Friday, June 14, 2013

Letting Go


It’s hard to let go of things, isn’t it?  Hard to give up being in control.  It’s hard for me, anyway…


…whether it’s letting go of past feelings, hurts, fears & prejudices…


…letting go of your children—letting them spread their wings and fly {which is happening oh, so very fast here}…


…or letting go of your words—letting them spill out onto paper from your mind for the first time………..

Letting go can be hard.  But, it can also be very liberating, too…don’t you think?



  1. I too am in now experiences letting go... letting my sweet daughter go away to fulfill her dreams and my dear son grow into a young man. Letting go is hard... but seeing them fly will bring such joy. Wishing you a wonderful day.

  2. Julie, I love how you let words spill on the page . . . Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  3. The hardest one to let go is the first. After that it gets easier. And then before you know it they're all gone and it's just the best thing ever. Funny how that works. Mimi

  4. Dear Julie,
    such a lovely post..
    the problem may be, is when you unconsciously let things, thoughts, people go as if they were not important...sometimes it happens.
    have a lovely day ciao

  5. Your handwriting is so lovely and all artworks are amazing!

  6. It is hard for me to step back and let things go. I am so glad that I have quite a few more years before I have to even think about letting my kids grow their own wings and fly. You are right though, it is very liberating.

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