Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Journal Love


One art journal finished…my very first one.


DSC01339_edited-1 {one of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln…well said, Mr. President.}

A few last pages to share with you…doodles, found images, thoughts & all…


What fun to put it all together…as I work on my journals I feel much like I think a Victorian girl would feel while working on her scrapbook—books filled with favorite pieces of scrap—images, tickets, receipts, words…


Here, a funny thoughts that came into my head the other day…a personal little twist on a well-known, well-used question asked in jest {“who are you & what have you done with…?”}


One journal finished, the second well under way…new things learned—both about creating and about myself—on each and every page…

More to come.