Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Happy Snow Family, My Compliments--and Apologies--to the Chef...and My First Christmas

Good evening, all!  How was the day today?  I FINALLY got finished with all my decorating--the boxes are out of all the rooms, and I'm a bit more peaceful!  Hosting two parties this weekend--one's for the girls--so really needed it done!

Made a card just for fun today--a reward for getting all my chores done!

This is one of my favorite images from Crafty Secrets' "Christmas" Images & Journal Notes booklet--just love this happy little snow family off on a winter's joyride! 

Just a little closer view--such a beautiful retro image!  I did a thick, jaggedy glitter edge on this--seemed a little more like ice--I like it!  Looks much better in real life, of course!

Had fun with these holly leaves and berries...used Martha Stewart's holly leaf punch, stained them up a bit with Vintage Photo ink, and added berries with Xmas Red Stickles.    Hope you like it--it made me smile today!

Now...on to my compliments...and apologies to the Chef!  One of my favorite chefs and blog friends on the planet is Marie--you've heard me rave about her before!  She is one of the most creative cooks, talented artists, and just all-around lovely people it has ever been my pleasure to meet (not in person, yet!)  If you haven't already been to her English Kitchen--just leave my blog this moment and dash over there right now!  You can come back and thank me later...!  Marie posts the recipe and photos for something EVERY day--even when she's not feeling very well...she's always there! 

Since she's in England, our times are a bit off, night and day-wise!  One of the last things I do before I go to bed for the night is check in with Marie--there's always something there that just makes you feel so homey and cozy.  The way she describes her favorite foods is just beautiful!

This recipe, however, comes from her other, equally lovely blog--much more personal in nature...her daily life, her faith, her family, and ALWAYS an amazing recipe to share...A Year from Oak CottageThe moment I saw her photo of these cookies--CHEERY CHERRY COOKIES--I knew they'd be the ones to fill my cookie jar to the brim
this Christmas...

...and now that I have made them, I WILL keep that jar filled with these cookies--they are so delectable!

Now for the apologies to Marie...I would usually never even DREAM of changing her recipes...I've tried many of them, and they've all become family favorites.  However, this one called for those little red and green candied cherries like you'd find in fruitcakes...and my girls don't like those at all!  So, since I was making these for them, I had to make a little change, while keeping them as close as possible to the original.  I always have delicious cherry baking chips on hand, so that is what I used.  I also wanted to add a touch of green, so stirred in a healthy dose of green decorating sugar. 

One more change...I used almond extract instead of vanilla....the results were WOW!  I know the original would be, too!  So go and check out the fabulous original, or use my adaptation--either way, I know you'll just love these!

Hungry yet???

To close up shop for the night, I thought I'd share a couple of photos from my very first Christmas...1962...Boston, Massachusetts.  Cambridge, actually.  Mom and Dad were there for a couple of years while Dad attended Harvard Business School, and this is where I made my appearance in life. 

I LOVE this picture of my Mom--isn't she beautiful?  That 's quite a mess for one little girl, isn't it?!  I actually remember a few of these gifts...That rocking chair in the room is in my bedroom today--one of my favorite possessions...

Love all that long, silver tinsel on the tree...and click on the picture to get a good look at those glittery shoes in the foreground--see?  I can't help liking glittery things, can I? 

Thanks for visiting with me for a while today--it's fun to share a bit of daily life with each other, isn't it?  Hope your evening is just wonderful...stay warm & cozy!

Sweet Dreams!


  1. Oh, that's a happy card! That just makes me happy looking at it! Thank you for sharing the cookie recipe and the changes that you made. It's nice to know that some things can be substituted and the results will be delicious. I didn't know about her other blog so I will indeed check it out! Thanks! Have a very good night and hope you have a great weekend! Twyla

  2. Julie! I just love what you did with the cookie recipe!!! How very tasty looking. I wish we could get Cherry Baking Chips over here! I know I would find lots of use for them! I'll have to put those on my list of things to pick up next year when I go home to Canada to visit my mom and family! (I'll need a suitcase just to bring all the goodies I have on my list back!) Thanks so much for your very kind words about me. You've really made my day! Oh, and I just ADORE this newest card of yours! You are so creative and I am amazed at all the new ideas you keep coming up with for your cards!! Do you give these wonderful creations to your friends? If so they are very lucky indeed! I just love your old Christmas photos as well! How wonderful that you have these! They remind me of my own Christmas memories! I do hope that you are having sweet dreams and that your party goes well tomorrow!! Love and hugs! xxoo

  3. Julie, Your snow family is the cutest card! Love those hangy pompoms. So 50's, Thanks for sharing the sweet pics of your first Christmas.
    What an adorable little one you were. Also those yummy looking cookies, Ok so now I'm hungry, off to find some cookies too!

  4. Your card is adorable and the cookies look delectable! So wonderful to have photos from the past to reflect on during this holiday season. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  5. Hi, Julie! Ooo! Rick rack and pom poms! That's my kind of card! ☺ I've seen that snow family image before. Too cute!

    How fun to have that picture of and your mom. I have fond memories of that long tinsel hiding in nooks and crannies of the house all year long! That and plastic, clingy Easter basket grass! ♥

  6. great vintage card and oh those yummie cookies. Hugs

  7. I love your family photos! So fun and vintage :)

    Those cookies are making me hungry and I just woke up!

  8. Hi Julie - I'm a huge fan of Marie's also - her blog is inspiring and I've made many of her recipes. So many times she makes me laugh with her tales of English food - it's a page out of my childhood.

    Will have to try the cherry cookies - like your addition of the almond extract - it works so well with cherries.

  9. Such a fun card and great Christmas memories! Oh dear - another yummy recipe too! We are trying to lose weight over here in chilly Western Pa, you know?

  10. It is always so nice to visit your blog! Thank you for sharing all this!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs Hanne

  11. My husband would be all over those cookies! I still haven't baked anything yet. lol Your card is so fun and Christmas-y, I love it!

  12. Julie, thanks for stopping by my blog and I am so glad I came here to see you! The card is just adorable, I love your design style! I will have to try the cookies, they LOOK delicious. Now I'm off to Marie's blog! Have a great weekend!

  13. She is lovely, as were you! What a joy! Blessings dear friend and fantastic card!!!!

  14. Sigh...I tried to comment last night but my home computer doesn't like the Blogger Reader....

    I love your card - you got the Martha punch!! I love that punch (I love what you did with it)!

    Your cookies look festive and yummy - bet the house smells good! :D Enjoy your parties!

  15. Julie - I have to laugh... my mother in law is an AVID reader of Marie and now they are really close friends. They even met in Utah last winter for several days. She's "Grammy Staffy" on the comments on Marie's blog. I hear a lot about her, but never have read her blog....I guess maybe I should!

  16. Cookie recipe looks great...adapted or original. Lovely card, I adore snow people and red buttons. Those two vintage photos are fabulous. You were adorable, and your Mom so pretty. I double clicked to get a closeup of everything, trying to eye spy your Mom's broach. I love vintage broaches, and her's looked like a wreath. I remember those bulky silver heating radiators, we had them in every room while growing up in New York. Thanks for showing us your photos.

  17. I love the photo of you and your mama! So sweet!! Thanks for sharing!
    Off to wrap presents!!! Much to do today! Have a great one!
    Mama Holli

  18. Love the card you made! And I am on my way right now to check out your friend's delicious blogs!

  19. It certainly is like a visit! : ) Love your pretty Crafty Secret's card and your old pics.....taking a walk down memory lane.....

  20. love the card!holy cow! i just gained 10lbs visiting that blog you sent us to. cant wait to make some of those recipes! i love that pic of you and your mom. you are right she is beautiful.

  21. Hi Julie, you should have had a warning posted that said, "Don't read after 10:00, cookie alert! They look delicious and the red and green just screams "It's Christmas"!! Love the card you made; great vintage image! I'll have to check out Marie's blog, it sounds fabulous!

  22. I love that card! I have to ask though, what is vintage photo ink? I'd also like to know where you find cherry baking chips? I've never seen them, but they sound delicious. My husband likes cherry anything, so this is something I'd like to have on hand too.

  23. Love your blog Julie and so nice to included your mom's picture.have to try those cookies this week.

  24. Julie, can you email me at

    one 1 way 2 him at hotmail dot com

    No spaces :)

  25. Just wanted to say hello Julie :) I had bopped on over here from Karen's site, The Graphics Fairy. I love what you have here- it is beautiful to look at and you blog about crafts, family and even Gooseberry patch recipes- all my favorites! Thanks for it all :)

  26. Dear Julie, I popped over to give you some news and find myself distracted by this beautiful post! I love that you are kind to send readers to someone who inspires you. I love that you have tinsel on your childhood Christmas tree. I love that you love your mother, and I especially love that your cookie jar is filled with cute cookies. I have chosen you as the winner of my Countdown to Christmas calendar and hope that you will enjoy my small token of appreciation of kind comments and creative inspiration. Merry Christmas to you! Elizabeth (If you will e-mail me your address at I will post your gift to you this coming week) I truly enjoy visiting your blog!

  27. I love the card that you made! I've had that image in my files forever-don't remember where the original came from. Enjoyed your Christmas photos, too. I loved the time when the Christmas tree didn't have to be perfect! And boy, do I miss REAL tinsel!

  28. yes... those cookies made me hungry! and what a pretty card and beautiful childhood photo... wonderful memories!

    Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and/or blogging about my 300th post giveaway! Good Luck!

    Blessing. Dixie

  29. I'm visiting for the first time from Creative Breathing, and I love it here!Your Christmas sidebars are enchanting.So many good things to see here, the cookie recipe looks to be one (not a big fan of those green cherries either). Come visit me, and I'll be here often--You are on my Bloglines now. I won't miss anything!