so much fun!  A pretty old rhinestone in the center…lace, ribbon, and platinum Stickles and that’s about it!



Another from the “Girlfriends” set—such a cute image!  Love the saying…”You don’t look a day over fabulous”…isn’t that perfect for a friend’s birthday?!

I can’t remember what company made that flower—sorry!  I just gave it a quick spritz with “Cherub Pink” Glimmer Mist to warm it up a little.  A bit of Dazzling Diamonds on the flowers in the image for a bit of sparkle…then just finished it off like I usually do!

Well, speaking of girlfriends, I thought this would be a good time to share these old family photos with you…the ultimate girlfriends…TWINS!

Fern (my husband’s grandmother) and Faun Ellsworth were born in old Mesa, Arizona in 1905…

We’re lucky to have so many beautiful photos of them as they grew…

…and grew…

…such adorable little girls!

…always together…

Fern & Faun Ellsworth, with fancy chair_edTMP-2

An interesting thing about the Ellsworth family, is that they grew up near my Stapley family in Mesa.  The two families weren’t connected until my husband and I were married in 1988, yet they were friends and near neighbors, and it’s been so interesting to find out all the interconnecting stories between the two families through the years…

Alta, Fern & Faun Ellsworth, abt. 1915 1

…like this one:  When they were about the age they are in this photo—10 years old, their father George Ellsworth passed away late one night.

So as not to frighten and worry the young sisters too much, they were sent to sleep for the night at the home of my great-great-grandparents, O.S. & Polly May Stapley, who were known and trusted by the girls.

Early the next morning, an older Stapley son (a great-great-uncle of mine), being a prankster, and used to teasing the girls, tipped them out of bed for a joke, not knowing what they’d just been through the night before….needless to say, he felt terrible when he found out!

Alta, Fern & Faun Ellsworth, abt. 1915

Another edited version of the same photo…with them here is there older sister, Alta, who interestingly accompanied my great-grandmother Estella on the piano while she sang on a number of occasions…


Beautiful young women…

I love them here in this very stylish pose—just look at those beautiful outfits!

And lastly for today, here they are around the time they were married, with their mother, Sarah Follett Ellsworth…more stories for another day…

Thanks for indulging me in a little more family history…it surrounds me all the time, so it can’t help but pop out once in a while!

Hope your day is wonderful…

See you soon with something new!




  1. Julie, I LOVE Fern & Faun!!!!!!! Wouldn't it be grand to have a twin sister that you loved! Would you mind if I borrowed a couple of your photos of them? I love doing charms with vintage photos. I am into ones with those BIG BOWS right now. I just love the family history you share with us. You are so blessed to have all the photos & knowledge about your family. HUGS! Charlene

  2. LOVE the images and the story!! Your cards are darling too!

  3. the cards and especially love the old photo's and hearing about the twins! :D

  4. I love the picture (oval) of Fern and Faun with their beautiful blonde cute!
    How lucky that your husband has so many photos.

  5. Fern and Faun, how cute!

    Love the cards, too. Fun new images!

  6. These photos are such treasures!

  7. These photo are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs, Pat

  8. Beautiful cards Julie! Love your beautiful vintage flower too....and those pics are adorable! Have a great week!


  9. Your cards are awesome! And I love the vintage photos!

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  11. i love when you share your family history. wish i knew about my parents and thier family history. it is so wonderful that you care to learn.

  12. You changed your background again. I like this one too.
    The card was so cute and those images you get I wish I could find them around here.

  13. Your new cards and photos are beautiful.


  14. julie, I'd know your cards anywhere you have such a sweet shabby chic style and the way you add those ribbons! Precious.

    Its almost as if you and your hubums where meant to meet. It was in the cards, To have such connections with family so long ago it was fate!

  15. I am loving the new look here this morning Julie! Very sweet! Just love the roses! I adore your newest card creations as always. I really do like the vintage stamps and of course your lovely family photos! How wonderful twins! My youngest daughter is pregnant with her first and I am wondering if she will have twins since they run through the female side of both her father's and my families. Wouldn't that be wonderful! (says me who won't have the sleepless nights!) As always have thoroughly enjoyed my little visit with you here this morning. My dream is to one day have a real visit with you. Now THAT'S a lovely thought! Love and hugs coming your way! xxoo

  16. Dear Julie,
    your two cards are fabulous, and the photoes, such beautifull ephemera from your family- loved the story.
    xo Dorthe

  17. Hi Julie:) It was very nice to visit your blog. Always is:) Beautiful cards a beautiful story. I love the way you writte and I love the style of your cards:)

  18. What gorgeous girlfriend cards - sure to bring a smile! Love the family history - Fern and Faun? They did have some fun with names back then, didn't they! :) The pictures are amazing - still beautiful after all these years.

  19. Great cards Julie! What interesting family history. I always wonder what it must have been like (before the days of ultrasound) when a woman gave birth to multiples. Can you imagine the shock and surprise! Have a great day, Nan

  20. Good morning Julie.
    Wonderful cards!!! I think I am addicted to Vintage. It has wonderful memories and just looks fabulous too!
    And your family history is wonderful. I can only imagine the poor guy when he discovered that those girls had lost their father the night before. He had to have felt AWFUL. Oh well, he didn't know. Ugh!
    This was fun! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Julie, What a rare thing to have twins in that time, how wonderful! Your newest card is too cute! I would like to tell you that I am having an invitation tag swap inspired by your fold-out frames that will spell out Halloween. I am choosing "H" and will attach subsequent letter with wire and ribbon so that they will stand. Might you be interested? Please let me know. Have a great day Julie! Elizabeth

  22. I love the family photos so precious and I have to say the ginham goes perfectly with that image

    Love Dawn xx

  23. Hi Julie! Your cards are just adorable...I so love your style! I always enjoy the photos and stories you share. The 4th photo up from the last is just gorgeous! xoxo Paulette

  24. Hi Julie, I love to hear about your family history and the photos are wonderful... Jack mailed your little cookbook out to you today, hope you enjoy it! xoxo Julie Marie

  25. How wonderful, Julie, to have such fabulous photos, family stories, and a history between your's and your husband's family. It's just amazing! Such sweet cards as usual. Have a beautiful rest of the week. :) Tammy

  26. These family stories are my hearts delight. Can't get enough of them. That photo of the girls wearing the hairbows is priceless. I just love big hairbows.
    Wonderful cards you created, also.

  27. This is first time visiting your blog and it just adorable! I the images and the story! Thanks for sharing

    Renee ♥

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  29. Great fine looking at old photos, such a beautiful group of fine dressed ladies. Thanks for sharing. oxox, Diane

  30. Oh Julie.. everytime I come by.. I am SO jealous of the great photos you have! What fun that you know so much about your family history! love it!
    And the two images you used.. well.. they are two of my most favorite!

  31. Hi there. I just found your site and I love your style! How can I sign up for email notifications to a specific email when ever you update your blog? I do not use the google blogspot and although I have a gmail account....I like getting updates at my home email. Just wanted to ask so I can keep up with your blog. :) thanks.

  32. Truly gorgeous! I love this post!

  33. You have a wealth of treasures in those wonderful old family photos!

  34. Hi Julie,
    Your photos and stories are truly a pleasure to see and read. Your artwork is lovely...I'm a fan of all things vintage and I really admire your work! Will you share how you made the vintage flower on your "Hello Friend" card?
    Thanks for sharing all you do!