Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tasha Tudor's "Take Joy!", A Snowy Card...and SO Many Thanks!

Good evening, everyone!  Hope this weekend has been a festive one for you all, and that this Sunday has been quiet and feels like such a cozy, nappy day today!  Got the fire going, everyone's just snacking on delicious food left over from our party last night...Momma doesn't have to cook today--yes!!!

I wanted to share something with you tonight that's been special to me since I was a young girl...first printed in 1966, Tasha Tudor's beautiful Christmas book, "Take Joy!"

My Mom got this book sometime in the early '70's, I believe, and it held a treasured spot in our family's Christmas celebrations....stories and poems were read from it...

...carols sung from it, piano played with it's beautifully illustrated music to inspire me, and recipes many memories!

This beloved book is out of print now, but there are quite a few to be found on Amazon (I checked!) for various prices, of course! But, if you're looking for something special...something wonderful, warm and beautiful to help your family celebrate the holidays, this is the just thing!

My Mom has no wish to part from her old copy of this book--nor would I wish her to! When the cover on her book fell apart from too many loving little hands, she even made it a tapestry book cover--now that's love!

When I had my own family, I really wanted this to be a part of our family Christmas as well...searched and searched...was finally able to get one used through Amazon...didn't even have ANY available for quite a while!

I made a card today using a sweet little image from Crafty Secrets' "Christmas" Images & Journal Notes booklet...kind of reminded me of something Tasha Tudor would do...

So many fabulous images in these Crafty Secrets booklets...from Victoriana vintage to '40's & '50's kitschy classics--so much fun to use!

A close-up of my snowflakes and snowy accents I added to the image using "Icicle" Stickles...nice and easy! 

The beautiful green satin ribbon I used was left behind at our party last night...we had a White Elephant gift exchange, and while cleaning up afterwards, I was so excited to find this lovely piece of ribbon...didn't waste any time, did I?! 

And now for my thanks...I feel like the luckiest, winningest (is that a word?) girl on the planet lately!  Last week, I received this beautiful Pink Paislee stamp set from Samantha Sibbet's giveaway on her blog, More Paper Please...

Isn't that a fabulous set?  Thanks so much, Samantha!

Marie of A Year From Oak Cottage, (who I just love!) picked my number for her give away last month, and I just received the package yesterday...lucky me!

Look at all that lovely stuff!  The best of it all, though, is her beautiful artwork!  Isn't she adorable!  My daughters were so smitten with her work...couldn't believe it wasn't a stamp she'd used and just watercolored!  She has such a lovely style, and I will be introducing you to more of her beautiful pieces very soon!  Thanks so much, Marie!

Lastly, I just found out last night that I won Elizabeth's giveaway at Creative Breathing...a beautiful, handmade Christmas countdown calendar--I just loved it when I saw it on her post, and can't believe I actually won!  Thanks so much, Elizabeth!  I can't wait to see it and show you all how beautiful it is!

Trust me--I don't win very often in real life...this has been a charmed blog month for me, I guess!  Thanks to all you wonderful, creative women!  I hope you all go and visit them, if you don't already--you're in for a treat with all three!

Well, off for some more family time, then we're all heading to a Christmas musical program at the church, so more Christmas spirit to share with good friends...I just love this beautiful season, don't you?!

Hope you have a wonderful night with your families....see you soon!