Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ever Just Have One of Those Days...?

How is everyone today? Hope the day is going well! It's COLD here in California--central California, anyway! This morning, while taking my daughter to school, the car thermometer showed 31 degrees--WOW! That's really something for here!

It was so frosty, that it actually looked like a light dusting of snow on all the roofs and lawns...never seen such a uniform covering of frost--we just decided to say that it snowed--it looked like it!

So I had to take a photo or two of this very ironic scene...

Big, fat, luscious roses covered with ice! It's hard to see the ice crystals on the roses, but you can see it one the ground around them...

Most of the ground was much whiter than this--these were just some of my fattest roses, so I had to show them off, as I'm sure they're my last this year!

This looks like dew drops, but it was frozen! Hard to capture it just right...oh, well!

So, like the title of today's post says...it was just one of those days today! I've got lots on my plate this week, (don't we all?!) and was trying to juggle that plate with way too many things balanced on top of it--and it all just kind of fell around my feet today! Nothing horrible...just trying to finish decorating the house, getting things ready for a weekend Christmas party, cleaning, and a few projects...these things shouldn't be attempted all at once--don't try it!

I'm actually not complaining--just laughing at myself today! I had to sit down and make something just for fun, and this is what it turned into...

Just about says it all, doesn't it?!

This is from Crafty Secrets' "Domestic Goddess" Creative Scraps...was still sitting on my table from yesterday, so I thought I'd use it again! (Note to self...gotta clean table, too!) Love this chartreuse metallic rick-rack trim...definitely useful for a bright, retro-style card! Love that bright pink gingham ribbon, too!

So, come on over for lunch, okay? I'll clean off my table and get cookin'!

That's all for tonight...just wanted to check in and see if everyone else on the planet was sane today except for me! I'll be back tomorrow...calm, cool and collected with something pretty!

Just to close off, found a couple of my favorite photos of all time this week--these are of my beautiful oldest daughter, Chelsea, far away at college...I felt these truly expressed my feelings about this day...

This was at my husband's sister's wedding...need I say more? It was time for her special picture with the bride and groom, and this is all we could get out of her!

This little baby of mine will be turning 20 years old this month...my, how time flies!

Have a wonderful evening!