Friday, November 30, 2012

Even More Queenliness

Royal Mail releases Diamond Jubilee stamps

My second installment of wonderful images from my grandparents’ Coronation Souvenir magazine from June 1953…


I wish I could just share the whole magazine with you, but these are some of my favorite images…


A close-up of the cover photo banner {entire cover shown in last post}


Isn’t this wonderful?  The whole family on the balcony together…doesn’t Elizabeth look happy?

Such adorable ads were found on these pages, as well…here’s one for a whitening powder…


…both dresses look pretty white to me!

And more history to see--


My daughter pointed out that she doesn’t think she’s ever seen a picture of Lady Churchill—I don’t think I have either, come to think of it!

So much lovely color here and there in a mostly black & white publication…


And a few more ads to share…



And a product I use whenever I can find it—just the think for a nice trifle…


I actually just bought a tin of it last week at Cost Plus before I’d photographed images for the post—serendipity!

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

See you soon with something new…


{First and last Jubilee images found on Pinterest; all others were photographed by me from my magazine}


  1. So much fun to see Julie!... I love the photo of the Queen and her family on the balcony... what a treasure you have in your magazine... my nieces brought me that very tin of biscuits from London when they moved back home from there in August!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hvor dejlige billeder af jeres dronning Elisabeth, hun var meget smuk som ung, og er stadig en nydelig ældre dame. knus morkaren.

  3. Wasn't she beautiful, Julie! Winston Churchill and the Queen, what history those two witnessed. Thank you for sharing this marvelous memory with us! Elizabeth

  4. We have a bulldog that we originally named Winston...after one of my favorite "Leaders" ever...This is a wonderful keepsake. I took my daughter to see Diana's dress while it was traveling last year and all the bits and piece of Royal jewelry were fabulous...thank you for the peeks...Renee

  5. You KNOW I'm
    loving these posts,
    Julie, having just
    gotten home from
    lovely London! So
    glad I've finally got
    time to visit and see
    what you've been
    writing about while
    I've been away. Such
    a great post ~ thank

    xo Suzanne