Friday, November 30, 2012

Even More Queenliness

Royal Mail releases Diamond Jubilee stamps

My second installment of wonderful images from my grandparents’ Coronation Souvenir magazine from June 1953…


I wish I could just share the whole magazine with you, but these are some of my favorite images…


A close-up of the cover photo banner {entire cover shown in last post}


Isn’t this wonderful?  The whole family on the balcony together…doesn’t Elizabeth look happy?

Such adorable ads were found on these pages, as well…here’s one for a whitening powder…


…both dresses look pretty white to me!

And more history to see--


My daughter pointed out that she doesn’t think she’s ever seen a picture of Lady Churchill—I don’t think I have either, come to think of it!

So much lovely color here and there in a mostly black & white publication…


And a few more ads to share…



And a product I use whenever I can find it—just the think for a nice trifle…


I actually just bought a tin of it last week at Cost Plus before I’d photographed images for the post—serendipity!

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

See you soon with something new…


{First and last Jubilee images found on Pinterest; all others were photographed by me from my magazine}