Sunday, April 25, 2010

Womens' Work...

Good afternoon, everyone!

Sorry I've been a bit absent the last few days...our college girl surprised us with a visit for the weekend!  She arrived home about midnight on Thursday night, and left again early this morning...such a quick trip, but we packed every minute with fun!

I filled in a few moments here and there with some cardmaking, and here's what I came up with...

First, this fun image I got from Marie's Freebies--so many beautiful vintage photos here!  I loved this image of a woman happily ironing...I admit this is not MY favorite chore!  (Love Downy's Wrinkle Releaser, though!)   

Just typed up my own saying on the computer, used lots of German gold glass glitter--nothing sparkles like gorgeous, chunky glass glitter!--lace and ribbon...and a few black crystal rhinestones.

Next, this lovely image from Magic Moonlight...

The colors on this are just yummy!  Another simple one...some lace, ribbon, a little chunky clear glass glitter and silver shavings glitter...the saying and thimble image are from Crafty Secrets' "Sew Special" stamp set...

This image brought to mind my line of mothers behind own mother, who is such a beautiful creator of oh, so many things...

Her mother, Velda, who I've spoken of many times, who really taught me what I know about needlework...

I remember so many times she bought me some kind of needlework project when I was young and staying with her for a visit.  She would sit with me patiently...teaching me to use an even tension...not too tight, not too loose...when I did embroidery or crochet work.  Whenever I pick up a needle and thread, I think of her...

She told me many times of these years of joy she had sewing with her sisters... they are when VERY young (along with a neighbor's baby) grandmother is the oldest one with the short blonde bob... they are later in life as young women in a local newspaper article, all about what they were doing for the summer---isn't that wonderful?!  My grandmother, on the right, recently married and excited about her new life...

When they were older, with children of their own, those that lived near each other would gather as many days as they could and sew together, letting the young cousins play and be together...all day long...until it was time to return to their own homes and prepare supper. I so love all her stories of those days...doing "womens' work"...

I'm so grateful for all I've learned from my Mother, from Velda, and from all the mothers that came before who taught them what all they knew about these womanly arts...

Have a beautiful Sunday...I'll be back very soon with something new...

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  1. Such cute cards...and such beautiful women. I loved their shoes too..very cute! It all made me thing..."Have women really "come a long way baby"..or have they fallen today for women is so hectic and jam-packed! Thanks for sharing...come say hi :D

  2. I love the old homemaker kind of ads and books. I found a text book for home ec from the 50's and an ettiquette book from the 40's and 50's. Its amazing to realize how different life is in a few decades.

    Something new....I'm curious!! :)

  3. Hi Julie :) It was nice to read such an interesting story. Again:) Only the impression after reading that it was beautiful time that will never return.
    Your cards with the images are funny :) I like the set of colours and papers. You always set it nicely :)

  4. Love the sewing card...and I really hate sewing! So lucky to have family to help to pass on these skills...

  5. I, too, had a mother and grandmother who taught me "womanly arts!" I'm so glad, and so proud!

    I just love your beautiful cards, and these wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  6. Julie on your cards what size is this you make them? Love them all !!

  7. Ah, I think I lived in the wrong era. Wouldn't that be fun to get together like that and do 'women's work minus that ironing!! Hugs, Jane

  8. I adore that image of the woman at the old sewing machine so much that I have it on my sidebar! I love the old days when the women took care of home and sewing and such. Not as much of it these days, and I feel in the minority because of it. If there aren't women out there like us that know the stitches and such, who is going to teach the young?

  9. Love your beautiful art~work! Busy hands!

    I remember those days growng up and tried to raise my children the same way. We moved 4 years ago to get closer to 7 of our 11 grandchildren, so we can make some fun memories with them! Ahhhh, the good old days!

    Have a wonderful week!


  10. What a nice post and rememberances of your Mother and Grandmother. Great pictures and thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Ironing???
    Go wash your mouth out with soap, young lady! ;-)


  12. Great cards again Julie, I love the image on that first one! More great photos from your family archive too - such lovely things to have!

  13. Hi Julie,
    your cards a wonderful - love the ironing one.
    Thank you for posting and playing in my giveaway.Have a great day and good luck.

  14. I LOVED this post about your wonderful mother and grandmother. And those photos and stories are priceless!!

    And...what about those cares?!!! Where do you get all your creative ideas. LOVE them. If I got a card that cute, it would just make me want to iron!! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!!

    p.s. Glad you got to enjoy your time with your daughter!! :-)

  15. I love these!!! I don't really mind ironing, but after so long my back gets tired.

    I just love it when you share your family photos and stories. I couldn't help but smile when you said you think of your Grandmother when you pick up a needle. What a treasure of a memory to have in something "ordinary".

    Hooray for surprise visits, those are fun. Glad you all enjoyed.

    Have a great day :)

  16. Hi Julie, Posts about your family heritage just make me swoon! Don't you just love their crossed ankles? I'm so glad you enjoyed your daughter's visit home. I too had both of mine for Sunday dinner - Heaven in my own home! Cute as can be cards!!!! Elizabeth

  17. I always love to see your vintage photos! What wonderful memories.

  18. Hello Julie dear! Thank you for stopping by today; I stayed home from work and seeing your lovely vintage images of a time when my mother was at home, give me so much joy. Down deep, I am a homemaker. But the economy and my husband's schooling carved in me the working career woman, something I am glad that I have, but I LOVE THE HOME LIFE! Wonderful images of the women who sacrificed much to be with us, growing up.

    Have a lovely week, Anita

  19. Hi Julie, Great family photos, you're so fortunate to have them. Love your artwork and you know when the kids come home, everything else takes a back seat!

  20. Wonderful post...I have learned so many things from my mother...she is always doing wonderful things for others.

  21. Oh Julie, I always love how your beautiful cards segue into a story about your family. Your blog is a treasure!

  22. We seem to have a pattern going here. You create beautiful cards. And I tell you how wonderfully fabulous they are! All of them, each and every one and every detail, gorgeous, glitter and all. Love the old family photos too. The dresses and the shoes -- so comfy and yet stylish. Nothing like today. Ironing -- ugh! But stitching and crocheting, aahhhh! Bliss! Have a great day. :) Tammy

  23. What a lovely post Julie! I love the black and white photos you've shared with us and your creations are truly wonderful!!! I especially like the one with the old sewing machine!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  24. Beautiful as always! You have such a knack with that lace and glitter!

  25. wow Julie- PERFECTION HERE...AWESOME cards! You are perfect for the CS dt also!! :)

  26. Hi Julie!

    Thanks for the link to Marie's Freebies. I went to take and look and found lots that I want to use! Your cards are just Beautiful!


  27. Oh my, your cards are so so lovely, Julie. Love the black and whites. These vintage images are so sweet, always.
    Hope you're having a happy, sunny and great day, my friend! xx