Monday, January 18, 2010

King Arthur's Birthday, Over the Moon...and a Sweet Fairy Shadowbox...

Good evening, everyone!  Hope it's been a beautiful day for you! 

Had a busy day today--no school, my husband had the day off...crazy, stormy weather, and my Mom arrived to stay for a couple of weeks...

...and I can't forget to wish you a Happy King Arthur's Birthday today before it's over! 

(Okay, I know there's no King Arthur's Birthday...but we "celebrate" it in our family!  Here's the sister Becky had a little planner book when she was about 8 years old.  She left it open on her bed, and like a nosy, much-older sister would do, I looked at what she had written there...important things needing to be accomplished by an 8-year old...and there I gleefully discovered "King Arthur's Birthday--no school!" 

Of course, she had mistaken Martin Luther King Day for King Arthur...get it?!)  Our "celebration" of the day usually entails calling or emailing my sister and never letting her forget it! 

Now, on to slightly more serious things...!

Just a couple of things to share that I've been making with the fabulous new "Fairy Scraps" from Crafty Secrets.  These are absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to use!  They'll be available at and after CHA...

First, a a card I made just for fun because I couldn't wait to use this adorable image...

Love this sweet girl sitting on the moon!  The soft, fluffy pink pom-poms seemed like the perfect trim for this card...had to add some silver Stickles for a starry sky...

The colors of these scraps are so rich and lovely--the images so fun and offer so many fun possibilities!

Next, a shadow-box card made with Vicki Chrisman's amazing new die-cut design--she's got such great vision and is so creative!  Sorry the photos aren't the best--hard to take good photos on these gloomy days...oh, well!

Look how it stands up on it's own--isn't that great?!  No propping up required!  Great design, Vicki!

Just had to put this happy baby on the nest...why, I don't know!  Isn't it wonderful that the window looks like a little stage...complete with curtains!

A beautiful bluebird on the side panel...the little poem is from Crafty Secrets' "Birds and Botanicals" Images & Journal Notes booklet...

I love these sassy girls!  Wonder what they're saying?  Makes me think of the little line my girls always say in jest..."Secrets don't make friends"!

It's meant to close up beautifully, which it does...and can be tied with a ribbon or whatever you photos of it closed didn't turn out well, but if you go to Vicki's blog, you'll see it all closed up neatly! 

Well, that's it for the cards more to show you tomorrow.  I took some pictures of my "new" antique piano today, but they were all blurry, so I'll try again in the morning.

Hope you have a wonderful night--we'll chat tomorrow!

Sweet dreams!


  1. Loved the story about your sister and King Arthur day! tee hee! Aren't sisters just the greatest!! I also love your newest cards. You are so wonderfully creative. I am just in awe of everything you do Julie! You are so amazing. How wonderful too that you are getting to spend some time with your mom! Give her a hug from me. I just love her dolls! They sit out on our side here, next to my button topped toadstool! A constant reminder to me of a beautiful and much treasured friend!!! Love and hugs,

  2. My goodness you have been a busy girl. I just Love all the whimsey your cooking up!Wondetrful work as usual! Had to laugh at King Arthur's birthday! what a great memory. I'm falling a bit behind. Getting ready for two play days with friends in my studio.Fun!!!!

  3. Hi, had to visit you, and see your wonderfull cards. wow they are great, and so sweet, love them both.
    xo Dorthe

  4. Hello, Julie! My first visit here... and I find myself here via the lovely Marie of A Year from Oak Cottage. You have such a fun, happy blog... and your cards are the stuff of dreams. I love the air of playfulness and fun here. Happy Days to you & yours :o)

  5. And a "Happy King Arthur Day" to you too!! Teehee!! How cute! And how sweet of you to keep reminding her year after year!
    Your creations are amazing ... love all of your ideas as you know!
    I thought of you when I saw the weather channel today ... hope it's better out there for you today! Tell Mom I said hello ... and I hope she has a nice visit! Is she covering bases while you are at CHA?? Good for you!! HUGS my friend!

  6. LOL King Arthur Day, that is too funny! Love your cards, especially the last one, so magical!

  7. great projects here, love love the King Arthur story, enjoy your visit with your mom and your trip. Hugs

  8. Seriously?????? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, have fun with mom! :)

  9. What a sweet memory of childhood and one that you won't forget. HA! Happy King Arthur Day to one and all (belated by now of course). As usual, you've made the loveliest cards. Can't wait to see that beautiful piano. Blessings, Tammy

  10. Love your background!Wink! Mine is the same. Very funny, King Arthur day... would we all wear crowns on that day? Love all your cards. the last one... the look on that girl's face is priceless!

  11. WOW!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous cards - can't wait to get my hands on those fairy collage sheets and that awesome die cut shadow box! So fun.

  12. You had me going...I thought I was missing out on a holiday. And it sounded like a fun one, too. I love Arthurian times!

    Your projects are so, so sweet.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  13. Beautiful projects Julie, and I love that story about King Arthur's birthday.
    Hope you are well.
    Love Anne x x x

  14. These are so beautiful Julie!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs Hanne

  15. That's such a lovely and funny tale about King Arthur's day. I wish there really was one lol! xxx

  16. Aren't those family memories the best?
    Hope you have a nice visit with your mom.

  17. Julie, I always know I am going to see an amazing creation from you when I visit. Tonight was no different, I am utterly amazed! Have a wonderful week. Twyla

  18. Julie,
    Your cards are just beautiful and I LOVE the Shadowbox! Vicki did an amazing job on the design and I can't wait to get my hands on it :)
    I hope your weather is getting better..we are expecting freezing rain and all the schools are closed, some people are without electricity (hope you don't lose your power again).
    Keep warm and enjoy your time with your mom :) My mom has been gone to France for three weeks and I miss her so :)