Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gentle Reminders

DSC03701_edited-1 {beautiful button heart image courtesy of Crafty Secrets}

I love the gentle reminders I get from minds far wiser than my own.  Reminders to be kind & thoughtful to others…reminders simply to smile


Reminders to stand for something you believe to be right—even if that means standing alone at times…


…and reminders to play.  To be childlike.  To love life and all that it brings….



  1. Love it! Letting our child out proves that we are not 'fun impaired' as I like to call it!

  2. I always love your journal pages Julie. You do such a lovely job with them. I love the quotes, your thoughts, the photos. You are such a talented gal. Love YOU too! Hugs coming your way from a very SUNNY first day of summer in the UK! xxoo